As promised last week, the Jace Hall Show premiered on Friday, and there was indeed a sighting of the Diablo 3 crew, who revealed the fifth character. (Sarcastically.) I just sat through the whole show, and while it’s almost entirely comedy and sarcasm, it was considerably less annoying than I’d feared. Even those of you with a low tolerance for nonsense can probably get through it without wanting tear out your hair. Assuming you still have hair, after spending much of your adult life awaiting various Blizzard games.

    If you wish to just jump to the Blizzard stuff in the show, it was all shown in two short segments:

    3:50-4:30—Jace is sitting in on an alleged meeting with the Diablo 3 design team. Jay Wilson is wearing a huge pirate hat and looking resplendent. Jay asks what they should talk about today, and offers the fifth class, the new MMO, or the chat gem as topics. Everyone wants to talk about the chat gem, but Jay overrules then and asks for ideas about the fifth class. Near unanimous agreement is quickly reached on it being the Bard. Though someone suggests a “Chat Gem Class” which I think is a hell of an idea.

    7:36-8:20—The D3 design meeting continues. The Bard is said to do the “Guitar Hero thing” as well as the “Dance Dance Revolution thing,” and to have a mic for the “Karaoke thing,” thus enabling a combo system. Jace objects, and Jay points out that WoW has 11 million subscribers. Leonard also points out that by requiring 3 peripherals, they’ll make a fortune.

    Update: The Jace Hall shows are re-edited on YouTube, but the second session above can be seen from 2:00-2:50 in the clip below.

    That was it for the Blizzard content in the show, (that SC2 Beta joke was not included) though Bashiok says there’s more of the Diablo 3 crew in next week’s episode.

    There’s more Diablo III in next week’s show (as was shown at the end of this first episode). You’ll want to watch it.

    Bashiok then replied to some fans annoyed by this humorous episode by quoting Jack Handy, and (I assume) having a beer.


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