Diablo 3 On Consoles Influenced PC Auction House Closure

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This evening Activision Blizzard held their Q3 2013 financials conference call, and while there was little new to talk about with regards to Diablo 3, Mike Morhaime did give us an update on the current sales and plans for the game. Interestingly enough Mike talks about the role the console version played in the decision to remove the auction house from the PC version of the game.

Mike also revealed the latest sales figures for Diablo 3 which now includes the console sales numbers. He also stated that we’ll hear more about the Reaper of Souls this week at BlizzCon.

We’re pleased with the response to the game’s launch on PS3 and Xbox 360. Lifetime sell through on all platforms has reached 14 million copies and reviews have been positive about how the game plays on console.

Much of the praise has been on changes we made to the loot system and the decision to keep the auction house off of the console platform. Players and critics alike have noted that these changes have resulted in a more fun and satisfying gameplay experience.

That reaction factored in our decision to remove the auction house from the PC version effective next March which players have responded positive to.

We’re building upon this design philosophy for loot and incorporating them into DiabloWikiReaper of Souls the Diablo 3 expansion which is coming for PC and PS4 in 2014.

Reaction to Reaper of Souls at Gamescom was very positive and we’re looking forward to revealing more about the game at Blizzcon.

You can read more about how World of Warcraft and other Activision titles are doing over on the IncGamers news post.


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  1. I’ve heard that the loot drop rates are bit too generous for long term longevity of the game on the console. If that is true, I hope the devs take note of that and tune things to ensure the longevity of the game can last years and not months.

    • They closed the AH’s per everyone’s request and now you don’t want the drops to be “too generous”? No, no, and no. Tired of this garbage.

      • Shut the hell up. There’s a happy middle for everything, and there are ways of making playtime correlate to gear (not sheer luck) through a good crafting system.

      • Again, it almost seems as if people haven’t really played D1, D2 and LoD for almost two decades now.. and I know many of us have.

        The entire point is generous set and unique drops on a regular basis, yet at the same time, EXTREMELY RARE godly drops that take months, if not years, to come by.

        Try to imagine the different between acquiring a good HF sorc set i D2 (wealth, shako, occulus, goldwrap and war travs), in comparison to finding and completing the IK or TR sets, and then again, in comparison to finding the runes for Breath of the dying, Faith, Beast, or a Windforce, for that matter.

        Do you understand what do people mean when they talk of PERFECT BALANCE? It was right there in front of our eyes since 2000.

        • The only way You could get a breath of the dying runeword in diablo 2 was due to massively duped runes. There’s no such mechanism in diablo 3, thank lord, therefore any similar system will simply fail. Possibly that’s why there’re no runes in diablo 3.

          • And it’s THIS attitude right here, that has always kept me and the rest of the SPF here on incgamers, a tight group of legitimate, honest and patient players. While I never actually found a Zod before the huge increas chance in 1.13 (or was it 1.12?), I definitely did put together a Faith as well as a Grief all by my own, though my own findings and grinding of many many months (and eventually years) of play.

            The fact that something is widely common does not make it any less cheap in my eyes. Just cause everyone else cheats, doesn’t mean you have to as well.

            Then again, I always liked racing and competing in competitions based on the merit of my own skill, such as ironman HC, and not “who has the most DPS”.

            Hope Blizz finds a way to give us ACCUMULATIVE and LONG TERM goals despite the attitude of the masses 🙂

        • Generous set and unique drops on a regular basis? You mean Sigon’s set on Hell Meph, right?

  2. Yeah, but I can trade in the console version for something else that’ll last me a few months. When I buy a PC game, especially a Blizz game, I expect to play that on and off for years.

    If they were smart, the RMAH could have provided incoming revenue for years on end. But they screwed up all hope of an item sink, they screwed up the items and stats, and they screwed up an endgame mode that made buying the gear attractive in the first place. Now we’re going to get a console short game w/ ladder seasons, a way for d2jsp to get short bursts of cash each reset. No PvP, no MP8+ exclusive challenges (three Uber bosses at once, please!), and the return of the worst RMT black market in gaming history. Just a real lack of imagination, foresight, and long term planning. Basically the opposite of how they handled their other games, up until recently.

  3. So… there really is no “Goldilocks” option here unfortunately.

    If they keep the auction house, players complain that the game is too much pay to win, and what’s the point of farming if they can just buy everything?

    If they remove the auction house, players will migrate to trade sites and other trading platforms. We all know damn well people are going to get ripped off, and then the forums will be filled with people complaining about how they got ripped off. Or if they aren’t getting ripped off, they are instead complaining about how cumbersome and two steps backwards this version of trading is. This is going to be 2014! Who trades on message boards anymore!

    They can’t just make everything bind on pickup because then people are complaining that this is an ARPG! Trading is part of ARPGS!

    There really is no win-win solution that I see here.

    • D2 had the goldilocks formula down. It’s there.

    • There are ways of providing upgrades that isn’t luck based. It doesn’t take a genius, but it takes more than jay wilson.

    • If they could have give us a proper loot and drop system in the first place, then there wouldn’t be so many issues about the (RM)AH right now.

      If i can get good/usable loot by playing the game, then i don’t have a tiniest problem if the (RM)AH would remain in place, because it’s (most of the time) a secure and anonym trading interface that some people would gladly use it, without the risk of being scammed.

      Hell, if the loot2.0 will be as good as they say, then it doesn’t really matter if the (RM)AH is present or not, people will trade either way.

  4. Really? The reviews for the Console influenced the decision to remove the Auction House? What about the player feedback from the PC community?

    • Because if they took feedback seriously, they’d have hung jay wilson on the spot with his eyes gouged out prior to that.

      And as much as this’d leave me indifferent, we know that blizzard doesn’t really care about feedback unless it could cost them. D3’s glory was made in the few first days, and then the first few days of the console’s release because they made claims of fixing. It’s not good, and not “better” than at release because all being relative, the game hasn’t evolved as much as it could have.

  5. I’m sure they’ll balance drops accordinly to find the right feel for the PC version without the AH. In Diablo II you’d often find unique (legendary) and set items during a play session, but at the same time there were different rarities of them with some being much much harder to find. This is what I’m hoping for.

  6. Wrong conclusions.

    Sales for PC are now over 13 million and the “better” console version is still under 1 million.

    I knew this all along: the new dwarf developper made the wrong conclusions just a week after the console version was launched.

    D3 on consoles didn’t sell shit: no trading possible and all players left already since you can’t find public games on PS either: no need to grind, not need to trade.

    D3 will be a complete dead product 2 months after the expansion.

  7. I guess the console version was a positive thing after all.

  8. i still would like to see breakdown between how many copies were sold on each platform rather than this lifetime sell through on all platforms to get an idea on how much console version sold.

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