This is another one of those issues we could post about every month, but one of the SC2 developers talked about why they aren’t (yet) porting Starcraft 2 to consoles. Here’s a quote:

    “Console is not on the radar for us right now, but there have been a lot of interesting moves in that direction – taking RTS to consoles – and there’s been some pretty cool things on the control side,” he told CVG.

    “I still think that at least from our perspective it feels like the mouse and keyboard just lends itself to this style – but you know we’re getting closer and closer all the time. So when we see that optimum moment I think it’s certainly possible that we’ll explore that junction as well. It’s just not on the radar right now.”

    As many have pointed out in the past, RPGs are a more natural fit on consoles than an RTS like Starcraft 2. In fact, one could conspiratorially argue that Diablo 3’s DiabloWikiinterface,with the the reduced number of hotkeys and simplified and more visual controls, is intentionally designed to be easily-adapted to a console. Not that Blizzard has (yet) made any comments to confirm that, or given any concrete info about console plans at all.

    So, do you guys think they’re aiming D3 for consoles, eventually if not upon launch? And if so, how do you feel about that? See post posts here and here and here for previous reactions to this hypothetical possibility.

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