Diablo 3 Officially Rated “M” in the US

The US game rating board, the ESRB, has posted their official rating for Diablo III, and as expected the game is rated M for Mature. The full info from the ESRB website:

Diablo III
Platform: Macintosh, Windows PC
Rating: Mature
Content descriptors: Blood and Gore, Violence
Rating summary: This is an action role-playing game in which players assume control of a mortal hero (e.g., witch doctor, barbarian, wizard) who must defend humanity from a demonic invasion. From a 3/4–overhead perspective, players traverse dungeons and use swords, axes, and magic attacks to kill a variety of human-like enemies (e.g., zombies, demons, succubi). Battles are accompanied by slashing and flesh-impact sounds, screams of pain, and frequent blood-splatter effects; creatures often explode into bloody fragments as multiple enemies are dispatched at once. Some levels depict burning corpses and dead villagers amid large pools of blood.

Online Notice: * Includes online features that may expose players to unrated user-generated content (Macintosh, Windows PC)

Succubi? Not a surprise they might return to Diablo III, but we’ve never seen any concept art or heard any mention of them prior to this. So… will they be hot, like in D1? Or hideous, like in D2?

The game is yet to be rated in Europe.

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  1. “creatures often explode into bloody fragments as multiple enemies are dispatched at once” I love diablo.

  2. Does this mean that Blizzard submitted the D3 box & game + CE in order to get a rating for the release?
    Or does it work differently?

  3. They forgot to mention the impaling. The sweet, sweet impaling.

  4. How effective could a succubus be if she were ugly? Isn’t the whole point that she seduces men w/ her sexual wiles to enslave them? An ugly succubus wouldn’t enslave a whole lot of anything.

    • As there is no sex or human emotion in D3, that’s not an issue.

      • Not sure if you’re joking or making a real point, but just the fact that its ambiguous makes me sad. I don’t know why “mature” games has to mean exclusively extreme violence. Could’t mature simply mean targeted to the sensibilities and intellect of older gamers? Free to tell complicated, interesting stories with whatever devices (language, sex, violence) as are most appropriate to the situation? Maybe that’s asking too much of most game makers still.

        Some of the most indelible moments of the first game, for me , didn’t involve hacking stuff up. It was the raven in the opening cinematic eating the rotting eyeball, Ogden recounting the failed mission that resulted in Wirt losing his leg, and, yes, the succubi!

  5. Well that’s a relief. (About the rated M thing.)

  6. They so casually describe such horrible things, i shouldn’t laugh

  7. user generated content?
    I’d like to know what they mean by that.

  8. So wait… some ESRB members got to play the whole game? Quick someone find their personal info and kidnap their children for the ransom of their copy of Diablo 3…

    • From what I’ve read, the ESRB doesn’t really play anything. They don’t have time, for games with 50 hours of content. They just view presentations of the game content, and sort of trust the companies to show them the most potentially gruesome/obscene stuff. It’s all pretty much known ahead of time anyway; game companies aren’t really lobbying and making cuts to get PG-13 instead of R the way movies do.

      The only surprises come when there’s some hidden content, like that GTA thing with the “hot cofffee” semi-sex hacked content that got puritans up in arms.

  9. “screams of pain” :p

  10. I see


    but no “Nudity” in

    Content descriptors: Blood and Gore, Violence

    and I’m confused…

  11. I do hope succubi will be in Diablo3. My favorite monster.

  12. That description is really something… it’s like D3 came to life and went to a job interview… it’s perfect, just as creepy as the game!

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