Diablo 3: Patch 2 Official Notes

The list of changes for the next patch is now available in the game files! Hot on the heals of patch 2, this third patch addresses more minor issues (reported yesterday). These are mainly in-game tooltip changes to the hotfixes that occurred previously. There also seems to be more quest changes to prevent more exploitation of experience grinding.

Also note that the auction length has been reduced. While this is not the “cancel auction” option that many have been asking for, it is an improvement to the current state, where people were stuck for two days waiting for their items to expire.


  • Tooltips for the following class abilities have been updated to reflect changes made in patch 1.0.2 and previous hotfixes:

Demon Hunter

  • Smoke Screen (Skill Rune – Lingering Fog)


  • Fists of Thunder (Skill Rune – Quickening)
  • Mantra of Healing (Skill Rune – Boon of Inspiration)


  • Energy Armor (Skill Rune – Force Armor)

Loot/Experience Mechanics

  • Nigel Cutthroat has recently fallen on hard times and will now drop lower quality items when slain.
  • Gold and quest experience rewards for replaying “Heart of Sin: Get the Soul of Azmodan” have been reduced.
  • Gold and quest experience rewards for replaying “Heart of Sin: Go to the Keep” have been removed.

Auction House

  • The maximum duration for posted auctions has been reduced from 48 hours to 36 hours.
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    15 thoughts on “Diablo 3: Patch 2 Official Notes

      • It’s simply patch 2, the build number still has .9. I’ll reflect that this is the 2nd patch.

        • i was just pointing out both build numbers have .9’s so it brings confusion. Thats all =)

          • Thanks for pointing it out!

            I think it looks better this way, and conveys the correct information.

    1. The AH house change is interesting. I’d still like to be able to remove them whenever I want, but at least this is a step in the right direction. Generally I find things sell fairly quick or not at all.

      • This.

        I’ve put stuff up for auction that I’m sure will sell for a fair price. If there are no bites, it would benefit everyone to be able to remove the item. 

        • i would be ok with this is the second it has even a single bid you could no longer remove the item

      • The Auction House can only evolve from here. There are a lot of improvements possible to truly make that an addicting mini-game within the D3 ecosystem.

    2. Hope they change back the awful general chat thing coming into the game with me.

    3. Why can’t you sort items in the Auction House by when they’re going to expire? It’s puzzling that something so simple is missing. My guess is that the items don’t refresh quick enough.

    4. Ahh, a new patch and new-old error. As a European who has, unfortunetly, downloaded the enUS version of the game (in my defense, that was the only version available at the time when I was downloading), I am unable to play. I have downloaded the patch, but when I try to connect to server I get the message that I there is new patch available, after which downloader opens up, and I get the message “Diablo 3 is already running), and the whole thing shuts down. If this is the same as last time, and I am going to wager a guess yes, I won’t be able to play untill US patch is deployed. Or whatever. 

      • I have the US version because I live in the US, but when my hubby and I found out that we would have to buy two copies of diablo (for one computer) in order to have our characters be separate and not share money, stash space, and game changes (ie when craft guy is acquired), I started playing on the European server.  I’m not interested in playing with friends, in fact I would have been much happier to have the game be playable offline, as I’m not too into this playing with the online community craze.  So I’m having the same troubles with the endless patch loop.  If you ask me, I bet Blizzard will come up with a way to eventually make a “pay to play” option like with WoW, and try to bully ppl into paying if they want preferential treatment when logging onto servers and such.  Why not?  They already came up with a brilliant way of bullying ppl into buying multiple copies of one game.  Who knows how many more steps towards evil they are willing to take.  Just an opinion. 😯

        • Or you could have saved $60 and shared gold with your hubby… It wouldn’t bother me if my wife played on my account lol.  Not like we can both use the computer at the same time anyway.

        • I’m not so sure that the Blizzard ‘bullying’ will be reflected in that manner; in as much as they seem to be ‘forcing’ players to the AH and soon to be RMAH. Thats where an off-line player (such as the both of us) tend to lose out. Its been widely mentioned that the item drop rates for Elite/Rare/Legendary items is absurdly low, so off-line players are at a HUGE disadvantage. We’ll be forced to aquire the gear needed to advance in Inferno mode at SOME point in time. They’ve shifted the game away from single-player, to a multi-player on-line game where thay can partake in the “economy” of the game by limiting key treasure drops. I’ve seen posts where players are dying at absurd rates cuz their gear is insufficently leveled to the play level their on; which forces you to get the gear at either one of the 2 AH. Very Sad.

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