The list of changes for the next patch is now available in the game files! Hot on the heals of patch 2, this third patch addresses more minor issues (reported yesterday). These are mainly in-game tooltip changes to the hotfixes that occurred previously. There also seems to be more quest changes to prevent more exploitation of experience grinding.

    Also note that the auction length has been reduced. While this is not the “cancel auction” option that many have been asking for, it is an improvement to the current state, where people were stuck for two days waiting for their items to expire.


    • Tooltips for the following class abilities have been updated to reflect changes made in patch 1.0.2 and previous hotfixes:

    Demon Hunter

    • Smoke Screen (Skill Rune – Lingering Fog)


    • Fists of Thunder (Skill Rune – Quickening)
    • Mantra of Healing (Skill Rune – Boon of Inspiration)


    • Energy Armor (Skill Rune – Force Armor)

    Loot/Experience Mechanics

    • Nigel Cutthroat has recently fallen on hard times and will now drop lower quality items when slain.
    • Gold and quest experience rewards for replaying “Heart of Sin: Get the Soul of Azmodan” have been reduced.
    • Gold and quest experience rewards for replaying “Heart of Sin: Go to the Keep” have been removed.

    Auction House

    • The maximum duration for posted auctions has been reduced from 48 hours to 36 hours.

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