Diablo 3 now Considered a “Classic” Game

Diablo 3 now Considered a “Classic” Game

With BlizzCon 2019 getting closer, a job posting on Blizzard’s site indicates that Blizzard is now considering Diablo 3 to be part of their “classics” selection. In other words, older games that they no longer develop but still support moving forwards.

Spotted by Battlechat, the job posting for a Senior Software Engineer is states the job will include the following:


  • Driving feature implementation from planning to completion for Starcraft, Warcraft III, and Diablo III.
  • Maintain and grow a production environment in a way that makes the system increasingly stable and resilient.
  • Review logs and monitor data to diagnose and fix issues occurring on the live service.
  • Liaise with embedded and external teams, create relationships and assist with shared initiatives.
  • Participate in service capacity planning, demand forecasting, software performance analysis, and system tuning.
  • Respond to and resolve emergent service problems by debugging systems and services.
  • Diagnose networking, database and OS related problems.
  • Share in off-hour / on-call duties.

Recently, Blizzard posted about their ongoing support for the game which indicated that there was no real development time being put into the game moving forward. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the game is being shifted into the “classic” category.

Perhaps now we can move on and Diablo 4 will make some kind of appearance at BlizzCon, even if it is rumoured to be a cinematic reveal.

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    7 thoughts on “Diablo 3 now Considered a “Classic” Game

    1. Will they make a big or small announcement for D4? If its a big announcement then there will be juicy details about the game and I really think something would have leaked out by now just to increase the anticipation of the fans for D4 which clearly hasn’t happened.

    2. When Blizzard made the original max level in Diablo 3 “60”, I thought for sure we would be getting tons of expansions and content, like World of Warcraft. Sadly, the fan base was whiney and shit all over more than a decade of work, so Blizzard scaled back their plans of investing time in it (maybe some other reason, too, I don’t know). Honestly, the game is infinitely replayable thanks to Rifts and Grifts, and I’ve levelled all classes to 70. It’s sad to hear the game has been placed on the backburner, and we won’t get content for level 80 and beyond. I still play regularly, and recently ran out of character slots and stash space, so I would love to have a way to pay for more room for more of the same, if not more new things.

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