Diablo 3 Now “Active” for WoW Annual Pass Accounts

A couple of readers mailed in this evening to let us know that Diablo III is now showing as “Active” on Battle.net accounts that purchased the World of Warcraft Annual Pass. You can’t download it or anything, but it’s hard not to take this as a SIGN OF RELEASE!!1! If you’re into that sort of thing.



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  1. give us the release date! so tired of waiting 🙁

  2. Lol nice screen cap.

  3. I guess it means they are preparing it for preload and this time it’s for real

  4. yah sign of anouncement + availability straight from blizzard i myself will be digitally buying and downloading pre releaseee…………..rawr 8)

  5. This isn’t anymore of a sign than Amazon offering pre-orders for d3,but YES D3 IS COMING SOON(hopefully plz gd pls)

  6. Im not sure if this means anything when i think about it… but i will belive that it does…like a sheep (im not kidding)!

  7. they’re getting ready to roll the game out obviously.

  8. LOL, wouldn’t it be funny if there was NO announcement of a release date.  Instead, it just appears for download one fine day…

    • with that many +1’s it’s not suprising the boards are filled with angry comments these days.
      ‘Let me tell you something my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.’ – Red

  9. Awesome, a tooltip also appears with the following info: “Thank you for pre-purchasing Diablo III. We will notify you by email when the game client becomes available for download. You will be able to play on Diablo III launch day.” 

  10. Ugh, I can no longer get excited over sign of release xD
    Everyone was saying we would get an announcement at Cebit,
    and ofc, that won’t happen at this point.
    Been waiting for the announcement since the beta started 7 months ago….
    Loosing my fu&%ing mind!!!  👿

    • I dont know why people are expecting anything from Cebit…it is completly irrelevent!

      Blizzard will have an announcment on their website and they might do it tomorow or in 2 months.

  11. I thought we all agreed not to get our hopes up….

  12. Flux, I would love to bet with you against your June prediction. 😉

  13. I bet they intended to launch today (tuesday) long ago and forgot to change something on the back end resulting in this bnet flag flipping to active. Had they not gone back to the drawing board we’d be downloadimg right now


  15. Conspiracy to make us sign up for the annual pass.

  16. Guys.. they seem to only ever do release announcements on Mondays.  So, next monday is the next shot.  Please show me where I’m wrong and they did a release announcement on a non monday (they all are monday on the press release section on bnet)

  17. I think Diablo is a pretty cool guy. eh kills angles and doesnt afraid of anything.

  18. So…I wonder if this means that they will not be giving out any additional Beta keys?

    • Why on earth would you care? Just wait and get full satisfaction from the full game like us normals.


                                                                 an update for my antivirus.

  20. “Very Interesting” – Arte Johnson

  21. It is not coming out anytime soon. If it is released in the next 6 months I will eat cat poop.

  22. HEY:

    For those with BETA…

    Type “thereisnocowlevel” in the secret code box.

    “starcow” doesn’t work anymore, but that other one does.

  23. Not a sign of anything. This simply means that pre-purchase or even pre-download will be available at the same time as they announce the release date. This mean the announcement will be pushed back further, much closer to the release date. When is the release date, however, is still unknown

  24. First a tweet saying no announcement this week and then this? Seems like some spin to me… and a few are actually trying to grab wind.

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Give me a release date, otherwise shove on.

    • Huh? They never said “There will be no announcement this week”. Maybe you should go reread what Jay said.

  25. its amazing how the little things get people excited now lol

  26. Sign of people getting there hopes up again over nothing

  27. Heh… Like the caption on that screen shot. It’s pretty much yet another illusion of a carrot on a stick that Blizzard is dangling in front of us for their own amusement…

    “O.O D3! I CAN HAZ D3??!!! Oh wait… no… they just updated some text for no apparent reason… -_-“

  28. It’s possible that they considered March 5th, and the Blizzard source got wind of that. However, both Mass Effect 3 and the AC3 trailer were being revealed at the same time. So they reconsidered it and maybe will do it next week or the week after.

    Mike Morhaime definitely said “In the coming weeks.” about a week ago. So I am still extremely hopeful.

    • the week after is when the NDA for the MoP press event will be lifted so thats not likely imo

    • I seriously doubt Blizzard gives a crap when trailers for other games are coming out, especially for announcing a release date for one of their games. Because you can’t read a post about a release date and watch a couple game trailers in the same day right?

  29. i hope it’s not like the beta box. they uploaded that months before the beta:D

  30. its just a fukin server test. Stop the fukin ‘sign of beta’ retarded trend.

  31. Another trick from Blizzard to build up hype just to kill it with a twitter response. After few years of waiting we dont deserve the way that Blizzard treat us, but theres no way to punish them other than not getting the game.

  32. But I signed up :)))) lol.

  33. How disappointed will you guys be again, when you’re wrong again.

  34. Yesterday on WOW login screen there was a message for the weekly maintenance saying that it would be an extended one and also several Bnet services (eg character transfer) would be disabled. I guess this “Active” state is actually because of the Bnet team trying to fix error 315100 when loging onto Diablo 3 Beta which is caused by the Bnet system being unaware of someone’s account for D3.

    • Sounds like a reasonable explanation. Much better than ‘SIGN OF R3LEASSSSA!!!ZOMG!!!’ in any case…..

    • That bug is a lack of ability for Blizzard to authenticate. I don’t see what this webside service would have to do with authentication servers.

      There’s also a bug where some players are being flagged as trial account holders. 

  35. MASS EFFECT IS OUT IN EUROPE!!! Waiting for the fucking courier to bring me my collectors edition!

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