Despite what you may have read in the past 24 hours, Blizzard has confirmed Diablo 3 is not planned for a console release. (Or if it is, Blizzard’s not ready to admit it.) Speaking to us yesterday, Leonard Boyarsky, lead world designer, said that although the rumours were kicking around, there are no plans to port the game, keeping it a PC exclusive title.

    “Of all our games, Diablo III would be the one to port because of the way it plays,” said Boyarsky, “but there are no plans to move this to any other platform.

    This echoes Mike Morhaime’s comments denying there was a plan to move to consoles.

    There have been all sorts of misquotes and rumours being thrown around yesterday, There have been stories about Warcraft IV being in production and we have been told by Blizzard this is an unfounded story and is more than likely a misinterpretation of a comment made in a press interview. Also there have been stories about WotLK going gold, again, nobody at Blizzard can confirm this rumour, or wants to.

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