Diablo 3 Nominated for Spike VGAs

December is videogame awards season in the US and this year’s Spike VGA nominees have now been revealed. Diablo 3 has made it into a couple of categories this year, Best RPG where it goes head to head with Torchlight 2, Mass Effect 3 and Xenoblade Chronicles. The other category is Best PC game where it faces Torchlight 2 again, Guild Wars 2 and XCOM: Enemy unknown.

Gamers can now cast their votes in all the categories so if you want to help Diablo 3 win you, know what to do.

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  1. How embarrassing would it be if TL2 won in both categories.

  2. Embarrassing but I don’t think it would happen.

  3. I do not want to help Diablo win me! I have kids!

  4. Quickly glanced through the nominees at the linked website. As usual with the Spike VGAs, a lot doesn’t make sense. For instance, Journey in best graphics category? I thought we were beyond the Aesthetics ? Graphics argument. I just can’t bring myself to find any credibility in these awards.

    • To avoid any confusion ? is the “does not equal” symbol. After posting I noticed it kinda looked like an = symbol, I could barely see the slash through it.

      Captcha: have fun

  5. Diablo 3 best RPG? There’s debate whether it even still qualifies as one in the first place. What are these guys thinking?

  6. Post patch 1.5: Diablo 3 is simply the best game since 2006.

    I never saw anything as this quest mechanism.

    Simply awesome.

  7. Spikes VGA should just cease to exist… The ONLY good thing in this BS is that developers shows trailers to new games. And that’s it…
    I bet X:Com going to win a “Best PC title”, although it has baziliard of bugs. But Skyrim also had it, so it means nothing in the world of “hype”.

    Oh… and if only Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2 were RPG’s…

    • XCom is fantastic, although I haven’t hit many of the harsher bugs that others have noted. My real complaint was that it was too short. Not sure if it deserves Best PC Title, though.

      I don’t believe D3 deserves either title, as it stripped all the RPG elements(customization?) out. At least TL2 has *some* like most ARPGs do.

  8. Diablo 3 doesn’t have any RPG elements left… It’s completely on rails with no role playing depth, even when it comes to customizing and BUILDING a character. Swapping skills at will does not count.

    • That’s why it is an ARPG where A stands for … Action.

      And by this it simply has the best fast action driven engine of any other on line game I know.

      Awesome fast action play vs. Dull turn based yawn puppet play.

      We talk video games here. I have boardgames or pen and pencil games for the other things.

      I don’t need stupid one lined NPC’s with a potato brain in my video games…

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