Diablo 3 Nominated for Gamescom Award

It seems a little odd that awards are dished out early on at a convention, but on the 17th, the Gamescom awards will be announced covering eight categories including Best PC Game, Best Console Game, Best Mobile Game, Best Online Game, Best Browser Game, Best Family Game, Best Hardware/Accessories and Best of Gamescom.

In case you were wondering, Diablo 3 has been nominated in the PC category. A full list of the hopefuls can be found on the Gamescom site. Right. I’m off to pack, Germany here I come!

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  1. diablo 3 will probably win the best online game and best family game

  2. How can a game that hasn’t been released yet get nominated for an award? The game is still in the making. I find that a little bit strange.

    • They generally let the media play the beta and even the finished game before we are allowed to. This allows them to get the review out early, close to when the game releases.

      So they have all probably played the beta and seen cinematics and everything we haven’t, and have a good enough take on the game to nominate it.

    • I’ll give you 50,000.00 if you say I’m awesome….

  3. If Diablo 3 can get some A-List Hollywood voice talent, they could nominated for a Golden Globe (bribe nomination fee pending, of course).

  4. Have a great time Rush, don’t drink yourself silly 😉

  5. It seems premature to nominate games of the show before the show even starts… but since the D3 demo is the same one from Blizzcon last year, the judges could have already played it!

  6. And if it is the same demo from Blizzcon then we all know it was nothing special either.

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