Diablo 3 News Updaters Wanted

As the release of Diablo 3 is just around the corner, things are going to become a lot busier. As such an opportunity to join the Diablo: IncGamers team has arisen. We are looking for Diablo 3 fanatics with a great knowledge of the Diablo series and who also possess the following:

  • A sound knowledge of Diablo 3.
  • Top-notch English language skills.
  • Ability to update in a timely fashion.
  • Be able to express opinions on new items.
  • Plenty of initiative.
  • A fun and enthusiastic personality who will enjoy working as part of the team.

If you are interested in joining the Diablo: IncGamers team youย can apply by sending an email to me at di[email protected]

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14 thoughts on “Diablo 3 News Updaters Wanted

  1. I love working with people who like same stuff i do, always try to make an opinion and usually get into discussions about crazy diablo news, fanatic diablo player and used to have a gaming blog… but since my native language is not english i would not even try this haha

    • I was being optimistic.ย  It’s the new year, don’t worry I’ll be worn down and back to normal within a few weeks.

  2. I’ve been working with a gaming site recently (very different focus from incgamers, and ‘standard’ video game sites) and I have to admit I’d suck really bad at this. I’m far too opinionated, and I have a big mouth.
    People bash flux a lot for his opinions, but they don’t see how good he is at what he does.

  3. Tempting!!!

    Many people don’t agree with me, so I feel like I would be bad for this, haha. I also ramble a lot, as a result my forum posts often go over-looked lol.
    Oh well, I wish you good luck with finding people!

  4. You left a bulletpoint off of the desired skills: – Must have a burning hatred for WoW and draw comparisons to WoW even if they are baseless and you have never played said game. Hatred of Bobby a plus.
    I kid.ย  I kid. ๐Ÿ˜†

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