Diablo 3 News Short Pieces

A few Diablo III-related tidbits for your amusement:

  • A useful article from Digital Trends compares data transfer times on a variety of USB 3.0 thumb drives, which is relevant and amusing since one of their benchmarks was how long it took to copy Diablo III to the drive and back to the computer. The transfer times varied from 3:22 to 12:26, which makes me want a new zip drive — mine is an old 8gig model that must run at about USB 1.2, as long as it takes to copy over large files.
  • Eat Games offers article from Digital Trends in which he talks about early Diablo III MMO plans. Nothing we haven’t heard before, but useful for the completist.
  • another Max Schaefer TL2 interview with the actors who voiced Tyrael, Azmodan, and Covetous Shen. They include photos of the actors, and two of them actually look a lot like their game characters. Azmodan does not, but you’d hardly expect him to, now would you?
  • I remember mentioning this Diablo I Tristram theme Blizzard posted interviews earlier this year it debuted, but Katniss brought it up again in a forum post and it’s worth another listen.

Seen any other interesting Diablo III things? The community seems pretty sleepy of late, as everyone’s just kind of waiting for v1.05 to move from the testing realm to the real thing.

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8 thoughts on “Diablo 3 News Short Pieces

  1. You bet everybody is expecting 1.05, I don’t know why they delay it so much.
    Meanwhile X-COM EU is out, a great game to play after/before an Act 3 run. 🙂

  2. Can’t edit but this quote from max

    “ I would imagine the next iteration in the Torchlight universe would involve a twist, and I don’t know what that would be just yet. Our team have made the Diablos, Mythos, we’ve now worked on the Torchlights and they’ve all been action RPGs. We’re eager to break that mold a little bit.”

    Does he mean break the mold of doing rpgs or break the mold of rpgs?

  3. They’re just kind of tired of making arpg after arpg and they want to do something a little different. I guess HGL would sort of count, since it was an arpg but not isometric view, though Max is about the only person at Runic who actually worked on that title.

    Then again, Max has joked that his only marketable skill is making arpgs, so how broadly might they branch? FPS? Torchlightville?

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