• Every major gaming site seems to have a “write an article about anything so long as it mentions Diablo III” strategy going now, and today’s entry comes from IGN. It’s the Ten Commandments of Diablo III. Whatzit? They picked 10 facts revealed about the game at the WWI, and turned out a couple of paragraphs on each.
    • There’s very little excitement leading up to E3 this year, and it’s not just because the show is still downsized from an extravaganza to a few tents in a parking lot. As we’ve been reporting, Blizzard (and Valve) are not taking part, absences that Ten Commandments of Diablo III and Kotaku lament. How bad is it? This guy’s bummed for the show, and he doesn’t even know Diablo 3 won’t be there!
    • The serious analysis of the Activision / Blizzard merger can be found on Variety and other business papers; check the links we posted on it earlier. Gaming sites don’t know from numbers and stock options, so they like to speculate and rumor. Here are three examples:
      • Maybe Activision’s going to use the $3.5b in cash they’ve got on hand now to try to use Guitar Hero to challenge iTunes!
      • ]Maybe use Guitar Hero to challenge iTunes, now that they’re part of the biggest video game company?
      • Maybe publishers will start Blizzard will be hated like EA is, since Blizzard’s been so successful taking their time to get games right instead of churning out sequels every year or two? (Pity that paradigm wasn’t in place soon enough for Flagship to take their time on HGL, instead of killing the franchise by rushing it to market in an unfinished state.)


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