There’s such a glut of Diablo III news around the ‘net these days that you guys wouldn’t have time to read it all even if we took the time to post it all. So instead of everything, here are a few interesting pieces I saw this afternoon that are worth a look.

    One thing about Diablo III finally being released is that countless people who didn’t follow the game’s development are just now learning about many of the huge changes made since Diablo II. I’ve seen constant comments on gaming sites and in forums about numerous issues that we in the community furiously debated months or years ago, and have largely come to terms with… but which are shocking news to plenty of people who are just now dipping their toes into the deep pool that is Diablo III.

    The crash course in those came on launch night, when the online-only DRM made so many new friends, but tons of actual game feature changes are news to people, pro or con. The much-discussed bombing of user reviews on Metacritic is one good example, where the RMAH is universally referred to as “pay to win,” but even regular game features, such as the removal of stat and skill points.

  • Kotaku posted a whole editorial about that issue last week, and updated again in response to fan feedback, most of which echoed points Jay Wilson made in interviews from like, Blizzcon 2009.
  • Another form of this can be seen in this article on WebProNews, where the author wonders how you can give a positive score to a game that’s frequently unplayable (due to B.net being down). That’s a reasonable debate, but he also finds time to complain about auto stat points and no skill points, and makes misleading comments about how the entire content can be completed in 3-7 hours.

  • On to other topics, as there are a ton of them.

  • An editorial on CinemaBlend takes the interesting approach of damning journalists who are *not* furiously protesting Diablo III’s tech-troubled launch. In ordinary times I’d quote a bunch of this and make a whole post about it, but there’s just to much else to cover now, so check it out as it’s worth a read and some thoughts.
  • A piece on Gamenguide.com points to a fan who was so angry over a few hours of B.net downtime that he /ragequit. Literally; he gave up and demanded that Blizzard refund his money. Perhaps, surprisingly, they did. And were even cheerful about it.
  • Article on Time’s techblog points out that Diablo III can be played on an ipad, once you add on some additional software. According to the piece, controlling the action with the touch screen, rather than a mouse, isn’t bad. Anyone tried it?
  • In other tech news, do you want a free ap for your Android phone that will check the Diablo III server status? Get it here.
  • A nice piece from Extreme Tech that lists five lessons learned from Diablo III. They include good news about PC gaming and hardware prices, while worrying that 12 years might just have been too long.
  • A short article about the Los Angeles area Pacific Symphony and their work recording some of the music for Diablo III.
  • Comment on any of these below, and expect several more mega-posts over the days to come, as the news keeps flying.

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