Rather than engage in barrel-scraping, the news run down took a day off yesterday. Happily, the internet has reloaded today, and there’s stuff to link to and ridicule.

    [*]Start with this prank recording of a phone call to Blizzard tech support about problems getting Diablo III to install. As the guys in our forum thread have pointed out, it’s not the tech support person’s job to say if a game exists or not. Also, lest anyone thinks this might be real, the recording was posted back in June, long before Diablo III was even announced. There will be a beta, but not for many, many months yet.

    [*]MSN India includes the original Diablo on an article about Must Play RPGs. Gee, if only there were a forum somewhere you could go to talk about Diablo with like-minded retro-gaming individuals…

    [*]Mobile Tech Review has a “new” D3 trailer from E3… except that it’s just a LQ version of the cinematic movie released at the WWI two weeks ago.

    [*]Continuing evidence of Diablo III’s omnipresence comes from a mention in this short article about E3 Losing Its Cool, from Straight.com. An alternative, ***, Vancouver online magazine. Yes, Google takes me to some strange places in my search for D3 news.

    [*]An article on Digital Journal is just the latest of the many, many we’ve seen pre-E3 that don’t seem to know that Blizzard isn’t going to be at the show, so no D3, SC2, or WoW. (Though Activision is hosting a press event in a nearby location on Tuesday night.)

    [*]Finally, I keep forgetting to post this, but YahooGames posted a short video report on the D3 “too much color” controversy and the associated online petitions. Their content-free, sensationalist approach didn’t go over with the fans in our forums.

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