Another day brings another batch of Diablo 3 news.

    GamePro has an unusual article on D3. They dug out their mythology text and found six gods from Japanese, Greek, Persian, and other ancient religions, and wrote about why they would make good bosses in Diablo 3. Would you item run the serpent-tailed, bastard daughter of Zeus?

    The video game blog of the Tuscaloosa News (really) has an entry on dusting off Diablo 2 for the sake of nostalgia. We know quite a few of you are doing that these days yourselves.

    You want evidence that Diablo III has completely penetrated the mass media? Here’s a feature article about it from the Telegraph Herald in Dubuque, Iowa. (For those of you not in the US, Dubuque is not exactly thought of as a hot center of gaming news. More like a hot center of corn and wheat production.

    In financial news, the Blizzard / Activision merger is now official. Billions in stock changed hands, and Activision now owns a majority stake in the Vivendi Games division of which Blizzard is the crown jewel. The combined company will rival EA as the largest game company in the world, and news about upcoming projects and corporate direction is expected to emerge next week from the E3 convention in LA.

    The Bay Area has been gripped by a very hot and very dry heatwave this week. So hot that Mt. Diablo State Park has been closed for several days, due to the very high fire danger. Of course there’s fire danger! Diablo III is hot!

    Incidentally, the name is not a coincidence. Dave Brevik lived near Mt. Diablo in the mid-1990s when he and the Schaefer Brothers came up with the concept for the game that became Diablo, and that mountain was the inspiration for Big Red’s name. Better yet, guess what you see right off the winding road when heading up the mountain from the north? Yes, that’s a real sign and a real ranch. Yes, there are cows. Yes, I was very afraid.

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