• Blizzard has posted a FAQ about their just-finalized merger with Activision.  It’s all good news, publicly at least. None of Blizzard’s operations will change, all their games are continuing as before, none of their offices are moving, etc.
    • There are still several articles a day speculating about D3 maybe making it to a console. I’ve not been linking them all since they say the same thing, but this one on Ars Technica’s game blog takes a creative angle. They cite Activision’s past history of porting every big title to as many platforms as possible, and suggest that as part of the new Blizzard/Activision partnership, this strategy will be applied to Blizzard titles.
    • Also, while this is far from breaking news, a lot of people have been asking if Blizzard will be showing anything new at E3 next week. The answer is no, Blizzard will not be at the show this year, a decision that likely influenced the timing of the WWI, so they could make their big announcement well before the glut of game news from E3. Check out the official E3 site for more info on this year’s show. Their movie of the 10 most anticipated titles of E3 is a good primer on what to expect at this year’s media-only event. (Note that there are several scenes from the Diablo III trailer in the intro to the movie, but no mention of D3, SC2, or WoW in the top ten… since they won’t be there.)

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