Diablo 3 Newcomer Forum Added

Following the beta test this weekend, it’s been very apparent that there are tons of players that are really needing help and advice. Many new players have come from WoW or have never played a Diablo game before, so to aid new players, and in the tradition of our Diablo 2 newcomer forum which has helped thousands of gamers over the years, today we have opened the Diablo 3 Newcomer Forum.

If you are new and want answers to questions which may seem obvious to verteran Diablo players, then this is the place to post, the friendly community here is always happy to help.

Also, if you are new to Diablo 3 there is a handy Basic guide to the game in DiabloWiki.Net which will offer some primers for you.

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    18 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Newcomer Forum Added

      • Friendly like a cactus.  What I don’t understand is that if you’ve played WoW for half your life, is D3 a real stretch?  I don’t mean to dog my favorite game but it seems to be one of the easiest games to play and have a decent mastery over.  Truly I suck at gaming.  I could play a FPS worth a crap.  Its beyond stunning what I saw today.  Of course, I have never played WoW.  I figured by the pictures I saw that it was harder than Diablo.  Apparently not.

        I’m cool with anyone who wants to dig the game and all. I just didn’t expect this. WoW has loot doesn’t it?

        • Haha, i just felt like being obnoxious. Trust me, when it comes to gaming i am the mother of all noobs. (but i do work, go to school, + have a wife and daughter) So i have an excuse. 

          Diablo is really the only game i love as well

        • The most charitable interpretation of the “coming from WoW” angle is that a lot of people have only really played WoW and aren’t familiar with video games that control in other ways and have different systems. Diablo III might lure them in because it’s a product from the same company that made their favorite game, it has many similarities to WoW on the surface (control one character, beat up monsters to get loot and gain experience, etc.) and it’s quite a bit more noob-friendly than Starcraft.

          That said, not all WoW players are so inexperienced. It doesn’t take much skill at all to see quite a lot of the content in WoW, but it takes more skill than D2 ever did to overcome the game’s toughest challenges. It’s a very broad spectrum, and that’s a big part of why the game has been so successful.

      • I’m sorry, but the structure of a Haiku is actually 5,7,5 syllables.

        Oh yes… and you are an obnoxious fool.

    1. Wow…I kind of have the opposite reaction Methusaleh:  
      Get the hell out of here elitist scum.
      Go play Diablo 2.
      Your presense is not welcome here.

    2. Although i played a little d1 and d2 i consider myself a newcomer and i open this site everyday for the last two years. So if only these people would search for the questions they have instead of cluttering forums it would not require blizzard making forum just for them. I mean the second i jumped in the open beta this weekend it felt like playing a game which you have lost and just found and when you start it, it just feels natural.

    3. As much as it is possible to be passionate about a game, for most of us posting here, it is our gaming passion – wouldn’t we benefit more from getting others to share our passion, than knocking them over the head and push them away?
      We’ve all been noobs at some point, in one way or another – while I don’t particularly like ultra-noobish questions, there’s no need to be so hostile.
      There will be those who seek to learn and they should be able to… 

    4. I think this is a good idea, but I have a better one. You should open up a “Diablo 3 Criticism Forum” to funnel rants and complaints to.

    5. This forum is quickly becoming the “Hey, look at me, I’m a veteran player and I made a post so that you can ask me questions instead of making your own posts to ask the community at large!” forum.

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