Diablo 3 New Year Resolutions, 2015

happy_new_year_2015_10It’s the time of year to turn over a new leaf, pursue a new path, make radical diet changes you’ll have forgotten by February, pay for a year’s gym membership you’ll only use for two weeks, and so on. New Year’s Resolutions!

Most of us make them, at least informally, in our own lives, but do you make them about/because of video games as well? Do you have any Diablo 3 New Year Resolutions, 2015?

  • To play a class you haven’t before?
  • To try a new build on your favorite class?
  • To give more assistance to other players in your clan?
  • To play to crush and push to your highest Grift ever?
  • To listen to an entire dialogue from Tyrael without stabbing the space bar so hard your thumb starts to bleed?
  • To finally attend a Blizzcon in person?
  • To log off once and for all and find a more fulfilling real life activity… just as soon as you clear this one last Rift.
  • Other resolutions? Hit the comments.

    New Year’s Resolutions, 2014

    I remembered doing a post about this last year, and when I checked the archives I found it, with a vote! This was first posted 4 January 2014, with the sarcastic questions inspired by current events during the then-ongoing Reaper of Souls beta test, so it’s a little dated now. But reproduced for your viewing/archival interest!

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    1. I finally reached T6 this week on a witch doctor (a side effect of maintaining 15 characters) and put a T5 demon hunter on ice until the marauders is sorted out.

      My only resolution this year is to be more committed to character design. I've spent way too many souls re-rolling stuff that only lasts a week until I want to try something different. Too expensive with that many chars going.

    2. serious business here lol

    3. God, the poor “hated” neglected and overlooked and, at the exact same time for some mysterious reason, catered to and overpowered Demon Hunters. ABLooblooblooo! If only they could occupy the highest ranks in Grifts..oh wait…I mean.. Is there nothing that can be done? If only demon hunters had been strong once…Oh wait..I forgot about that whole “ever since release” thing and ever since Loot 2.0 and RoS. …wait aren’t DH’s underpowered? i’m confused.

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