Ah to be a mac user when a new patch arises. The forums are wild with report of macs crashing from almost everything in the game. Looking to browse the AH before it goes down?Crash! Looking to see who is on your friends list?Crash! Looking to play a game?Crash! All of which leads to a rather undesirable experience for your average mac user.

    We’re aware of a crashing issue when opening the Auction House on OS X systems. Our teams are working to resolve this in a future update. In order to prevent Diablo III from crashing, it is recommended to avoid opening the Auction House (and any AH related UI) until the issue is resolved. We’ll provide additional updates when more information is available.

    We apologize about for any inconvenience this has caused, and hope to have this resolved as soon as possible.

    I’m not nearly as concerned about the AH issue as I am about crashing as I enter games. It was a known issue during the beta, and would only happen to myself sparingly.However since the patch hit I’ve been dropping from games left and right. Obviously it will be fixed but as for right now it’s a waiting game, which is ironic since it’s what we have to do now to play..buh-zing.

    Has your D3 mac experience been similar?

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