A couple of recent forum posts ask for an increase to Diablo 3 difficulty, and while both got Blued, the CMs didn’t add anything to the conversation. It’s a conversation worth having though, so here they are:

    Can’t Invulnerable Monsters return in MP5?

    I keep reading about this feature, unfortunately, I came to the game after it was removed. It sounds really interesting and cool, and I wish that, once I got better gear good enough for higher MPs , I could be able to experience it 🙁
    Vaeflare: We don’t have any current plans for the Invulnerable affix to rear its head and return. We felt it was a frustrating affix for many players, and that it was out of line with the other affixes, which is why we removed it. In a similar way, we feel that the Reflects Damage affix isn’t quite where we want it to be, which is why we’re looking intomaking some adjustments to the mechanics of how it works, as well as fixing a related bug.

    A common result of Invulnerable Minion encounters.

    A common result of Invulnerable Minion encounters.

    The poster means DiabloWikiInvulnerable Minions, and you should check out the wiki article which has a ton of details, screenshots, videos, Blue quotes about the issue, and more. As a reminder, this modifier was found only in Hell and Inferno before it was removed in v1.04, and it granted all of the minions of a boss (yellow name) permanent Shielding. They could not be hit or damaged or killed, but would all die the instant their boss died. The modifier forced players to kite around like mad, trying to hit the boss past his wall of Secret Service meatshields, and made tanking difficult since shielded monsters don’t yield leech or life on hit or allow crits to create procs, etc.

    If it returned, Invulnerable Minions would be interesting and probably not so bad now. Players are better, characters are much stronger, and Inferno is easier than back in v1.03. Everyone has a variety of AoE attacks to hit the boss and minions at once, players would lead the minions into crowds of regular monsters to keep their procs and life leech going, etc.

    And that’s just the problem with the game, according to some:

    We so out gear this grindy game its not funny. You have 500K gold barbs beating MP10. I can do it for 20m gold as a wiz. Just stack defense beat game, beat any reflect, play lazy. Sad the whiners don’t realize that and game is about to get even easier with RD nerf. Anyway – I miss 1.0.2 with the whole nine yards. Real damage. Enrage. Shielding. Higher reflect. You just couldnt stack defense – enrage would get u. You just couldnt stack DPS. reflect and hits would get u. U needed balance to conquer gates of inferno.

    Petition bring it back! But you get 1000% MF for being there.
    Grimiku: Discussing this subject matter is fine, but I am locking this thread since we try to avoid petitions on the forums. You’re welcome to recreate the thread so long as it’s not in a petition format.

    Not much from the Blue there, but I skimmed over the B.net thread to see the response, and it was mostly full of agreement. One is never sure if the B.net forums are 100% trolls or just 90%, but how do you guys feel about the difficulty? I hear a lot of complaints about D3 (and many compliments as well) but “it’s too easy” isn’t often chief amongst the gripes. It can certainly become very easy if you’re well-geared for farming runs on MP0 or MP1, but that’s kind of the point; those levels are there to let players blast through on item runs. The higher MP levels are there for a bigger challenge, and most people I’ve talked to feel that they serve that purpose pretty well.

    I certainly haven’t heard anyone pining for a return to the early days of D3, before Paragon levels and Monster Power, when legendaries neither existed nor functioned, when Inferno was “doubled” and a very harsh gear check, when monsters enraged in long battles and healed completely every time you died and left the area, when multiplayer games were harder than solo since monsters got huge health boosts, etc.

    That said, I’ll ask all the same… who thinks D3 is too easy now? Anyone who hasn’t played 1000+ hours, or used a Romney-sized bankroll to outfit themselves via the Auction House? And would a return of Invulnerable Minions help things?

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