Not this kind of Torment...

    Not this kind of Torment…

    I’ve spent my play time over the past month+ on the PTR, playing softcore characters (Season Two testing), most of which very quickly got into super gear thanks to the +2000% drop rate community buff. With my Monk and DH comfortably about to handle GR40+, I’ve become very aware of an issue I didn’t really notice playing my hardcore characters on live… WTF is with DiabloWikiTorment 6 as the highest difficulty level?

    My best hardcore chars on live can do DiabloWikiGreater Rift 30+, and the limiting factor there is not fear of death, but killing speed. Those hardcore chars are geared with a ton of toughness and thus don’t have the killing power to lawnmower over the enemies rapidly enough to exceed GR32 or so. Playing softcore characters on the PTR is a very different story, and especially playing my DH, Torment6 just seems ridiculous.

    Each DiabloWikiTorment level the monster hit points and damage scale up about the equivalent of 3 GR levels, so T4 = GR19, T5 = GR22, and T6 = GR25. Continuing that progression, T7 would be around GR 28, T8 = GR31, T9 = GR34, T10 = GR37, T11 = GR40, T12 = GR43, T13 = GR46, T14 = GR47, etc.

    If you’re not geared that well (yet) imagine thusly: consider that a character who can clear GR40 is basically doing Torment 11, which is roughly as easy as a GR25 character doing T1. Or a Torment 1 character playing on Normal difficulty level. It’s not exactly the same since monsters deal much higher damage on the higher levels; my PTR DH can one-shot trash mobs and kills most elites in under 5s with a couple of Sentries adding their MS to hers, but she’s not immortal (as a T6 char would feel playing on T1) and can die in a couple of seconds of Arcane Beams or by standing in a Molten pack.

    That said, T6 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too easy. Absurdly so. The whole game, outside of GR40 runs, feels pretty much like normal split farming in the old days, where I mostly just worry about movement speed, since everything dies as fast as I can shoot it. If I even bother to slow down long enough to do so. It’s not super-rewarding, but that’s sort of the point, since I think it’s weird that the highest difficulty level in the game (other than Grifts) is basically a run-through for any char with top end gear.

    Do you guys agree? Do you think higher levels of Torment are needed? Desired? Personally, I want them. I can find challenge in GRifts, but those feel sort of pointless to me once I’ve got my LGems upgraded, and I enjoy doing normal Rifts and even Bounties, where gold drops, Treasure Goblins exist and chests exist, etc, and the whole game isn’t just a 15m rush against the clock. I think there’s fun to be had in grinding content above your character’s power level, where you have to struggle to survive and endure long battles against tough opponents, and once you’ve got good gear that’s not possible in Reaper of Souls. Either you god mode your way through T6, or you play Grifts that aren’t hard enough to be challenging, since a high toughness grinding type character can’t get keys high enough to get into a Grift that’s challenging.

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    BTW, this isn’t an article to brainstorm the Torment changes, but when/if the devs add more Torment levels I think they should scale up more dramatically. Instead of just 3 GRs per Torment, they should jump 5 or 6 or 8. You don’t need such precision per increase, and players are so far above T6 now that the numbers would get silly-high. Projecting with the current progression, the hypothetical T12 would be lower than the Grifts some players are currently clearing solo, and I think there should be a non-GR difficulty level that’s higher than anyone can fly through in 15 minutes. Ideally the devs would call T7+ by some other name, to make clear the difficulty jump was increasing. Mega-Torment! Or something…

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