Diablo 3 Needs More Gold Sinks?

Searching for the Arkenstone.

Searching for the Arkenstone.

A fan expressed a rare non-nerfing opinion and got a Blue reply. Since it’s an issue I’ve seen fans talking about lately, let’s get into it. Diablo 3 Needs More Gold Sinks?

When are we gonna get decent gold sink?

I swim in gold like Dagobert the Duck even though I´ve never used Hoarder gem. What’s the point of having the gold if you do not have any options to spend it?
Vaneras: Not everyone are swimming in gold Scrooge McDuck style though, but here is a question out of curiosity, what makes a decent gold sink to you? I mean, what kind of gold sink would you like to have?

The Blue’s request for Gold Sink ideas is a worthy topic, but I’m more interested in the OP’s complaint. Are most players in Reaper of Souls really that rich in gold? I mean sure, if you use a DiabloWikiBoon of the Hoarder, but if not? In my experience once you can run DiabloWikiT6 Rifts efficiently, you find more gold than you need, but until you’re geared up to that level, you’re going to be broke. Especially if you’re doing a lot of enchanting and/or gem upgrading.

Just this week in Clan Chat a couple of guys were talking about the double Goblin buff and how all they really wanted was to find a golden portal, since they’d been broke for the entirety of Season Two without ever a Boon of the Hoarder. I was surprised to hear it, but once I thought about it, I could see a number of potential reasons for players to still be gold poor.

What if you’re in the habit of doing a lot of alts and spending tons of gold to gear them? Or you’re Hardcore and you lose your main with all those millions of gold worth of gems and enchanted gear? Or you’re casual and haven’t geared up to roll T6 yet? In any or all of those cases, you’re probably skint all the time, unless/until you find The Vault and get your Boon.

Is that how it should be, though? Are you guys happy with the state of gold income in Diablo 3? Do you think there’s enough gold from playing normally? Are the methods to increase gold drops, via Paragon Points or GF% on gear, adequate? Do you like the Boon of the Hoarder or think it’s too “all or nothing” with players broke until they find it, then immediately so rich that gold becomes meaningless?

Does the gold you find meet your expenses in Diablo 3?

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  1. I think most people are only playing their main (a M6 for the most talkative) and of course they find no good items and swim in gold.
    A good gold sink: a way to raise a second main more rapidly. I am bored with my main, but after having tasted the legendary drop rate of T6 and GR30, going back to T1 and GR20 is really dull.
    Let them make us buy legendary items or add MF (capped to T6) for gold.

  2. Flux … much love man, but why? Why kick the hornets nest? To be honest, I'm still suffering PTSD from the days of being endlessly broke back when D3 launched. And, those days went on and on.

    Don't you all remember the 'repair' cost that got so inflated one just had to stop and go kill goats for 3 hours to get enough gold to repair items enough to go on farming for real?

    I feel like Boon of the Hoarder is seriously just an apology for putting the player base through that garbage.

    So, now we have gold stacking up … But, it takes quite a while when season begins to get to that point. If they start to employ some new crazy gold sink … we'll be right back where we started 3 years ago.

    To ask for a gold sing, with this games record, is like asking for a whole in your money bag. you want a gold sink?!! Do ya! Do ya! I'll give you a gold sink~! WHAM! now you're busted broke all the time again … no thanks. I like to watch it pile up

    • i respectfully disagree with this all u can use gold for atm is upgrading crafting mystic and repairing! (im not a massive min maxer) there is no trading any more (which eliminates gold farms which is a good change) for me gold has no value with the minor exception of starting fresh on a season (until u hit greeds domain) or starting up a fresh char on non season (you will have a resevoir of gold anyways)…. my idea for a gold sink would be to plow your excess into the clan system to give clan bonus for example add extra magic find for he whole clan – the more members the more gold u need so on and so forthor use 10x the normal current amount to enchant a second affix on items 100x to enchant a third, there is plenty of ideas just unwillingness to implement a system for it

      • you see, that would be very cool for you, but, I'm not in a clan and don't plan on being in one any time soon. So, what about non clan people? how would everyone benefit from these sinks you've created. And, why, may I ask, should someone be rewarded for being in a clan vs not being in one?

  3. Just put in some simple things like buying cursor customisation. People can spend some 100's of mils that way

  4. I've spent 1 billion rerolling to multishot to cluster back to multishot since 2.1.2, gold sink is alright by me.

  5. Efficient gold sink would be to allow mystic to re-roll second stat, but for triple the base cost of first stat that you can now re-roll.

    • Too overpowered. I'm much more in favour of an enhantment option that costs 3-4x the normal price, but presents 3 affixes instead of 2 to choose from. Nothing stopping it from being 3 of the same thing of course. Basically it speeds up the enchantment process so it's not so tedious, but otherwise there's no additional gain.

      • I've long thought something like that would be useful, and put an option for it into the QoL post a few days ago. Bliz improved the enchanting options some months ago, so you don't get 2 of the same affix offered anymore, but when I'm looking at that interface with room for 5 or 6 options, and it's only showing 2 and I've already done 10 rolls trying to get fire damage on an amulet and figure I'll need to do 25 more before it comes up… I'd happily pay more for more options at once.

        • that's a very good idea

        • Ah, that gives a very good tip for how to do the interface.

          Still keep the initial Enchant option where it gives you 2 affixes, but have 1 or 2 more affix slots that are locked. Then to unlock them, you have to pay $$$$$$$$, and even more $ for the 4th one. Sort of like buying stash slots.

  6. I’m far more casual than most here, and I find more than enough gold to meet my needs. But my needs are not upgrading every gem to maximum or crafting godly gear. I’m still able to find upgrades regularly enough without those gold sink elements.

    What I would like from a gold sink would be something compelling. My idea back in D3v was a paid admittance to some kind of endless dungeon with cranked drop values. Or vanity rewards. It could be made to be a good gold sink for top players while still appealing to more casual players, while being something ‘else’ to do beyond another Grift or bounty.

  7. It might be nice for some other Stuff to spend gold on, but I don't think the amount of gold that exists now is in itself an issue, but rather a symptom of the whole in-game 'economy' being a little bit of a mess (which is understandable since it's pretty hard to balance an economy, especially when you don't have a real economy that balances itself).

    Being awash with gold and mats WAS Blizz's 'solution' to the Crafting and Mystic costs not being set at very appropriate level. Rather than tweak the cost of things to try to balance them (which is hard, and possibly unachievable) they just went "meh – here, just take all the resources and sort it out yourself".

    And, in fairness, it kind of worked.

  8. Incgamers already play Season 2? 😀 😉

    since they’d been broke for the entirety of Season Two without ever a Boon of the Hoarder.

    On topic: I am swimming in gold like the guy who posted, but I am also not spending (b)millions on enchanting my gear to perfection, which I guess is all the difference.

    • Well I played S2 on the PTR, and was broke until I remembered that Wave of Trials reward was bugged to give equal amounts of gold/exp, and that's how I wound up with 68billion gold. But yeah, typo in the article.

  9. As a Hardcore seasonal player i havent had any issues with my bank balance this season. Releveling gems and rerolling replacement items for the dearly departed can be pricey but the community buff we had a few months back where they gave us a goldfind buff, i piled on a billion gold with boon of the horder then could effectively ignore my gold total for the remainder of the season.

    PS – once the season rolls over, all my now non-seasonal hardcore toons will never be played again 😛

  10. Well, anyone that can clear a GR should have no money problems anymore as BotH now drops in GRs as well as I recently found out after an extended break. Played extensively at the start of season 1 but never found a Greed portal. Was pleasantly surprised when I fired up a GR to check out the patch.

    • That was a recent addition, but it's only the case if you've already entered Greed's Domain on that account in that game mode (hardcore or softcore). Won't help people who have never found The Vault in the first place.


      • I got my first Boon of the Hoarder ever last week from a Greater Rift Guardian three days before my first time entering the Vault. When the Vault portal finally opened for me, it was in a game with a friend who said he had also never had one open before but had also had gotten one from a Greater Rift Guardian since the latest patch. The Blizzard explanation you've indicated may be the way it is intended to work, but the actual in-game drop is not working that way, at least some percentage of the time.

        • Same situation here. I've never found the Greed portal on my softcore character, yet it dropped from a greater rift guardian. I have found it on hardcore, though.

      • I have NEVER set foot into Greed's Domain and still gotten it.

  11. I voted other/comment because you didn’t really give an option for this: I have plenty of gold because I actively worked for it, so I didn’t have to worry about farming one more thing just to get a “chance” at getting what I want. It’s one less thing for RNG to screw you on. For so long, we’ve been limited in multiple areas at developing things our way… gold is one less area I have to worry about. Now that there’s crafting mat goblins to help, the only real limiting factor these days is targeted farming, which Blizzard thinks is okay because of Kadala (and might be if there were individual weapon categories instead of just 1h or 2h versions). Thanks for listening to my rant.

  12. Need less gold and more blue crafting mats!

  13. Gold is needed when you start gearing new character. Highest gems, rerolls… It’s good to have some reserve.

  14. there is too much grey area with gold sinks (same with gem sinks) hopefully they will implement some sort of gold to bloods on kadala say pay 1 mil for 5 bloods just so u can actually spam for the higher priced items or increase mystic slots to say 5 options not including yours at a higher cost or a guaranteed roll of your choice again for a high cost, with crafting you could get guaranteed ancient item, or u could put progression bars on to legendary items which use gold to add a random affix (class specific so no strength on wiz etc)could be anything even thorns on weapons and u reset it on the mystic so u can put more gold into it.

  15. Oh yeah those damn Q u i v aaarrrs r s

    My old one took at least 600 million to just get a pathetic 11% Cluster Dmg roll.

    The new ancient that recently dropped for me, rolled a 15% in like first 10 attempts.

  16. Pay Orek to clone GRift keystones? Say a couple hundred thousand for a realm of trials, then a million that scales up say 10% per cloned keystone in that batch? i.e, you couldnt get ‘infinite’ cloned keystones from a single original, eventually you’d have to collect some more.

    Pay Kadala for bloodshards? Pay Kadala to increase your odds at getting a legendary? A million for an extra 0.5% chance, a million for an extra 0.25% to make it anchient. Have each level scale ridiculously so soon the cost will be in the billions? A nice perk for those who have the gold, and a reason for those that dont to get some?

  17. i would pay tons of gold to add a socket to my godly xephririan amu for example… why cant i do that? i have more gold then i will ever need so it sucks and u cant gamble for loot either or buy super expensive items at AH for example 🙁

  18. I dont Needs More Gold Sinks, I have collected about 1,8 billions and have still about 1.6 billions in my stash and feel more or less gold are useless now, yes we need to repair gear and yes we need gold to enchanting our gear but the chance to get a really good one is bad or maybe I have just not been lucky so far. I Was a fan of AH (not RMAH)it gives me a big stack of gold too. If there will be more gold there should be a way to use it in a good way also, bying bloodstones as someone suggested or maybe bying a socket or something like that ot even better lets get AH back. When AH was alive I never hear dudes complain that they couldnt get good gear. More gold sinks now. sorry no need for that imo.

  19. i think the devs need to concentrate on improving and fixing the game than adding more gold sinks.

    gold don't matter once u hit end game. and matter even less if you only play one character as once u hit the end game with that one character, there is pretty much not much else to do.

    to address the complain about gold, i think we need to think laterally.

    people hate to grind. and grinding is the only way to get gold. even if each gold pile dropped in the game is 1 million at T6 (or a Grift lvl 30 +) people are still gonna complain.

  20. If they were to introduce something new as a gold sink, I'd prefer something that is completely optional. I feel we already have enough of a gold sink in the item upgrade path with gems and enchanting.

    I'd prefer something in the line of pay X gold, increase world pool towards a world spawned super demon.

    Like we could have to go to the old well in Old Tristram and throw a million gold down the well. Then, once some determined goal is reached by all diablo players, spawn a new UBER fight in the world.

    I agree with someone above tho, there are bigger issues to address than this. We don't "need" this as much as other fixes.

  21. After about 45 minutes of Rifting i came out with 10 million Gold.

  22. although the shoulders of Zakara maybe not it is the best choice, they have a slight advantage namely "your items Becomes indestructible" it was my first discovery of ancient legendary and have not used gold to repair since. So more gold sinks are not necessary in my eyes.

    and as DeusEx wrote 10 million gold n 45 minutes, that means 20 million in less than 2 hours and if you play 2 hours a day it will give you 140 million in gold in a week.

  23. Spawn a Random rare spirit/soul of Kadala in a GR. Higher the Grift the Higher the possibility of her spawning.

    She can only sell 1 Item when you see her, which is completely random. She will only take gold. And the price will be wildly random. From a few million to a few hundred million.

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