Diablo 3 Necromancer being removed from PTR

Diablo 3 Necromancer being removed from PTR

The Necromancer has been in testing for a few days now and it’s received a fairly mixed reception from those that have stuck with it. Blizzard has now decided to pull the class from testing for a while.

If you’ve been watching any of the streams recently then you will have seen comments of “I’m bored already” to “this is cool”. The Necromancer on the PTR is by no means ready or feature complete but the reception has been mixed with some streamers that were granted access dropping it pretty quickly.

There are obviously issues Blizzard need to resolve so they have decided to take the Necromancer off the PTR for while.

As an update to the first point, we will be taking down the Necromancer class tomorrow, April 18 at 10:00 a.m. PDT. After this time, we fully encourage you to explore and test some of our other Patch 2.6.0 features, such as Challenge Rifts and the new zones that have been added to Act II and IV.

We’ll update this thread once the Necromancer is available for testing again.

This probably wasn’t planned and perhaps Blizzard pushed the Necromancer out a little early.

If you have been watching the action, what do you think of what you’ve seen so far?

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    30 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Necromancer being removed from PTR

    1. I think it is more likely that they are taking the feedback and going off to implement it, fix stuff up, etc.

      Also I’m guessing that people are already bored of the class as there is no items or sets available for the class yet, so there is zero meta game at the moment.

    2. To me it was more interesting to watch people come up with some builds that were not decided by blizz and their boring sets.

      • I was up to 1.5mil dmg with LoN and all ancients. The class was just starting to get fun. I happened to love the class, but not having sets kind of brought things to a halt.

    3. After this time, we fully encourage you to explore and test some of our other Patch 2.6.0 features, such as Challenge Rifts and the new zones that have been added to Act II and IV.
      Funny Blizzard

    4. I have been playing D3 off and on since launch. I started playing Breath of the Wild about a month ago and it made me realize that there is do much more that we, as gamers are missing with D3. Sure, apples to oranges, but the core of a good game is that it’s fun to play. D3 is a slot machine feeding us dopamine. Nothing more. I am done with it and with Blizzard. There are better games out there.

      • You wouldn’t be receiving a dosage of dopamine from your brain if you weren’t having a good time on some level. Unless you are on drugs, but if this is the case you have other issues.

          • It’s not a terrible game, It’s a great game. Keep bashing a game that you seem to wrong about.

            • A great game it is. A few hours a week. A few weeks. Then half a year or longer is needed for fewer hours/weeks of the game not feeling empty. No comparison to the longterm longevity of the previous game in the series.

              Just hoping, they can deliver again on the next installment or a coming expansion, adressing the flaws in D3s base design. (Basically its lack of complexity, not delivering enough gears and antigears to balance the game [mobs, as well as classes] properly, while limiting artistic freedom as well as the roleplaying imagination of the players, who got near to no option left in imagining/playing out the characters differentiations they wanna bring to fruition.)

    5. At least part of the problem has to be that this is a five year old game. Sure there’s new content being added, but it’s not drastically changing the game at any point. Even with a new class, you’re still performing all of the same tasks. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a blast with this game, and I’ll buy the Necro pack, but at this point the only thing that’s not going to get boring relatively quickly is a Diablo 4.

      • No diablo 4 coming soon. There are again lots of datamined season portrait and team developers working another project game diablo but is not diablo 4. diablo 2 was for 10 years , diablo 3 only 5 , long way again for diablo 4.

        • The “Diablo 2 was for 10 years” argument isn’t really valid as they literally went through 3 different versions of Diablo 3 in that time. They started working on 3 just after D2:LOD dropped (2001), but the version they produced wasn’t up to scratch, so they scrapped it. Then I think Blizzard North closed, and they tried another version that was also scrapped, before trying again and getting what we have now?

          That all said, I don’t think they will likely be doing a 4th one anytime soon. It’s hard to gauge what their business direction will be regarding new titles going forwards. They have a few properties now which make them solid money which only require content additions (Hearthstone, Overwatch). I think they might be slowing down on WoW now that the player counts are falling off. Maybe they will direct resources for a new one of those entirely? Who knows. There’s not really any point in speculating on it. When/if Blizzard makes a new Diablo game, they’ll tell us then.

          • It seems currently Overwatch is their #1 money maker:

            WoW likely still comes second with an estimated 5 million subscribers generating on the low end around 50m/month just from the subscriptions alone so I highly doubt they’ll be “slowing down” anytime soon. In fact they are trying to crank up contect production for WoW to keep people interested.

            Then there’s Hearthstone which is making them 20-30m a month, at least it was last year, it might be higher or it might be lower now, no idea, but either way it’s a cheap game to support and develop for compared to their other games.

            Diablo and Starcraft are more risky, because they take a long time and lots of money to develop, but with sc2 obviously they’re having quite some success in releasing smaller DLC type content updates, which they are likely to try with d3 as well, the necro being the first attempt at doing so. Depending on whether or not the new class is well received will determine if we’ll be seeing more paid content additions to d3.

            They’re clearly working on a new Diablo project right now, but who knows what that’ll be, it could be a totally different type of game if they have the balls to take the franchise in a new direction. I for one would be curious to see what they could come up with if that’s the case!

            • Thanks for the numbers!

              I say WoW is slowing down because those player number might be at 5M, but that is significantly down year over year at the moment. It peaked out a while back at 12M I think? I thought that they said they were going to stop giving player counts when it dipped below 7?

              I just took a look at the job postings to get a feel where their current direction might be going. They are looking for an engine, senior lead, and tools programmers at the moment for an unannounced project. So they must be gearing up for something. Not a lot going directly on the Diablo team though, just a project manager and an outsourcing manager. Which in itself isn’t really anything crazy. For all we know they just could be for trying to speed up content generation on D3 rather than a future project. Keen to find out what the the coders are for though.

            • Going to just be point blank about these numbers and your source that you cited about Overwatch. The article is from 2016… and was in regards to numbers based on the game release. After the initial purchase of the game, it really does not generate that much revenue. I can promise after its release it makes MUCH less than WoW makes for them in total on an annual basis. Annual gains are much more valuable and I can guarantee, as the owners of the biggest MMO out to date they are still working diligently on developing WoW. Especially with rumors that have been floating for years that they are planning on moving WoW to a new graphics engine and trying to move all their current data over at the same time. You should make sure when you are looking at the money a game makes a company, that you note the difference between one time sales and consistent monthly subscriptions.

      • I didn’t mean to imply that it was coming out soon, or would even be Diablo 4 exactly. Just that there’s only so much life you can breathe into a five year old game that isn’t an MMO or competitive game, before you need a new game to hold people’s interest for long.

    6. It’s kind of funny.

      Blizzard is making a bastardized version of the Necromancer: 15 bux.

      Grinding Gear Games, is making 7 new acts, more than doubling the current length of their game: 0 bux

      Even if you don’t personally like Path of Exile, I’m just saying Diablo deserves and could have had much, much better than this.

      • Same with Grim Dawn. It’s a great game for only 20$.I play it every day for 18 months already. And for those who dont know the expansion is coming later this year. We have 6 playable classes + 2 new upcoming classes: The Inquisitor and ofc Necromancer.If someone of you guys is disappointed from Blizzard or D3 you are welcome here in GD. The game offers dual class system, so you guys will have 28 playable choices after the expansion hit later. I think you won’t regret the little money you have invested:)

        • Good points. I was an early adopter for GD, with the kickstarter etc through the alphas and betas. Great game, was a huge fan of Titan Quest.
          I’ll be honest, I haven’t played it in months. The astrological sign attributes and points thing confused me quite frankly.
          When Seasons started with D3 I’ve been playing those and just doing loot runs.
          Maybe I need to fire up GD again, not sure.

      • Blizzard: Only cares about maximizing profits.
        Grinding Gear & Crate Entertainment: Still care about the quality of their games and the opinions of their customers.

      • Even Torchlight 1 & 2 are still good options to try out if you haven’t already. And you would be supporting the devs, ex-Blizzard North people.

      • Diablo 3 is a much better game than Path of Exile. I would rather play anything than Path of Exile, that’s a bad game. not diablo 3.

        • O.o ???

          So you’re prefering bad games instead of PoE, which in your[!!] opinion[!] is the better game, but not D3. Well, makes sense: If it’s the better game . . …

    7. We are still playing Diablo 2 Expansion; we have previously bought two (2) sets of Licence Keys (D2C + D2X) x2.

      Currently playing v1.07 Expansion with our family, having a great time.

      So why is Blizzard’s Diablo 3 offering less than Diablo 2?
      Less fun, less play styles, forced online connection even for Single Player, forced patching of game.
      And even forcing players to buy for a Necromancer player, when Diablo 2 offered this right from the start?

      We entirely skipped Diablo 3 (did not buy, did not play) because of forced online connection even for Single Player.

      Hope Blizzard is listening!

      • Hope the entire industry is listening. Online connections and multiplayer is killing off a lot of the entire gaming industry. The RPG genre in particular is pretty much dead as a result of multiplayer and online only.

      • You didn’t buy Diablo 3 nor the expansion. You were cleverer than me. Shame on me. What a waste of money, really. Luckily we’ve got Grim Dawn.

      • So you haven’t played Diablo 3 but you say it’s less fun? that really makes no sense, It seems like you have no basis if you haven’t played it.

        There’s nothing wrong with playing Diablo 2, it’s still a great game but it seems you are speaking out of your ass on Diablo 3 and refuse to even give it a try when it is a great game to.

        • Good looks don’t make a game “great”, gameplay does. When that gameplay consists mainly of grinding the same good looks over and over, good looks disappear and we’re left with the ugliness of shallow mechanics.

          Shallow people forgive shallow mechanics because they like good looks.

          Others prefer the contrary.

          Just like in real life.

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