Diablo 3 Necromancer Pack Reviews are a Mixed Bag

The Diablo 3 Necromancer has been out for a few days now and reviews have been popping up. There’s a real mixed feeling about this release and that’s reflected in a lot of reviewers articles. It’s rare Blizzard release a game/content and don’t get 8s and 9s across the board but the Necromancer Pack has had real mixed reviews.

Reviews that have been posted so far include the following.

None of the reviews so far are against picking up the Necromancer which is a good sign if you’re an avid fan. That said, the Metacritic user reviews are a lot lower sitting at 4.7.


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  1. Those scores are above average.

  2. My personal rating of the Necro pack: 5/10

    I think reading “reviews” of anyone other than real gamers is a waste of time and highly misleading. Game-Magazines are not what they used to be IMHO. A decade ago people that would work for those magazines were actual gamers, but today they are various college or university dropouts that arguably know how to write and didn’t make it anywhere else.

    Those “professional” gaming-journalists are casual players themselves at best in 99.9% of the cases, or worse, do not play games at all in their private time. Their judgement is highly flawed as those “journalists” have to rate AAA-Developer products very high to get the perks and exclusive interviews with devs down the road. Giving a developer like Blizzard a poor rating will pretty much inevitably mean that they wont receive interview-time and exclusive infos on future products. yet almost everyone of those sites still gave around a 7/10 which is a very poor rating for a developer like Blizzard IMO, yet not low enough to piss off Blizzard.

    Blizzard has failed in many ways after the WOW HIGH everyone was on. I mean, almost all key developers of WOW were thinking they are immortals and the best game-designers the world has ever seen, simply because WOW has made them billions, which was unheard of in the gaming industry at the time. Now that wow is failing and slowly but surely becoming a “thing of the past” since a few years, Blizzard hasn’t brought out anything “truly breathtaking”.

    SC2 doesn’t live up to the powerful SC1, yet blizzard has pushed hard to fund championships and give out price money to create an illusion of how great SC2 is. Let me tell you, it is nowhere nearly as perfectly balanced and pure as SC1 was and still is.

    Diablo 3 was and still is a major letdown, which alienated virtually all Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 fans. Diablo 3 has caused Blizzard to lose the crown of ARPGs in the eyes of all gamers world-wide, on which in turn other indie studios have heavily capitalized. Diablo 3 is a noobfest for casuals and trolls.

    World of Warcraft is being desperately kept on life-support with mediocre or right out garbage expansions that cater more and more to a very huge noob-sauce and casual player base.

    Project Titan, a huge failure, recycled into a colorful shooter for care-bears and noob-sauces. After the huge financial loss of Project Titan, the only way to keep a face was to throw a shitload of more money at it to promote “Overwatch”. The amount of development effort overwatch requires the way we have it today, is about 10% of how much time, manpower and money was allocated to work on Titan for years before it was eventually canceled and then recycled into Overwatch. Overwatch is pure disaster-cleanup and damage-control. Rather than swallow dozens of millions of development costs, they recycled about 5% of the game and turned it into Overwatch. Overwatch is viewed as a success these days, but the truth is that it came at a 1000% cost of developing a game like overwatch. They could have developed 10 overwatch’s for the money they spend on Overwatch aka Failed-Titan. Titan, was a true Titan-Failure, it’s truly an epic failure in gaming industry.

    HoTs is failing so miserably, that cross promotions are put into most other franchises to force people to play HOTS. No-One plays HOTS, and fans of the genre are playing League Of Legends instead. Blizzard was so deep up their own asses after WOW, that they ignored fan-created games like DOTA and passed on an epic opportunity that they wont recover from in this genre I believe. They literally missed the train which was parked right up their noses, but those noses were deep up their own asses.

    HeartStone has a decent following, but its a highly simplistic card-“trading”-Game. Its nothing more than a copy of Magic the Gathering.

    Blizzard’s era of groundbreaking games for real gamers has long ended.

    The future entails mediocre quality paid games for casuals, mentally handicapped and self-entitled noob-sauces. Micro-Transactions for useless low-quality in-game contect will come along with it.

    • Wow… you could of done anything today, but instead you wrote that essay

    • Lol the delusional post of yours show how out of touch, blizzard is still the king of arpgs especially compared to a Shitty game like Poe. It’s funny morons like you pretend that other Arpgs are even close to d3.

    • Your review of the game didn’t even talk about the DLC!!!! It was just about Blizzard as a company! Why?!

  3. 4player.de did not rate it 84%

    it rated the character class “good” which they put into the 75%-84$ range.

    They also say that it’s price is ridiculous considering its just a class and other games are also selling for 15 dollars.

    • Then they shouldn’t buy it and neither should anybody else. I never understood why people bitch about prices on totally recreational things. What world are people in that $15 is expensive for a video game addon, especially a well designed voice acted one? If $15 is too high for someone, maybe they need to evaluate life priorities and stop playing so damn many video games.

      • “I never understood why people bitch about prices on totally recreational things.” — because they’re rating the content

        its the whole point of the articles — they are reviewing the content and that also means reviewing the price

        would you pay $8 for a McDonalds hamburger ?
        no – they are simply not worth it

        would you pay $8 for a Five Guy’s hamburger ?
        sure – they are worth it

        when you review a product you must take price into consideration

    • I refused to pay 15$ for the pack and bought Grim Dawn for half of the price on Steam Summer Sale instead.
      I am happy with my decision so far.

      • I bought the Oriath Supporter Pack out of pure spite.
        I’ll rather pay double voluntarily for a giant patch than getting ripped off for a snippet of a canceled expansion.

  4. I agree that major game review sites and magazines no longer feel like genuine, game-playing, credible reviews. I read just last week on a major pc gaming journo website that Diablo 2 had “No build variety”. I stop reading any of the article right after that

    • Right?!?!?!? Who are these dumb kids fresh out of college and think they are “game journalists” who probably haven’t even played Diablo 2

    • Clearly written by someone who never played it… Sad times we live in. D2 with D3 graphics would be a superior game imo.

  5. who cares about destructoid? some crappy website, at least write about a relevant reviewer not some sort of pseudo nobody.

  6. How is this a mixed bag if they are all above average to high?

    • Here’s a new info for you today. Average is not equal 5 in game reviews 🙂

      • Which is actually perfectly reasonable, because games that are going to bomb are generally killed by producers prior to realise, or more money is invested in them until they are up to scratch.

        There generally are very few games released by publishers that get scores of 4 or less, hence the ‘average’ is more like 6.5-7.

  7. Blizzard’s troubles began when it designed Diablo 3 from the ground up to cater to both PC computers and (Xbox) Consoles. ie: Purposely dumed down Diablo 3 play mechanics for the sake of chasing (questionable) additional console sales.

    Look at us in the eye, Blizzard: are “professional” eSport gamers playing on PC computers the same genre as those playing on consoles?

    If the answer is “no”, then why is Blizzard shoehorning PC gamers and console players together into the exact game? This is a recipe for PC gameplay disaster, which Diablo 3 is.

    • Well you don’t *know* if you don’t try. You can make educated guesses.

      If you try it, and it ends up being a stellar success, then great.

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