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8 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Necromancer Cinematic and Gameplay Video

  1. Despite what others may say, I personally was never a fan of the witch doctor and my self along with a lot others have demanded a necromancer in this game for a long time. To all the people in this post and others who say this is a reskin of the wd. The WD was and has always been a poor and halfassed attempt at being a class similar to a necro, much like the Demon Hunter is a mix of assassins and Amazon’s from d2. Even if it costs me a little extra money, I am all for it, to have a proper necromancer class in this game. While the skills will be different from a lot of the ones in d2, I can overlook that small detail.

    • Agreed. I have a level 70 WD (runs to PS4 and PC…. yup I do). The WD was never really that much fun to play aside from the PS3/PC pre-RoS Melee Bats build. Blizzard knows there stuff, this class will differ just like the Barb and Crusader do.

  2. The Necromancer should have been in the game from the start, along the Paladin, Amazon, and all the other D2 classes. And then, once D3 would have been established as a successor, they could have brought 3-4 new classes with multiple expansions, and everyone would have been happy.

    IMO this Necromancer looks like a Reskin of the Wizzard lol!, with slightly modified model volume information. Also the skill animations seem like they were copied over from the DH lol!.

    Well done Blizzard, considering your limited financial resources, and lack of skilled developers, you still manage to show us how high you can keep the quality of your work. Epic.

  3. So… is Blizzard’s new Diablo 3 business model all about making Character Packs?

    Next one is a hurricane shapeshifting druid with a dire bear?
    Then an Assassin that revolves around traps, venom claws, blade sentry?
    A thrower/decoy/valkyrie Amazon?

    I thought the necromancer was going to be too close to the Witch Doctor, but it seems Blizzard is pulling out the stops and targeting specific key identifiers of the classes to separate them from other current classes.

    • Imagine if they keep this up. Druid has to be the next most wanted class. A shapeshifter with the power of melee and more so intl skills. Why not?

  4. I personally would have preferred a Druid over a Necro. That said I’m sure Blizzard will make the Necro unique enough compared to the Witch Doctor. We also have the Crusader (read Paladin) but that is a world apart from the Diablo 2 Paladin aswell.

    Free stuff is nice and saying X should be included because I payed for Y game is easy to say but self entitled much?
    New dungeonchallenge, QOL updates regarding sets/crafting, new area’s and an optional DLC/mini-expansion for a game that is several years old after receiving free patch after patch.
    I’ve spend many hunderds and hunderds of hours already in Diablo 3 and I’m nowhere near done. Diablo 2 was a lot more boring/limiting in nearly all factors. For a game even with launch content most people would be able to spend dozens of hours in it. Let alone many dozens/hunderds/thousands many others do.

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