A fan dropped into the forums to compliment the Diablo 3 music, and earned enthusiastic agreement from DiabloWikiBashiok:

    Brower and the crew rock it. It’s going to be awesome.

    I know most of you aren’t into the whole WoW thing but if you visit the below link, which is a pretty awesome promotion in general, and scroll down there’s a link to listen to the song ‘Invincible’ which is used somewhere in Icecrown (Arthas’ lair). It’s extremely WoW in flavor, but I think maybe gives a good sense of the quality and composition that we’re at now.

    Hopefully the little snippets on the Diablo III site give a good impression that the Diablo music is in fact Diablo music. And comparing Diablo III, to WoW, to StarCraft II there’s an obvious care and attention to each game and the settings and emotion and tone.

    That’s my feeling anyway. I work here I guess it’s hard to take my word as anything but towing the company line but really I’ve always loved the music in Blizzard games and it just keeps getting better and better.

    Elsehwere, a fan asked about DiabloWikiitem crafting options, and Bashiok confirmed… that it’s not yet confirmed.

    Item crafting and/or augmentation isn’t something we’ve discussed/revealed yet. I think it’s obvious there will be some ability to change an item after you’ve picked it up off the ground, but what that will actually entail is a secret to be revealed later.

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