Diablo 3 Multiplayer 1.08 Changes Dev Update

We’ve already touched on some of the topics this week in various updates but there a new developer blog focusing on Diablo 3 multiplayer improvements coming up in v1.08 and coming soon to the DiabloWikiPTR.

In sitting down to plan out features for patch 1.0.8, we decided as a team that we really wanted to improve multiplayer co-op. We have other more long-term improvements planned as well (like the itemization updates Travis discussed earlier), but we knew there would be a lot of immediate benefit if we could just make it easier and more rewarding for people to play with each other.

Making Two Heads Actually Better Than One

From day one, it’s been our goal to make Diablo III a great co-op experience, but right now it’s not living up to its full potential. Even if you enjoy playing with your friends, it can often feel easier and more efficient to play solo.

Playing solo has a number of advantages. For instance, you can choose your own route. If you’re farming for something in particular (like a specific recipe), you can do it as many times as you want. And you can pause the game and attend to things in real life without making anyone wait.

Of course, multiplayer is awesome, too, and comes with its own benefits. For example, leveling up characters with a group of friends can be an amazing experience. Working together with other players to take down bosses or destroy Elite packs super quickly makes for great farming runs. There’s resurrections and the banner system, and don’t forget farming for Infernal Machine keys and organs. But, there are also disadvantages, like having to coordinate where you’re walking and what you’re attacking, losing your followers, and trying to find groups that have similar goals to yours without a defined matchmaking system in place.

The point is that multiplayer can be lot of fun, but given the downsides it can often feel not worth the effort. By making it easier for players to find one another, improving social features, and providing direct buffs to co-op groups, we hope to change that perspective.

Multiplayer Improvements in 1.0.8

Here are some changes going into 1.0.8 that we feel will help achieve our multiplayer goals:

Matchmaking Tags

Patch 1.0.8 introduces the ability to specify what we call a “matchmaking tag” for Public Games. The way this new system will work is pretty simple: in addition to selecting a difficulty, quest, and MP level, you can also select a tag that will identify what kind of gameplay you’re looking for from a Public Game. The tags going onto PTR are Questing, Full Act Clear, Keywarden, and PvP. Selecting one will tell the matchmaking server to place you in a group with other players who have selected the same tag as you.

The goal is make it easier for players to find groups that fit their personal play style or will yield the best experience during any given play session. We’ll be evaluating these tags during PTR, so if you have suggestions for other tags please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Matchmaking Tips
Matchmaking Tips

Click through for the rest of Wyatt’s developer blog.

Multiplayer Bonuses

Many players have already figured out that if you coordinate well with your party, you’re more efficient. That’s definitely true, but we’d like this benefit to be more explicit. So, we’re going to straight up add a bonus for playing in multiplayer.

We’re still working on the details of what that buff is going to be, but at the moment we’re looking at 10% more XP per extra player in the game for a maximum bonus of 30% more XP in a 4-player game. This bonus will be multiplicative with MP bonuses. For example: suppose you are playing on MP10 with an XP bonus in Inferno of 510%. This means a monster is worth 610% of its normal XP (510% more). If you are playing in a 4-player game the monster will be worth 793% as much XP as normal. On top of this, you will also earn a flat 10% Gold Find and 10% Magic Find for each additional player in the game, and this bonus can exceed the 300% Gold Find and Magic Find caps.

Monster Health

Monsters currently gain 70% extra health per additional player in the game. This is being reduced from 70% to 50%. This means in a two-player game, monsters have 150% as much health as a single-player game. In a three-player game, they have 200% as much health. And in a four-player game, they have 250% as much health (compared to 310% on live).

This further compensates for some of the inefficiencies that come with playing in a group. Ideally, this will allow you to play with someone who is less geared than you and still be better off than playing solo. It also means if someone strays from the group temporarily in a 4-player game (which inevitably happens from time to time), you’ll still be at a greater advantage than if you were playing on your own.

Identify All

As previously mentioned, 1.0.8 adds Identify All to the game. In addition to being a huge quality of life improvement, ID All is good for co-op play too!  We found during our playtests that a common time for players to get separated from one another is when somebody’s inventory was full and they spent a non-trivial amount of time in town identifying items, so this should help keep players together.

Identify All
Identify All
Identify All
Identify All

Archon Kills

For the Wizards out there, many of you don’t play multiplayer because you need those kills to fuel your Archon. In 1.0.8, your Archon duration will also be extended by assists, so as long as you’re around when a monster dies, your Archon duration will be extended. (We have it on our radar to review other mechanics such as Life on Kill bonuses, but that’s not something we’ll be addressing this patch.)

Combat Alerts

When you’re playing co-op, one common practice is to say “e” in chat when you come across an Elite pack.  So we thought—why doesn’t the game just do this for you?

Starting in 1.0.8, when a player deals damage to or takes damage from an Elite pack or Treasure Goblin for the first time, a notification will be sent out to the entire party to let your teammates know what you’ve found. This will be accompanied by a “combat” icon on the mini-map so other players in your group can locate those enemies. On top of that, we’re also going to put a combat icon over your banner in town. This way, players who are in town will know that you’re fighting an Elite pack or Treasure Goblin and be able to quickly determine whose banner to take to get right into the action.

Players Near You

Similar to the feature in StarCraft II, the “Players Near You” window will display all players who are logged into Diablo III from your local network. This feature is great if you’re playing while at a university dorm or frequent Internet cafes, and will help you easily connect with other local players.

Players Near You
Players Near You
Players Near You
Players Near You

Private Chat

We’re also adding private conversations in 1.0.8, which will allow you to chat with up to 99 of your closest friends. Think of private conversations in Diablo III as being similar to multi-user conversations in your favorite IM client. You’re not making a permanent “channel,” you’re simply inviting multiple people to chat for the duration of that session.

This is really just the first step in the process of improving the social experience in Diablo III and supporting its vibrant community. We know that players want bigger and more varied group chat functionality (like guilds and chat channels that are more permanent), and we do have concrete plans for additional features in the future. In the meantime, we hope private chat is a useful tool and look forward to delivering more systems that foster player interaction.

Private Chat
Private Chat

Testing, Testing 1 . . . 2 . . . 3
This is just a snapshot of the improvements coming in 1.0.8, and you’ll be able to test out these changes and more before they go live by hopping onto the PTR. We definitely encourage you to participate, test out what’s new, and let us know what you think!

Wyatt Cheng is a senior technical game designer for Diablo III. He is currently toying with molecular gastronomy recipes. For science!

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    63 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Multiplayer 1.08 Changes Dev Update

        • I think they are going on the wrong direction of solving things.

          First, they shouldn’t give even more bonus experience points to make Paragon leveling easier. Paragon 100 should be a challenge, a milestone, a bragging rights.

          The problem here was not the length of the grind because players are expected to grind.

          The problem is that the grinding process is tedious and boring. I’d rather have a slow but fun journey than a fast but unrewarding one.

          I know they are just trying to make multiplayer gaming more reasonable. I get that. Maybe I am the only one who thinks that the current multiplayer gaming is fine the way it is.

          • I think they should definitely give you more xp for each player in the game

            but they should offset that by increasing monster health from 70% extra per player to 85% or higher for each player in game

            • That would completely defeat the point of trying to promote multiplayer. If they increased experience reward and then decreased the speed at which you could kill monsters, people would just continue doing single player like they do now.

          • Grinding to 99 was super exciting in Diablo 2.

            /complete sarcasm

            It was so boring I didn’t even want to bot my way from 98 to 99.

        • Lol? You call these changes? Not one single actual improvement to the game or multiplayer and they have been working on this one for four months? laughable.

    1. Awesome changes. I appreciate the fact that they are trying to make things better for us. 🙂

      But, this just makes farming EASIER, not FUN. We are still gonna be playing thru the same boring Acts. Even with monster density being added, I am sure that farming will get old and tiresome very quickly. I guess what I am saying is that the changes are definitely welcomed but the more pressing problems are still unfixed.

      • So, never played D2 then? Coz Baal and LK runs were far worse than alkaizer for tedium.

      • I am with you here ; its once again a “more of the same”-patch – the additional social features are all welcome – but this kind of stuff is kinda mandatory to begin with – and i wont applaud Blizzard for introducing fixes to problems that Blizzard brought upon themself and that never existed in the 10 year old Diablo2 in the first place.

        also grinding isn’t fun in this game because the itemization and the Characterbuilding isn’t fun – less rares of higher quality / more loot & exp in multiplayer on top of a significant multiplayer nerf ?

        i dont care that i could find Items which are not utter garbage – because even if i find those BIS Quadrafecta gloves for which some people are willing to pay $1000.
        even than the game or how i play it wont change ; thats the crux and that is why haven’t played more than ~5h after the release of the previous ~2-3 patches. there is nothing to explore or to uncover which has previously been unthinkable or unworkable.

        you just scale up the Game with Paragon, MP, and Gear. but you cant change it – with a few exceptions like 300th spear.

    2. One problem with the tags system comes to mind. Let’s say you want to brawl. They should disable being able to select quests and mp level if you use this tag. (why?) Well you’ll never find a game if you use anything other then mp0 and last quest of act 1. And if you make a brawling game in any act on any quest on any mp level other then that, no one will ever be able to join. (because no one will ever think to check off these settings in the exact same way to enter a brawling game.) I’m not saying ‘noob proof’ your crap… I’m just saying ‘unlike farming, brawling is best done with one big pool of game per difficulty rather then on a quest-by-quest basis.’

      The only benefit I see to selecting mp and quest for your brawling game is if you make a forum post or something and challenge randoms to fight you, instructing them to use these specific filters in order to join your specific game.

    3. Not bad, not bad at all. They also need combat pop-ups/dunce caps for players who stand in Desecrator pools, get blown up by the last Molten monster, or don’t pull Arcane monsters out of tiny narrow hallways.

    4. All quality of life changes, nothing significant and pretty much a huge slap in the face at their continued need to force a matchmaking system.

      Don’t get me wrong here I’m not saying these changes are bad, but they are simply changes to appease current players. None of this shit is going to get players to return to the game. The changes, of course, need to come some time in the game and better now than later. The problem is the absurd development time it takes to get this kind of trivial stuff done and then the testing period.

      Take most of what these changes introduce better gameplay for mutliplayer and an increase in XP bonus. It’s pretty much geared towards the function of leveling your paragons faster. All good and dandy except the paragon system is utter shit. It really does make me kind of sad that the d3 dev team still haven’t been capable of fixing such a broken game. Truly it’s a tragedy for Blizzard and the community. Had d3 been moddable I’m sure we would have everything and more for a d3 game with a playability life as long as d2.

      • Truth quality of life changes might be enough to temporarily slow player loss but won’t be enough to entice someone into reinstalling.

        I like your comments on opening the game to the mod community. Can you imagine Blizzard opening a D3 mod only server? Then the mod community gives us an AH free version, new items and item drop mechanics, new dungeons with new boss encounters, crazy new multiplayer and pvp encounters… who knows what they could accomplish?

        I know it will never happen because mods don’t equal profits in their eyes but one can dream.

    5. Sounds like a great patch, but I’m still most looking forward to the item rework with level 63 versions of all legendaries and better rate drops.

    6. These seem like good changes. I like that they’re finally adding the private chat conversations that SC2 has had since it was released. Now if they could figure out some way to patch out dumb players I’d consider joining public games.

    7. I don’t like the changes of making it easier and easier and easier to gain xp all the time.
      I fear Paragon 100. What is left to do once you’ve reached P100?

      • Do it in again Hardcore where it’s more than a mere measure of time played and gear purchased? (Note, I’ve done it in neither, thus far.)

      • This is actually a big downfall of the lack of social features. Look at warcraft 3. Warcraft 3 sucked. few people played it on bnet. I looked at the hard numbers so i know. Starcraft was pulling 90k players plus per server. War 3 was lucky to draw 25k. Blizz couldnt fix war3 to make it a good game. What happened was players, using the social tools like chat channels, collaborated to create dota. Dota saved war3.

        But that cant happen with d3. If d3 sucks and gets boring, there are no community tools to help playera to collaborate and maybe develop something on their own.

    8. Looking good to me. There’s nothing I’d dislike here. But it’s crazy how major changes rather than tweaks there are still made to this game.

    9. I’m not reading anything on monster-density improvements, I thought they were going to address that….
      They are missing some tags as well ‘XP-run’ and ‘Item farming’.
      They could make it easier by letting no items drop in XP-runs, just potions/gems/gold. 😉

      • they are increasing monster density in act 1,2 and 4, this post is only about co-op and how to improve that aspect. That is really the most important change for this patch.

        They are probably other changes to balance and skills for this patch that they have not announced yet.

        And I agree, they need a tag named ‘farming’

    10. Everything sounds gut dont like the tag system, why not just out right introduce way of making our own games and still matchmakin. The pvp key runs is to general, for example i may be looking for someone who can help me with achievements or looking for leorics signet etc. Its just a not a good way to do those sorts of things and the community becomes segmentd.

      • Ugh… soo much typing errors, Flux really needs to add an edit option and bring back the damn downvote!

    11. This Archon change will make a big difference. If you add less HP on monsters in multiplayer games into the equation then wizards will be the fastest killing class in multiplayer games from 1.08.

    12. Life After Kill affix should be changed to Life After Fatal Blow/Wounding so as well as receiving life on landing a killing blow you also receive life after causing 85% damage of the monsters base damage. Where a monsters base damage has been increase to 200% then you can get life back after causing both 85% and 170% damage to monster as well as on kill. If you kill a monster in one hit or if 1st hit causes less than 85% then 2nd hit kills, than you would only receive life once for the kill.

      This will allow the affix to work better in multiplayer games, given you a greater chance of getting an assist and gaining life back, especially in boss fights where the base damage is increased a lot. It will also give same benefit to single player game without making it overpowered or working too similar to Life on hit or Life Steal.

    13. Nope, still not re-installing the game if these are the only changes. Gimme a \No-AH\-mode and truely random maps and I’ll give it another go.

      • i agree with the maps… but you need a no AH mode to not use the AH? using the AH is a choice.

        • Not when drop rates have been reduced 50-fold because of the AH. Wasting your time playing the game in its current state.

    14. 1.0.8 is the right way … Still tons to do… Maybe next year the game will be finish and starcarft 3 and Diablo 4 released

    15. Nice changes for co-op but until the core is fixed it doesn’t matter much. They still need to fix skills and itemization so that the actual farming and character building experience is fun.

      • The core problem is the antisocial nature of the game. blizz has catered to introverts. It needs to stop doing that. Give us extroverts what we want. We want chat channels, guilds, named games, things that truly make it a community. why cater to a bunch of bitter introverts who dont want to be bothered by other people in an ONLINE game??

    16. Same old same old. Good changes? Yes. Takes them forever to implement them? Yes. Will it bring me back? No.

      I get this is not the whole patch, but to be really honest the changes mentioned in the post are something I expect any reasonable developer to make in a week.

      • This is all stuff that should have been in the game from day one, except, better, more robust. A private chat feature and game tags are bandaids for still-missing systems: chat channels, naming our own games.

    17. All in all this sounds like it could be a really good patch. I just take an issue with the “Players near you”-feature as being a compromise to players missing LAN. But the argumentation for it is sound enough that I have to admit that this may born out of nostalgia on my point of view.

    18. damn straight we are a vibrant community. we’re sexy and they know it. plus we get Fatties to resign 🙂

      we’re the best in the world!!! 20-1 lmao

    19. I see they are so determined to avoid bringing back chatrooms, guild tools and named games that theyve been brainstorming new ideas to add social tools. I dont see how what theyve announced really fixes anything.

      • Hard to type with a ps3 or xbox controller, pull down menus work though for “tagging” your game.

      • Or perhaps coding the full chat channels and game names is a bigger task than they can complete in one patch, so they’re doing it in parts? There’s a thought…

      • True. With the current item system, instead of “ID All”, the option should be “ID All and auto Vendor Trash/Scrap”, where iLvl 61 and below is automatically vendor trashed for gold and iLvl 62+ is automatically scrapped for tears/brimstones”. This what everyone does with to 99% of their drops. Might as well automate it while the item system continues to be broken. (And someone can correct me on the brimstone cutoff if necessary. I quit so long ago I’m not sure I remember the cutoff correctly.)

        • This wouldn’t work on items with the “reduced lvl requirements” affix, but is a sound idea generally.

            • There’s also the potential problem that different players have different ambitions there, which even can change from time to time, depending on what your goal is at that moment. (Some players simply like taking the trash to the vendors themselves, others may work on getting gold for obtaining a certain item on the auction house at one time, while working to get together enough mats for crafting at another.) But this could be circumvented easily by including a set of options, putting the control in the hand of the players this way. (Sacred 2 and Titan Quest are games, where this method already is applied successfully.)

            • Edit to the last bracket: ([…], although it is applied in a different context there.)

            • I agree with you, I am just lamenting the sad state of the game where this option could be added, and 99% of the time it would be the correct decision. There will always be drops where you won’t this applied. There will always be people that want to focus on gold not scrap… and vice versa. But again, it’s just sad an auto-sell / auto-scrap rule could be applied to almost everything that drops.

            • The sad state of the game won’t change, if we’re keep getting stuck in resignation about it. There is so much brainpower on this board that could be applied in assessing the flaws and providing solutions and workarounds to risen problems. It’s just that the only Blizzardcrew taking a look around here are seemingly PR-hounds only, as diablo.incgamers still seems to be viewed as an enemy. And for the company side of things this may indeed ring true. But not from a developers perspective, where we can deliver a great amount of inside from the player point of view.

              I think it’s really time massively bringing the discussions and arguments held here on to the BNet, kicking up the argumentational level quite a few notches in the process. Just keep in mind that also the corporate structure motivational viewpoint and the thoughts and strategies born out of it have their place in such big a project as a AAA video game naturally is. After all: Our interest in the developer(!) Blizzard is quite great, as we still all want to end up with the best Diablo game of all times. And the corporate side takes a vital part in making further developement possible, even when stepping over it’s boundaries from time to time.

    20. I appreciate the foresight given to the Archon change which is going to be huge for Wizards as it was completely impossible to play multiplayer. That’s not something I’ve come to expect from this team, though I’ve always hoped to see it.

      Recall that this is going to go through at least one PTR iteration. I suspect some of the numbers will change, particularly the monster HP additions. 50% seems really low. Currently, running 4-person Ubers results in 310% HP of normal. At 50%, that’s only 250% HP of normal which is about a 20% relative decrease in HP. Does anyone really feel that monsters have too much Life when Key hunting or running Ubers? I’m not overgeared by any means and I’m fine with the HP levels. Maybe they’re putting it in to encourage more 2-person games? 170% vs. 150% HP is a relative 12% decrease in HP and I can see how that’s enough of a difference to encourage more dual player runs, which are much easier to set up with a friends list.

      If this is essentially the multiplayer patch, I suspect we’ll see a large buff to party skills like War Cry and the monk Mantras. I know I’d like to see the Caltrops +10% CC effect apply to all players in their halo effect. They might even expand some skills to include party effects like Barb’s Revenge, DH’s Shadow Power or WD’s Jungle fortitude.

      Could you imagine what a party could do with a Barb’s Ruthless or Bloodthirst Halo effect? dps and survivability would jump immediately. It could open up builds geared specifically to work well with a Bloodthirst Barb, for instance. Two Barbs could play together with one running Ruthless and the other running Bloodthirst which would open a passive slot for each of them to use a different Passive altogether. A Monk running Fleet Footed would give everyone the same MS boost. There’s a lot they could do with this beyond reducing monster HP multipliers.

    21. Great changes, but this is such basic stuff that should have been in place prior to release.

      So I can get the last 20 paragon levels quicker (then what?). I can pull down a menu that tags a public game as “ubers”. I can id all my garbage drops faster. If someone is on my network playing d3 I get notified. I can make a chat room now if one of my 50 friends happens to be online.

      Either they don’t get it, or they are saving everything for a complete overhaul when the expansion comes out. At the pace they are fixing things, nobody will care anymore when it’s done.

    22. Some reflections:

      We have got to stop saying things like, “These are changes they SHOULD of had since release.”

      We already know that. They were incredibly generic and lacked any proper or unique aspects that engaged gamers.

      These changes are good, but still not enough. Obviously, true itemization, AH, and gameplay overhauls cannot come until an expansion. In the mean time, the game is at a stalemate. As said above, it will keep players playing slightly longer but it won’t bring anyone back.

      It’s true, this game does cater to introverts, and while many D3 players may be introverts in real life, they WANT to socialize. That means guilds, and NAMED GAMES, that adds so much expression and character to the game. Not this god-awful matching system, what the hell IS THAT?

      And to respond to a previous poster, there are big opinion differences on the auction house. One way to go is to take it out so we can self trade again using our own game names, no forum related crap necessary unless the player want too (the idea was in the April Fools Joke and some players thought it was the only true alternative to AH…)

      OR, leave it in and give us an individual trading system in a separate pool of players (like D2 trading). That way players feel rewarded successfully trading their items and not as if it’s just another crap item worth 25k.

      But YES, the AH in its current is not a choice. People are so dumb when they say that. It’s a necessity to not suck compared to other people. The quality of equipment difference would be like comparing Expansion and Classic D2. If you play Classic, your gear will be terrible in comparison to everyone else. Similar, if you don’t use the AH, your gear will be awful comparatively (on average) just the same.

      • We can’t have named games, console gamers don’t have keyboards. LOLOLOLOL

        (Srsly though, some do, but that’s beside the point.) I’m joking. Suggesting they decided to not have named games based on the console version of D3’s limitations is like suggesting we only have 4 player co-op for the same reason. Oh wait… maybe I’m on to something. Nah, can’t be.

    23. “Wyatt Cheng on the New Multiplayer Changes”
      They thought about being able to create a “craft all” button 1 year after…”et felicito fill”…grats….

    24. Long overdue,.

      Also, nothing being done about bots – spam will still reign supreme in global chat – thus making it worthless to join there.

      D2 had a good chat channel,.. D3 just has,.. shit really.

    25. Nerfing hp in multiplay is a really hamfisted approach. The tags are likewise terrible. Even when I do pub games, it’s a fraction of act 3. All the dead space in even the densest act makes it inefficient to do the whole thing. I also hate the stupid dialog boxes constantly pestering you.

      The tag should be more like – aoe, single target, tank/support, none. So that groups can be a bit more balanced and function better (if you flag one of these) by mixing different types of characters together. Stinks to join a co op game where everyone picks high damage non-aoe attacks. Or everyone has aoe, meaning elites take ages. There should also be a flag to turn off all quest dialog.

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