Lovely Queues

    After around four hours sleep I made it onto the public show floor this morning. The general public were not allowed in today so it was just press and business folk.

    Anyway, I thought I would check out the public areas first thing this morning to see what was going to be open to the public, and even though it was press and industry types only, by 10AM the Diablo booth had a queue around the block! I went off to see how it compared to other big releases like Battlefield 3 and I can safely say that the Diablo 3 booth was the most poopular by far.

    Tomorrow is going to be a nightmare at the Diablo booth, if the queue was around the block today, add a few more thousand people into the mix and that line is going to be very long indeed. The space allocated to Diablo 3 is by no means enough for what it’s going to require.

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