Diablo 3 Most Anticipated on GameTrailers.com

GameTrailers.com released their top ten most anticipated 2012 video game list last week, and in something of a shocker, Diablo III did not rank on it. They’ve now posted a top ten most anticipated compiled entirely from user votes, with slightly different results.

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    21 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Most Anticipated on GameTrailers.com

      • Hahaha. Good point.

        Lots of titles on there that didn’t make the list bit no huge surprise folk went with the obvious choices.

    1. That’s sad how GT wasn’t close to the user’s picks. But really halo 4 on the bottom made me think “holy shit there’s going to be another halo, I thought they were done”. Borderlands 2 deserved it’s spot I’m very happy with the first and seen the leaked video at a conference and have to say I’m super stoked for that release. Res Evil 6 looked pretty awesome even tho I only played 3 and survivor, hell I don’t know about the franchise except that there’s zombies cause by the occasional T-virus outbreak (if anyone knows more about it please message me about it). Guild Wars 2 wasn’t a shocker I knew of it’s development cause I shared a WoW guild with one of their financial guru’s of their company great guy (miss you Raskul and Serafina) they said it was going to be a great improvement from the old GW1 saga. Thank god that D3 made it up there I was starting to think that it was going to be over looked since they announced the development so long ago that people may have forgotten. Hopefully a release date will come soon with the announcement of the most anticipated rank.

      P.S. good cover flux

    2. I’ll see you guys on this thread on 31.12.2012, laughing all the way… (captcha was \it will pass\)

    3. Why didn’t the critics like it? I mean, you’ll put Tomb Raider on the list, a game you’ve seen 10 minutes of in action, and not D3? Pretty sad selection by those guys.

      • its not a matter of “like” 
        its most anticipated  
        and for them D3 just isn’t the most anticipated 
        maybe it was last year, but they got tired of waiting for it, so now they’re anticipating something else

      • I dunno, man. That new Tomb Raider looks ten times more interesting than any other TR they’ve ever made.

    4. Failures of people didn’t even rank D3 and then it comes number 1 and they act like they aren’t suprised “oh yeah we expected it”. Hell yeah to D3. While I’m free to bag the shit outa blizz for delays I dislike casuals hating on the game, like these tools who couldn’t even put it on a top 10 list when it was always number 1 with the users. Can you say out of touch?

    5. Another amazing post on that video:
      By Keithustus
      “[golf clap] Thank you GT for letting us show you that Diablo III is #1. Maybe you won’t forget such an important title on your list next year?”

    6. i dont know what the buzz about Tomb Raider is ; sure the graphics are nice and and Lara is hot and all ; but the games themself never stuck out to me … and the camera has been atrocious, for all reviews i have ever seen …

      however iam very excited about Bioshock Infinite and Mass effect 3
      i really loved Bioshock even though I am no egoshooter fan ; (Battlefield / COD / Halo that is )

    7. I guess Game Trailers proved how the video game press is still as console-centric as always… Way to go you predictable, biased nescients. 🙄

        • Sadly it’s true, but that doesn’t mean they need to do their snide little commentary (while trying and failing to be subtle about the snide-ness) with each entry on the User’s Choice list basically conveying their reasons of why the users were wrong…

    8. User-voted contests aren’t anything interesting, because it’s always a “who can send the most voters” contest. So unsurprisingly Blizzard can send swathes of people over to vote, while other developers just don’t give a f*ck.

      Sites like these (GameTrailers, Gamespot, Gamespy, “E3 Best of Show,” -insert 60 other sites here-) give out little shiny awards to games that win their rankings, and developers flash these across the screen during ads in big numbers to impress people. Then they can legally say “winner of over xx awards,” etc.

      For instance when D3 ads come out, or in any press releases, or even on the back of the box, you could hear Blizzard say “Voted #1 most anticipated game for 2012.” That’s why developers love things like this, and with good reason.

      Of course tons of people are expecting Diablo III, but tons of people will launch at midnight like every Halo game has. I anticipate Halo 4, Infinite, D3, GW2 all highly, so to rank them is just trivial.

      • Please point us to where Blizzard told people to vote for Diablo 3 as the most anticipated of 2012 on GT. Here, I’ll wait for you to get back with that truthful answer… oh wait you don’t have one? Huh, how ’bout that…

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