Diablo 3 Monster Density: v1.07 vs. v1.08

A fan constructed some interesting videos with split screen comparisons of the same character clearing the same areas in v1.07 (live on the realms) and v1.08 (testing on the PTR). If you wanted a good demonstration of the Diablo 3 monster density changes, check it out.

The video is edited to show the same run side by side. Literally, the guy multiboxed it so his character does the same thing on both screens at the same time. This is a little deceptive since it makes the v1.07 run take a long longer than it should, but it really underscores the monster density changes since the v1.07 wizard is often standing still and shooting at nothing, or unloading on a single target, while the v1.08 is being swarmed and fighting for her life.

The end of the video shows some stats on the monster kills which really makes the point of v1.08’s increased density, because numbers!

Monster kill numbers, quoted from the end of the video:

Weeping Hollow:

  • v1.07: Monsters: 186, Elites: 6
  • v1.08: Monsters: 382, Elites: 4.
  • The Lyceum:

  • v1.07: Monsters: 175, Elites: 4.
  • v1.08: Monsters: 283, Elites: 6.
  • Cathedral 1 & 2:

  • v1.07: Monsters: 282, Elites: 8
  • v1.08: Monsters: 532, Elites: 9
  • These figures back up my subjective PTR monster density observations; there aren’t many (any?) more bosses, but the trash mobs are vastly increased in number, which makes the overall play experience much more profitable and fun, since you don’t have downtimes with long empty stretches of dungeon.

    Click through to see similar comparisons for another set of areas in Act 1, and another one from part of Act 2.

    More from Act One:

    Fields of Misery:

  • v1.07: 133 Monsters.
  • v1.08: 648 Monsters.
  • Festering Woods:

  • v1.07: 146 Monsters.
  • v1.08: 252 Monsters.
  • Northern Highlands + Leoric’s Hunting Grounds:

  • v1.07: 134 Monsters.
  • v1.08: 272 Monsters.
  • Whimsyshire:

  • v1.07: 250 Monsters.
  • v1.08: 336 Monsters.
  • Note that Fields of Misery score. Like I said on the last podcast, I think Act One and Act Two DiabloWikikeyruns are much better than Act Three, in v1.08.

    Act Two is the promised land, especially in the dungeons, and the numbers go some distance towards bearing that out:

    Black Canyon + Dahlgur Oasis:

  • v1.07: 207 Monsters
  • v1.08: 683 Monsters
  • Desolate Sands + Vile Cavern:

  • v1.07: 374 Monsters.
  • v1.08: 550 Monsters.
  • Sadly, if anyone has done similar comparisons for other Act Two areas, I can’t find them on You Tube. In my PTR testing I found the 3 Zoltan Kulle dungeons to be by far the most buffed in monster count and general insanity, so it would be interesting to see a head count of the actual numbers.

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    23 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Monster Density: v1.07 vs. v1.08

      • Why? It’s not like this is some preview of Act Five. You can play those areas right now if you want, and compare for yourself. It’s useful since he shows the areas in the 2 versions and counts up the enemies. Take it for what it’s worth.

    1. Yep getting the demon hunter warmed up and ready after seeing that. Monk too of course.

    2. All I see is the same old lame ass stupidity of critical mass, tornado, perma-freeze, with explosive blast and lightning armor. Until the real problems are fixed, who cares about better XP outside of Act 3?

      • Well I’m sure it will benefit new players picking up the game on sale or inheriting a friend’s unused account which I’m sure there are plenty. It doesn’t exactly breathe new life into the game for a quitter but I’m sure those masochistic enough to continue the AH hunt/paragon grind will enjoy not being forced into Act 3 until some other best grinding path is revealed.

        • No, but stupid is stupid. And honestly, when I first saw this news item, I clicked on the video with genuine interest in seeing the monster density improvements. However, moments after clicking play and seeing the critical mass, tornado, perma-freeze stupidity, the flood gates for everything wrong with D3 were opened and I was quickly reminded why I quit. Thus my comment.

          I have no idea why I still cling to hope that D3 will be fixed, though it probably has to do with the 10+ year reign of D2.

          • Yeah, there aren’t any repetitive, one-skill builds in D2 or any other ARPGs, so I can see why you’d be upset by a 4 skill, repetitive build in D3.

            Worst sequel ever. Probably a good idea to blame the CONSOLE too, just to be safe.

            • You seriously believe the design and mechanics of the Wizard class isn’t stupid? You think perma-freeze isn’t stupid? You think putting 8 to 16 second cool downs on half the Wizard skills and then allowing them all to be bypassed/ignored isn’t stupid?

              Also, saying D3 has character builds is like saying a desert has water. While it does, it’s very little/severely lacking.

      • While the game has other issues that are too large to get me to play again I do find it nice that IF I decided to play again I could do something other than act 3 without getting really inferior farm in terms of items and xp. It’s like I have been saying and many others, this patch is pure quality of life changes.

        Ultimately that is pretty much what every patch has been since release, quality of life. Paragon is pure quality of life, a useless grind that when completed offers you all the mf and gf you can get with some stats on the side. Ubers while having some actual content is just another quality of life to endgame and quicker paragon with the ring. It’s only value is to provide an option to get a ring with boosted xp, which of course, is solely for use with paragon levels. Actual useful content that isn’t quality of life is practically non existent, which is kind of sad considering the company that put this game out.

    3. I was about to say how frequently he almost dies on MP1, then at 2:44 I saw the monster swarm enter and it made me squeak.

      still he looks like he kinda sucks.

    4. When I was on the PTR, I used to get 500+ kill streaks on Weeping Hollow. Is it that bad now? Was it too much fun for blizz? 🙁

      • Monster density is still somewhat random, just like before. You may still get 500+ zombies, especially if you let the Wretched Mothers spawn more. Just one run through an area can’t be used to make accurate measurements of the changes. It’s still a nice demonstration though. Thanks for the post Flux.

    5. the fact that he can pull this off shows how terrible and not random the map generator is- How can he not get stuck in walls?

      • According to Jay and the Dev team, D2 did it wrong and random over-world was not fun and needed fixed.

      • Because the overall layout of the exterior levels is the same each time. If you watch the act 2 vid, he gets very out of synch in the Vile Cavern and dies several times… in the v1.07 version, surprisingly.

    6. After doing one full run of A1 on PTR (Weeping Hollow –> all 3 crypts –> festering woods –> halls of agony –> butcher) and comparing it to same 1.0.7 run, the downtime is very decreased, which is very good thing. It looks to be a good patch overall.

    7. @duckfluffed-Yes they’re multiboxed, yes they were cropped only to make the video instead of 10-11 min to 3-4 min. My other video’s were made into full version’s. Many do not like to watch a 10 min vid, so I cropped this one alot, feel free to check the other vids for non-cropped 🙂

      @Solomon Wreath-Also yes, I play with 4 wizards usually so its not exactly as easy to gear vs 1, especially with the price of 4x. For most I’m sure this wouldn’t be an issue, although I’m not exactly that lucky IRL sadly..Plus doing something like this on 2 different server’s is not exactly easy in the gear I have so it was rather rough to work with at times.

      @Rpgguy-Also the reason I didn’t get stuck on walls as much was sometimes I had to reload the map a few times to get a map that was somewhat closer. There was quite a few mixup’s of maps.

      @Qtk33-Sure the usual could be 2-4 for you and anyone else, this doesn’t mean I did not get 6. I have no reason to change the numbers or make them incorrect in any way. The numbers I got were from 1 run and counted via the ingame profiles. I have my counts still I believe if you would like me to post the full count’s.

      Thanks all for stopping by!

    8. Same old garbage, different act. Running about, using the same 4 skills you ALWAYS use in every scenario, doing the same thing, seeing the incessant drops of useless whites, magic, rare and legendary items. Why even play this pathetic excuse of a game? So you have a 0.00000000000001% chance of finding “that” item? Or spending $250.00 on “that item?” What, so it can improve your efficiency 6%? Or, is it because your character gives you a sense of identity? Escapism? There are much better alternatives, whether it be games or else that could suffice. Save your life and move on to bigger and better things than this dismal excuse for a game. It took nearly a year for identify all, so keep waiting for that “right” update. It’ll never happen.

    9. Yea its been hell for sure, even with multiboxing….Still never found anything worth even 50$ honestly…

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