Diablo 3 Monster Damage Doubled

DiabloWikiJay Wilson has just tweeted that the monster damage for the levels between 1-13 has been doubled. This increase supposedly trails off by level 20, which probably means that difficulty seems better balanced as your power increases.

Doubled monster damage from levels 1-13 (trailing off to level 20). Feels pretty good! Hopefully we can keep it.

It’s a shame that we don’t get to test this change in the beta, and perhaps it will never make it to the final build.

This change sounds good for those that are saying the beginning of the game is far too easy. The ease of the beta has been one of the paramount discussions in the forums around the internet, so one can only hope that this change remains for release. Personally, I think this change is welcome as it rewards smarter play even if the AI is still at a basic level. I also wonder if this means that King Leoric’s damaged is doubled as well.

What are you thoughts on this change? Welcome? Not enough? Did this come too late for you to care?

Seems that we might get to play with this change in an upcoming patch.

@Wheeze201 Has this been applied to the beta ?
I believe it will be in the next Beta patch, but please don’t ask me when it’s getting released, I don’t know. 🙂
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82 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Monster Damage Doubled

    • Players: Game’s too easy.
      Blizz: No it’s not. We ramp up difficulty. We turn gamers into hardcore gamers. Bla bla.
      2 months pass –
      Blizz: We’re doubling monster damage. 

    • Well beta is cool to get an impression on how the game plays, but you want more after clearing SK several times and then there’s basicly not much else to do in beta, increasing damage taken doesn’t quite change 1 bit, oh now I take 4 dmg instead of 2 when I still got 1600hp… ok cool. :/

  1. The beta’s difficulty (or lack of difficulty) was not a real issue. That’s a beta, and that only represent a small part of the act 1 in normal mode… what did you expect? Anyway, good news

  2. Levels 1-13 is an insignificant amount of time spent playing the game from normal to inferno.
    Don’t care. Show me what inferno is like. 

  3. I see Blizzard will be taking the sledgeahmmer balance approach for this game. Fits in well with what I remember from Relic Entertainment’s balance days.

  4. OT, but did this site remove the post stating that today (March 5) was going to be a “very interesting day” for DIII news? Did you learn something that indicated against that, or can we still expect something today?

  5. So… incgamers… your “inside source” said something about a release announcement today?

    hmmm… you’re breaking my balls you know that?  

    • I think this might be what you’re talking about?

      “We’re not as certain about this prediction, which is why it’s classed as a RUMOUR, but various inside sources have given us strong hints that next Monday, March 5th, should be a very interesting day for Diablo III news.”

      Nothing interesting has happened so far. I wouldn’t class the monster damage doubling as interesting.  To me, interesting news would be Euro beta servers going live, but that’s borderline interesting, more interesting would be a release date announcement.

    • its probably their same inside source that said that “big meeting” was all about diablo release info =P

    • “its probably their same inside source that said that “big meeting” was all about diablo release info =P”

      Hahaha quoted for so much truth… 

  6. *Jay Wilson passes his hand in front of you*

    “This IS the Diablo news you were looking for.”

    • He is just trolling us, release date is coming soon imo.
      If not soon, then in the near future.

    • the only hype i still got for this game…..
      …..its is name on da cover box            -_-
      ….coming soon™…..

  7. Jay Wilson ? @Angryrobotics
    I believe it will be in the next Beta patch, but please don’t ask me when it’s getting released, I don’t know. 🙂

  8. Now they just need to divide all HP and damage values in the game by 10 or 20 to get rid of this pointless inflation they’ve inflicted on us.

    I remember D1 when warriors had ~400-500 HP and mages could get “heaps” with 150 life + 900 mana and mana shield.

      • It depends on the formulas they use to determine values from level 1 to 60.   Having big numbers just to have big numbers when smaller numbers will suffice, is pointless.  They are running into this problem with Cataclysm.  And I can potentially see it with Diablo 3 as well.            

      • Yes, and why does 0.5 of an HP matter? Why does 5 HP matter if you have 10,000? Does it matter if that monster did 1900 damage or 1905? That’s my entire point.

        In fact, if you divide everything by 10 or 20, and then round any resulting decimals up, you’ve actually marginally increased the difficulty.

        The other point is room for further growth and expansion, as tommberbob has mentioned below. If we have characters with a maximum of say 1,500 life in the base game, when the expansion comes out we can ramp that up to 2,500 and also include appropriately more difficult monsters. But if we’re starting at a base of, say, 50,000 life, then increasing this to 83,000 in an expansion doesn’t seem as impressive, even though it’s the same % increase. In fact someone with 50,000 HP might still be able to tackle the expansion areas that were designed for 83,000 HP through very careful play or use of high-level potions that heal large amounts of HP, but it’s not quite the same for a 1,500 HP player attempting the areas designed for 2,500 players.

  9. Anything that can potentially discourage the mass of useless casuals Blizzard seems so intent in attracting, I’m all for it.

  10. Ok… 0.5 points closer to the release date announcement.

    So we are at 9.5 out of 10 right now. Lets keep waitin’, folks. It’s coming

  11. Dang it…I’ve probably checked this site 50 times today.  Not the news I was looking for.  🙁

    • If you have an Android device or iOS device, you should really get a push RSS notification app. If Blizzard makes a post, my phone dings. If Incgamers makes a post, my phone dings. A few others in there I’m not so proud of… *cough*… Daeity….

      • That can be useful for some people.  Not for me, because I really can’t stand getting interruptions when I’m trying to actually get some work done.  🙂
        I’ll just check when I get free time.  Besides, if I did that I would probably have a mini heart attack every time it went off thinking it was a release date.  lol

  12. Good to hear.  A touch too easy right now, even for an intro area.  Right now the beta is so easy that I play whilst drinking heavily and watching TV in the background.  Looks like I’ll be turning off the TV.

  13. This is not a realease date….someone should jay he got his announcments mixed up…..

  14. I’m all for a gentle easing into a game but right now it’s incredibly easy. too easy. This is great news and even better that we get it in the beta.

  15. I’m beyond caring.  People have been complaining about how easy the Beta was since it was released 7 months ago. I have already accepted that normal mode will be a complete joke and that the real difficult stuff will come later.

    I don’t know why they’re just making this change now, but hopefully it doesn’t delay the game further. 

  16. next beta patch??? when this beta is suppose to finish?as far as i remember beta is almost 6 months live already and Jay said its going to be 6 months at the most.So,what’s going on here?what happened with the exciting news about release date?close the stupid beta and release the game idiots!

  17. 10 characters cleared from beginning to end of beta, 50+ clears of the SK, no potions.  I’m not complaining about the change.  Inferno is really what counts though so let’s see that.

  18. The fun has been doubled! – Luna

    Now instead of going AFK inside of 20 skeletons for 30 seconds before dying you’ll have to go AFK for 15?

  19. i liv in europe too but i hardly think they would announce it this late in Usa.. its like 6pm there or somthing..

  20. Doubled damage, that´s exactly what i was waiting for the whole time not even having a beta key, YES!
    Let´s send some stupid comment instead, release date will be April 1st i guess and it´ll be like “there´s no d3 you fools, what have you been thinking?!” 🙂 … just kidding you know 

  21. Awesome news. All we need now is for the devs to double the number of interesting game mechanics.

  22. Now the beginning of the game will maybe offer at least some sort of danger for the real super beginners.

  23. So….. It took them 7 months to figure out that the beta was too easy….. 😆
    Anyone else see this as bad news though? Next beta patch?????
    How is an April 17th release date even the slightest bit possible now?!  🙁

  24. Very good change. I think it’s important for the growth of the player to be put in some form of danger so that they can develop the skills necessary for late game.

  25. April release was a rumor, Jay wilson didnt debunk it because he wants people to cut their wrists when they delay it again to Q3. come on battlenet is a shambles at the moment, just think when 700k+ people log onto battlenet and its a online only game, the only thing my retail copy will be good for is datamining lol.

  26. Definitely a good change.  No matter how small the % of the game, this is a good line of thought to me.

  27. Im glad they have finaly balanced content that we’ll spend 45 minutes in. Productive use of time.

    • 45 x 5, plus any HC chars. Start of the game is usually the most polished part since developers want to make a good first impression.

  28. Just release the damn game already.  It’s going to be full of bugs anyway.  Might as well help you sort out the most pressing issues in a real stress test.. Live play!!

  29. “Feels pretty good.  Hopefully we can keep it.”  

    Who exactly is making this decision if not Jay Wilson?  Keep it already.

    • He probably means if a new wave of grandma’s find it to hard, then they won’t keep it.

  30. Lazy. Doubling damage is the easy, unimaginative, cheap etc way of increasing difficulty. Next they’ll resort to making everything immune to everything again. How about increasing the move speed on the zombies by 50% and the move speed on skelies by 25% instead? How about giving the ghosts some neat new abilities, like being able to possess the bodies of dead monsters and bring them back to life?

    • It obviously needed to be done, as the enemies did nearly no damage. They just shoulda done it sooner.
      I’m sure later in the game after the first 1-2 hours new enemies will change things up a bit. 

    • That will happen in Act 2/3/4 and/or Nightmare/Hell/Inferno.

      Sometimes increasing the Dmg is necessary if its really too low. If enemies hit me for less than 1% of my HP I don’t care how much movement speed they have.

      This won’t really change much as its still really low and normal act 1 is piss easy. I hope the Skeleton King gets stronger too. Maybe naked runs will be interesting again.

      People also seem to forget that in the last patches the HP from the players were almost doubled. Its not like the Beta was this easy from the very start If I remember correctly.  It was just a completely obvious step that was bound to happen to make it even again.

  31. Definitely a welcome announcement.
    But Try quadrupling monster damage, and that still might not be enough. I want my character abused so much that they wouldn’t be able to take 20 steps out of town before they get slaughtered! 😀

  32. I think the real clincher is that he forgot to mention your foes will now hit half as often.


  33. And this was his big news ? lol
    Honestly it doesnt really matter if you double or triple the dmg of skeleton king, youll have easily 1300-1400hp on his chamber. It has really no effect on you…

  34. This is just fake! I got it:

    3 (time 2 equals) 6 (time 2 equals) 12



    release date will be announced on Tuesday! 

  35. oke so now at the brink of release my grandma finds out she wont be able to play anymore -_-   great…

  36. Maybe I misread how D3 games were being handled, but I thought damage was calculated server-side. Doesn’t this open opportunities for client-side damage-altering cheating?

    • I don’t read anything about server OR client side posted, as far as I know this changes nothing about how it’s handled, only absolute numbers are doubled. What do you mean?

  37. After 7 months testing and runs they are …. NOWHERE in setting the balance of the fights, am I correct ?

    At this stage they should twink the fights up to 0.025% up or down somewhere, but simply doubling numbers means they are only NOW tuning the levels 1 – 13  ?

    2 possibilities: these guys there are on crack and work 1 hour a day or they are understaffed because everyone else is working on Mop.

    At the same time … We level naked in Wow these days to at least have SOME risk and still people level in 4 days played to lvl 85 … Naked.

    So my guess is… These guys are on crack and have no clue whatsoever anymore.

    Perhaps all this shows the beginning of the end for Blizzard after all…

    2012 could be a crucial year. If D3 and Mop continue the trend seen in Sc2 and Cata, I think Blizzard needs to be cleaned out. Bobby Kotick should visit them. God knows what he will find in those HQ’s …

    After reading this “doubling” i lost all faith. Also jay…: i found Company of Hereos a terrible, terrible game. 

  38. Feels pretty good! Hopefully we can keep it.

    Hopefully we can keep it. 

    Does this not pose a problematic issue when the game director or lead designer is asking “hopefully” they can keep a design choice after just stating how good it feels?  I thought it was his job to make those choices?  Maybe someone can shed a light on this : Mind Boggled

    On a separate note its taken them 7 months to acknowledge that the beta is so easy a monkey could do it blind folded.

    Why am I such a cynic when it comes to game design 😥

  39. I wish I could lend you some money to rent a beta key. Unfortunately, even though I am a fabulously wealthy Nigerian Prince, I don’t currently have access to my funds.

    If you could help me regain access to my bank account, then I’m sure I could help you in return. 

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