DiabloWikiJay Wilson has just tweeted that the monster damage for the levels between 1-13 has been doubled. This increase supposedly trails off by level 20, which probably means that difficulty seems better balanced as your power increases.

    Doubled monster damage from levels 1-13 (trailing off to level 20). Feels pretty good! Hopefully we can keep it.

    It’s a shame that we don’t get to test this change in the beta, and perhaps it will never make it to the final build.

    This change sounds good for those that are saying the beginning of the game is far too easy. The ease of the beta has been one of the paramount discussions in the forums around the internet, so one can only hope that this change remains for release. Personally, I think this change is welcome as it rewards smarter play even if the AI is still at a basic level. I also wonder if this means that King Leoric’s damaged is doubled as well.

    What are you thoughts on this change? Welcome? Not enough? Did this come too late for you to care?

    Seems that we might get to play with this change in an upcoming patch.

    @Wheeze201 Has this been applied to the beta ?
    I believe it will be in the next Beta patch, but please don’t ask me when it’s getting released, I don’t know. 🙂

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