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1 thought on “Diablo 3 Monk Introduction Trailer

  1. Woo!  I got to play today.  After getting the hang of it, he was my favorite class to play because he had the greatest variety of moves.  For the others, the fights devolved into spam Skull of Flame/Orb/Cleave and use Horrify/Stomp/Frost Nova if you get in trouble.  Monk could get by spamming exploding palm, but it was more fun to try and get everyone to die at the same time.  It sucked that he couldn’t equip any new weapons, though.  Just the staff he started with, called “Combat Staff”.

    A few other things I hould mention:

    Witch Doctor’s armor changes in little ways.  Adding and removing a chain shirt in the inventory added and removed a string of claws from the WD model.  WD also has many new skills.  I tried a new tier 1 skill, Haunt.  A hazy light, sort of like a gloam, shoots out and attatches itself to an enemy, doing a little DoT.  Was pretty weak and visually boring.  I also read about a Suicidal Zombie minions (which was broken), the “Hexer” skill which would summon a fetish to cast curses, and a “Fetish Swarm” that summons 15 fetishes to attack.  Also, Bashiok was telling the truth.  Witch Doctor now has “Acid Splash”, throwing a vial of acid at an area.  Sadly, there was only enough time to level up once, so I couldn’t see all the available skills.  Locust swarm was fun as always, and using it on nagas causes naga shaped skeletons hehehe.  I noticed that Mongrels (renamed Zombie Dogs) could not be enchanted with locust swarm or skull of flame.  Sad.  Sacrifice was available but I did not take it.  Perhaps next time.

    Misc: Gold is picked up by walking over it, but for a half second the exact amount picked up flashes.  The effect is surprisingly subtle.  There was a Timed dungeon in the demo, where you had to escape before it collapsed.  I didn’t like it, and apparently Blizzard wasn’t sure either, because they had a specific question in their post-demo survey about how we liked the timed dungeon.  The problem was that it branched, so if you took the wrong fork, you ran out of time getting back.

    Chests come in different qualities.  The highes I got was “Resplendant”, which was filled with 6 piles of gold and a yellow item.  Below that was “heavy” and “Good”.  Regular chests existed too.

    The health orb is awesome.  When it’s partially empty, you can see little droplets of the liquid condensed on the inside of the glass.

    Mana globes are gone.  Instead, Wizard and Witch Doctor had passive skills that would make them gain mana when they picked up a health globe.

    And requests for my next playthrough?

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