Diablo 3 Mod Support Would Add Two Years of Development

The guys at PCGamer are dribbling out their Jay Wilson interview with another news piece this evening which includes comments from Jay regarding the fact there is no mod support in Diablo 3. When asked why there was no support, or plans to support mods, he added:

“None of the Diablo games have ever supported mods and primarily because being able to do modding along with high fidelity art that is also randomly generated is a really, really big challenge. And when we started the project we went ‘Well, if we’re going to do mods, we’re going to add a couple of years onto the product.’”

I know people look at Blizzard and say “Well, you guys are so big and have so much money you can do EVERYTHING for your games, right?” and the answer is no, we can’t. There’s so many things that we would like to do, that…time and resources; they’re real for us as well, so that was one of the things where we said ‘You know what? Diablo’s never supported mods.’”

As the author points out “Of course, it’s never supported broadband connections or real-money transactions either…”, which you have to admit is a valid point.

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43 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Mod Support Would Add Two Years of Development

  1. “As the author points out “Of course, it’s never supported broadband connections or real-money transactions either…”, which you have to admit is a valid point.”
    Hehe… Excellent answer. Bashiok can be such a hypocrite sometimes…

  2. Blizzard is full of shit, they’re trying to excuse the inexcusable, and they fail miserably at it since their answers are 100% weak and do nothing to put a period at the end of the sentence. That, and they’ve obviously never played MedianXL and the other tons of great mods that increased Diablo 2’s lifespan even more than Blizzard themselves ever could.

    • While there are mods for the past games modability was never a feature they actively encouraged… which is what they meant.
      I just hope they at least didn’t do anything to make it hard to mod D3, which would support their statement that it was just a time thing…

      • well maybe we get private server ? i mean if the architecture of the netcode is so much alike WoW . hackers have experience at cracking that too :p
        regardless i think Blizzard does not just not “encourage” modding – i think they will even try to discourage it as much as possible. if the game was moddable, every mod would threaten the integrity of the real game. would threaten. RMAH would threaten $$$.

  3. It’s true, D1 and D2 never “supported” mods. But they also weren’t impossible to mod for.

    Sure, it would have been nice if they’d done what they did for SC2 and implemented a fully-functional (if cumbersome) map editor.

    But we would have been fine with something analogous to how Diablo 2 modding worked, as well. It’s much less accessible, but honestly about 80% of fan-made content is crap anyway, and it’s only a handful of mods for any particular game that rise up and get widespread playtime.

  4. ‘You know what? Diablo’s never supported mods.’”   neither did it have rainbow graphics yet you implemented it lol…

  5. I’d like to know why until a few weeks ago the official word was that there is a single player mode in D3. Maybe somebody will ask that question in an interview sometimes.

  6. This is one of my biggest grievances with D3…
    the time i spend playing Varaya & Khans Middle Earth mod in D1 and D2 by far exceeds the time i played the classic games (and for me it was by far the better playing experience too). Now if i dont like how D3 plays out (not saying that it nessecary will, but there are some things i really dont like), i’m stuck with a game that has immense potential that can never be realised by modders 🙁

    • @ Little-Peon “the time i spend playing Varaya & Khans Middle Earth mod in D1 and D2 by far exceeds the time i played the classic games”

      And therein lies the rub.

  7. Is it so hard for u to understand what he ment? 😉 He just said “why spent so much time one this, if Diablo’s never supported mods.” If they could do this fast and it was rly great feature they would do this, but why spend so much time on think that was never core of Diablo series? I dont wanna w8 next year just for some modding featuer and next 5 years for nice mod . If u like it so much, try SCII editor 😉

    • There is no need for any “modding features”. All they had to do is allow the bloody game to be edited in the first place – which they made sure is not possible, since it requires you to be always online and play serversided…
      So no, its not hard for me to understand what he ment. Blizzard never supported mods. Infact im still sure that the D1 patch that hit right before D2s release, that disabled all mods that were around at that time to be played via battlenet was no coincidence…
      I dont want to wait for the game another year either, but all it would have taken on their part to enable modding is including singleplayer/offline-play – which is a feature a lot of people still want in the game anyway (me included)… but offlineplay and modding would probably not fit their plans for the RMAH…

  8. whats the bet mods and offline crack comes out not too long after 😛 no point argueing with anymore just wait and watch ohh yeah not to mention bots and hackers hahaha just watch

  9. Since when did this site become diablo.hategamers.com, so much hating on D3, why even bother posting and reading news about it?

    • Well the PCGamer post was about this particular game issue. It’s not like Rush picked out one negative thing out of a 50 question interview. What else would this news post have focused on? Blizzard has made some very unpopular design decisions (check out the comments on PCG for a real cross section of gaming fans who aren’t just Bliz fanboys; it’s 10X more negative than anything we ever post here)  and those decisions are much discussed in the media and in interviews, etc.

      Would you have us ignore the game conversation and post “D3 is awesome” in every post? You can get that from the “community” site, if you wish.

    • Don’t pay too much attention to it, some people can’t handle long waiting times and little disappointments like adults.

      About mods; I really don’t care.

    • @ Wow – So ignore the news, don’t report it? That’s the remit you’d suggest we follow?  Hand pick the nice stories, keep it fair weather only and treat the reader like a bloody idiot.  Motto “You want the truth?  You can’t handle the truth!” perhaps?

      If you don’t want news about Diablo 3 then you shouldn’t be coming to a Diablo 3 site.  If you don’t like their line of questioning then go wag your finger at PCGamer.

    • I think it’s just one person that was sent here from another site to sit here and troll the comments.
      Fawnsite is over there, pal. –>
      We like to have actual discussions here, whether you like their content or not.

  10. quite don’t care.  I have never played any mod in D2 only thing I know about it is it existed.

  11. Mod support (and, in fact, any kind of ability to mod) would imply server-side support – and Blizzard went for hyper-aggressive DRM (always online, with major parts of the game executing on servers only), so server-side code is completely inaccessible for a modder. It’s not a question of extra development time, just an internally consistent business decision.
    Blizzard does not need or want D3 to live long – they made it mostly to make sure the trademarks stay alive and popular for a few more years before they finally manage to make a fully social DiabloVille on Facebook 🙂 So, prohibiting modding makes sense – the sooner D3 dies, the easier it would be to switch off its servers and save money on support. If real money trading would not bring any major lawsuits – it would be vastly more effective in a social MMO, so D3 is a test platform only, and not a long-term one.

  12. I think it’s perfectly understandable and true. 

    What some people don’t realise is what lies is the “You know what? Diablo’s never supported mods.” statement. It’s true that Diablo 1 or 2 never supported mods. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist. To actually create a moddable framework for a game of Diablo 3’s scope would indeed require a large amount of time and resources, and doing so is not something that Blizzard is prioritizing atm. They want to create the best game possible from the get-go. Something they can testify holds to the high standard and quality expected of a Blizzard game. And while mods are indeed a lot of fun and can extend a game’s life it is generally not the “purpose” of an RPG such as D3. 

    And come on. There will be mods for D3. People will eventually crack the game, create custom servers and run modified versions of the game on them. Just look at WoW, it definitively does not support mods (and because of the subscription model it’s even in the interest of Blizzard to shut down such services), but there are plenty of them available if you just look around.

    I’m not endorsing anyone to go break the EULA and start messing with game files/private servers. I’m just stating the fact that people will. While a fully supported mod scene would be nice to have the question is whether it’s worth the time and effort.

    • Sorry, but mods would require absolutly zero support from Blizzard.
      The only thing that would be needed is offline play, open Bnet, TCP/IP or LAN – and not running most of the game serversided. The rest would be figured out by the community – just like it always has been.

      • That’s not the same as supporting mods.
        Mods will not require support.. they never have had that, but that’s kinda my point.

        Unless Blizzard makes a 180 degree turn and goes into fully supporting the mod scene then there’s just no reason to accustom the game for mod makers. They are making their own game. Let them. The rest will be figured out by the community – just like it always has been.

        • Yeah normally i would agree, but in this case “figuring it out” would mean actively breaking the EULA like you said. Basically Blizz went from “its ok to make mods and increase the longevity of our games” to “do this and your a criminal”.
          Even if there will be private servers, i doubt they would have the same level of content as the official servers and i wouldnt risk playing on them. Not when that could get my accounts of D3 and SC2 banned… besides i think its a shitty move to basically “outlaw” modding, when there was always a great modding community for Diablo. I mean check out the phrozenkeep, there are still people actively modding D2 after such a long time.
          Alot of Blizzards decisions rub me the wrong way lately 🙁

  13. See, this is bull**** but in two directions this time.

    Now that WoW’s around, people tend to think of “mods” as being in-game, UI mods. Like, say, a mod that makes your UI look like the one from Diablo III.
    These mods are easily supportable by the game. They are using the same scripting code as WoW, being LUA, so they are already able to support that. They just aren’t.
    As far as other mods go, yes, because they don’t include offline play.

  14. What a load of crap. You don’t need to put development resources towards supporting mods, the only thing you need to do is not lock down game resources on purpose. Look at Diablo 2 and all the mods it has, its not like bliz ever released any mod tools or anything. The modders and community takes care of that. The only difference is they didn’t lock down everything on purpose.

  15. You know what, I’ll give up mod support if it means getting the game TWO FREAKING YEARS SOONER.

    Also: Rainbow graphics, RMAH, and online only didn’t take two years to implement.

  16. I’m curious how long SCII was in development.  Because I’m pretty sure they didn’t tack on 2 years to that development, and yet its one of the most moddable games on the planet, fully supported by Blizzard.

    I’m actually okay with no mod support in Diablo 3.  I thought it would have been really cool, and I definitely would have been into it, but I’m not disappointed that its not there.  HOWEVER, don’t give me some bullshit reason why Blizzard isn’t doing it.

  17. They need to stop with the weak/questionable excuses already… I feel like they are only fanning the flames of discontent for the people they are trying to assuage. 

    Stick with Jay’s comment along the lines of… decisions are made, some of them are not going to be popular with the fans, but we are doing what we believe will make a better game.  It’s totally their call.  Whether they made the right decisions or in fact made the game better with them remain to be seen. 

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