In new Diablo related article, there is some insight into how Blizzard viewed Diablo 3 and what they have been doing with Diablo 4. There are some interesting comments from inside “sources”, and as we all suspected, Diablo 3 really wasn’t viewed as a huge success inside Blizzard.

    If the article over on Kotaku tells us anything, it’s Blizzard will never publically acknowledge their mistakes. There are comments from numerous sources from within Blizzard that highlight the corporate view on Diablo 3 with choice comments like this…

    “The overall sense on the team, at least in my impression, was that there was a vote of no confidence from the executives. They thought Diablo 3 was a giant fuck-up.”

    As has been discussed a lot over the past few weeks following the Diablo Immortal announcement, it also sounds like the culture within Blizzard is changing and what kind of impact that will have on future games remains to be seen,

    We already knew that a second expansion was canned but it seems the Diablo team were stuck in a wilderness thanks to decisions made by management.

    Regarding Diablo 4, that was apparently a third-person “Souls-like” experience until they shelved that idea and now it’s apparently back to a third-person isometric view. It’s also codenamed Fenris.

    There’s some good news for those who don’t like Diablo 3’s rainbow colour palette as a source has said Diablo 4 will be darker and hopefully return to its roots or gore and pentagrams.

    “They want to make this gross, make it dark, [get rid of] anything that was considered cartoony in Diablo III…”

    What we still don’t know is when Diablo 4 will appear. The article cites 2020 but I think that’s being optimistic, and considering Diablo 4 has apparently already been rebooted once, it may happen again.

    Check out the full article.

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