Diablo 3 Mistakes and Diablo 4 Details Emerge from Sources

Diablo 3 Mistakes and Diablo 4 Details Emerge from Sources

In new Diablo related article, there is some insight into how Blizzard viewed Diablo 3 and what they have been doing with Diablo 4. There are some interesting comments from inside “sources”, and as we all suspected, Diablo 3 really wasn’t viewed as a huge success inside Blizzard.

If the article over on Kotaku tells us anything, it’s Blizzard will never publically acknowledge their mistakes. There are comments from numerous sources from within Blizzard that highlight the corporate view on Diablo 3 with choice comments like this…

“The overall sense on the team, at least in my impression, was that there was a vote of no confidence from the executives. They thought Diablo 3 was a giant fuck-up.”

As has been discussed a lot over the past few weeks following the Diablo Immortal announcement, it also sounds like the culture within Blizzard is changing and what kind of impact that will have on future games remains to be seen,

We already knew that a second expansion was canned but it seems the Diablo team were stuck in a wilderness thanks to decisions made by management.

Regarding Diablo 4, that was apparently a third-person “Souls-like” experience until they shelved that idea and now it’s apparently back to a third-person isometric view. It’s also codenamed Fenris.

There’s some good news for those who don’t like Diablo 3’s rainbow colour palette as a source has said Diablo 4 will be darker and hopefully return to its roots or gore and pentagrams.

“They want to make this gross, make it dark, [get rid of] anything that was considered cartoony in Diablo III…”

What we still don’t know is when Diablo 4 will appear. The article cites 2020 but I think that’s being optimistic, and considering Diablo 4 has apparently already been rebooted once, it may happen again.

Check out the full article.

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    12 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Mistakes and Diablo 4 Details Emerge from Sources

    1. Action speak louder than words.

      Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal just last week,
      cartoony and even more dumbed down.
      And definitely *not* dark Gothic horror.

      The proof is in the pudding?

    2. I’m not saying I blindly buy everything stated in that article, but it gave an sort-of explanation for D: Immortal, which apparently was essentially targeted for asian market. Did you read it or do you just not believe it? Can’t blame you if that’s the case, though.

      That was very interesting read, and the fan in me desperately wants to believe many of the things in it. Embrace the darkness!

    3. I think it was the Diablo 3 business model that wasn’t a huge success. The RMAH failed and there was no plan B, so that planned revenue stream quickly dried up. But as for Diablo 3 sales, the game was an enormous hit. They must be crazy to think otherwise! It is STILL the third best selling PC game of all time, only preceded by Minecraft and PUBG! It beats games like The Sims, Starcraft, Starcraft 2, Half-Life, and World of Warcraft.

      • I don’t think the business model for D3 was a problem, it’s the same one as for Starcraft 2 after all. The intended on-going cashflow (RMAH) was definitely a cluster fuck which is probably why D3 was viewed as a failure.

        I’m assuming Blizz management don’t concider Starcraft 2 a failure, but they do D3. Interesting concidering the RMAH was the main difference between them (from a cashflow point of view).

        • I disagree about your perspective. Starcraft 2’s lifeline are esports. D3 do not. SC1’s longevity at worldwide esports was the best way to keep the franchise alive until SC2’s arrival.

          I think that’s why they tried so hard to push D3 into esports territory (seasons, focus on multiplayer and competition, the endless gameplay and permanent increased difficulty, bot fighting), but it seems no one was actually interested into making the game an actual esport.

          SC also had the modding tools available to the public and the Arcade lobby. D3 didn’t.

          With some perspective, we can see how little thought went into D3, actually. How many things are missing compared to their blizz brethren. Even WoW has way better itemization than D3. You can socket jewels into equipment (like D2). Sometimes even WoW mechanics seem more deep than those of D3 (artifact weapons, set variety, spell variety, skill trees, combinations, etc).

          And we all once thought WoW was way more casual than Diablo… Until D3 came.

    4. A bigger impact was the overweight of RNG by design, produced by a too tight and limited item design putting affix-randomization and affix number limitations, where the gears themes should have dictated and the counterbalance of a proper player driven character development system should have provided the freedom of balancing gears elsewhere to do so.

      Not having the latter – or better said just a slim, tactical choice based version of such with no weight of permanency – and moving the focus from being characterbased (, as would be the roleplaying way, ) to beeing accountbased was the main issue crippling D3s longterm replayability. Too many playing styles were washed down the drain and not catered for by this decisions alone, i think.

      A!RPG! ain’t just the primary gameplay and interweaving the different secondary gamesystems, like the skillsystem AND the itemsystem, with each other was, what gave D2 it’s strength.

    5. Yeah, I’ve got to agree with the general sentiment expressed here. Trying to work out what parts of D3 you really want to keep isn’t easy. I mean, I don’t think they even knew. What I mean is, you can tell the developers didn’t know what to do just by looking at how much of the content went out the door over the numerous iterations D3 went through. The developers just seemed lost most of the time, that’s not good. Although the code was good, yeah the code was good. Very efficient, very fast engine. Anyhow, 100’s of millions of dollars ay. 😀

    6. That article is so poorly written that it is hard to believe if the events actually happened. I’ll admit my writing skills are not perfect but that was painful to read.

      • Seemed fine to me. I mean it’s a little drawn out, probably because they wanted to get a longer word count out of it, but I’d hardly say it’s poorly written.

    7. Whatever Blizzard does do it has a long way to catch up to games like POE, who are about to roll out a major patch that was going to compete with the next Diablo title they thought would be announced at Blizzcon (like the rest of us).

      There is no way they can go shallow again on their next Diablo PC title, they will have Diablo IM for that.

      I am not even sure they can catch up if they go longer than a year without anything major to show.

      Its crunch time again for Blizzard, just like it was for D2 on its release. The future of the franchise is pretty much resting on it (for PC).

      • Of course Blizzard can catch up. They have the resources to put out an incredible grim dark D4 that would make PoE look cheap & feeble. The sad thing is, they don’t want to. They could have already done this with D3. They can STILL do this with D3. They could release a 2nd patch for D3 2nd quarter 2019 that patches a lot of the art assets, redoes skills, items, you know, what RoS claimed it was going to do. And even D3 would be untouchable.

        The thing is Blizzard doesn’t want to go in this direction anymore. They don’t want to do what’s called ‘niche’ titles anymore. PoE is a good game, but not everyone in the world who plays games wants to play it. Blizzard wants to put out all ages games ‘even grandma’ can play & will want to play. They literally said this years ago. SC:BW & D2, hell, even WC3 & the 1st WoW expansions were all niche type games. They served popular niches, but niches just the same. Now that the niches are so popular the whole company is on ‘maintenance mode’ & wants to just sit back & milk the franchises for all they’re worth.

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