Diablo 3 Minor Improvement Suggestions

Not always so clean and clear.

Not always so clean and clear.

A fan made some quality of life suggestions, a Blue replied, and I thought several of them were good, so let’s discuss these Diablo 3 Minor Improvement Suggestions:

1. make it possible to lower paragorn attributes without resetting and spend them all just make an option to click something down so you get one (or more) points back and can spend it on another stat.

2. make an option to ignore normal potion drops, i got loads of legendary drops and i dont need the normal potions like EVER

3. sort the legendary gems on lvl so i know the ones i use most are first and the one i dont care for that much are last, it makes it easier to pick which ones i want to upgrade

4. followers should be same no matter which character you play on (season and HC excluded) so you only have to gear them once

5. i would VERY much like a extra chest TAB option but with the change that it is only usable with that class so its one chest TAB but for every class you can put in items so if i put some DH items in it it cant be seen by a crusader in the same TAB and he can put in stuff as well
Vaneras: Right you are, and there is nothing wrong with posting suggestions. Suggestions can be quite valuable feedback, because even though they may not always be feasible, they do serve as a great indication on where people would like to see quality of life improvements 🙂

So, how about these?

#1: Yes. Kind of like how follower skills now just turn on or off when you click them, without the previous, unnecessary confirmation. Paragon Points window would need another button to remove a point from a given field.

#2: Meh. Now that potions stack to 1000 I don’t really notice or care about that one wasted inventory space.

#3: Very yes. Annoying when you’ve got duplicates of the same type at different levels. The system now sorts with the ones you have equipped shown first, and then the rest alphabetical, but you have to hover to see the gem level. And often I’m using say a Bane of the Powerful while carrying another one to level up for another character or for a replacement if my main dies. I don’t know if I agree with the OP’s sorting idea, but the whole Urshi interface definitely could be improved. Show all your gems at once, different background colors for ones you are using, etc.

#4: I vote no. It would be convenient, but there is, in theory, a skill or item hurdle to clear to find good follower equipment and put it on all of your followers.

#5: I’m honestly not sure what he’s asking, because that sentence is a disaster. But yes, everyone wants more storage tabs, to the point that not one person I’ve asked about buying them via microtransactions has balked for one second.

I have to insert my usual complaint. A small improvement to the UI, so you are not forced to bind a skill to the left mouse button. Just set that one to Force Move (or the same skill as you put on the right mouse button) so the left can just be used to open chests, doors, shrines, etc. The six skills are then assigned to the right click, and to 5 keyboard keys. And this is optional — if you like the current controls, you can keep using them.

What do you guys think of the OP’s 5, and do you have your own requests for minor game fixes? I can store them up and then scream them at the devs at Blizzcon, while they’re trying to get a bite to eat.

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  1. My $0.02 on number 5:

    What he's asking for, is a tab dedicated to personal storage. Anything kept in personal storage will only be available for that character. Useful if you're keeping some legendary gems solely for that character's use, or alternate gear.

    • It's how I understand it and agree as well, but we don't need more tabs, in fact if one of the tab was char specific, they could even remove one or 2 tabs.
      Gems and mats need to be shared obviously. Cross drops need to be unloaded in a common space, yes. But class specific gear could be restricted. I'm usually clicking all my stash tabs before finding the tab I need, so the less the better (without sacrificing total space of course).

    • Why not a shared stash and an non-shared stash;Torchlight.

  2. I'm definitely onboard with #2. I find myself tossing potions in the middle of rifts.

  3. Don't get me started on re-assigning paragon points…

  4. Potions shouldn't be items anymore. The potion button as a skill, and you can unlock the weird legendary potions similar to blacksmith plans. Debate about character or account, but there's no reason for the stupid potion items anymore.

    • Oh, and vis-a-vis paragon, they need to redo some of the stats and where they are. Area damage should be offensive, life on hit should be defensive, remove gold find, etc.

  5. The left-click issue makes melee virtually unplayable for me but even on my wizard I sometimes move when I was trying to attack.

    • For this case I'm efficient in pressing the force cast button. But somehow I can't bind my brain to use the force move button when I need to get the hell out of a crowded area damage area.

  6. I am the one that made the post and indeed the sentence on point 5 was a bit well, horrible is the correct word :$ but it was my intended idea to make one personal tab for all characters for storage of stuff that you only wanat to use on that char.

    also i edited and added idea nr 6.
    6. put a counter of how much sentries/hydras you have deployed i sometimes cant see that because of all the frost, arrows and missles not to mention the mobs

    • yeah, that's a suggestion I've seen and agree with. They show profiles now for pets that never die and/or are always just 1 in number.

  7. 1. kadala: trash items option (previously proposed by someone else)

    2. option to increase chat font size

    3. there is no spoon.
    uhm, i mean, merchant items are practically useless. …

    4. return marquise gems skin to d3v. they were a lot prettier.
    they look really lame post vanilla.

    5. extra tab etc. because once seasonal items will be "mailed", where're we gonna put all the loot, multiple legendary gems, mats, hoarded legendaries you're not willing to salvage, etc. etc. etc.?

    6. 7. 8. infinity.

  8. Followers could be universal for all your characters, once they have made level 70. The issue for me is to try to place gear on any given follower is not fun. I have lots of good items for all three types, but who wants to figure out, if this ami is better than the one any of my followers are currently using?

    • My followers are specialized for each character.

      The WD uses Enchantress with crowd control items to trigger Bane of the Trapped gem. Another character has her equipped with a fast cold dagger, to slow them down and get LoH faster. Yet another character has the legendary focus that offers damage immunity and has her stacked with dps.

      Global followers would wipe out all of this strategy.

  9. All of the above, though neither shared follower items nor adding a personal stash sound "minor" to this software engineer. Database migration FTL.


    1) Higher blood shard limit!
    2) Higher AllRes scaling for diamonds in armor sockets (quickest way I can think of to make melee in GRifts suck slightly less)
    3) Official support for 21:9 monitors. From what I've read, it already works perfectly with minor hacks, but that adds the risk of being banned.
    4) A way to convert main stat on an item to a different/equal value main stat without Enchanting. Simultaneously reduces the need for stash space and makes it easier to farm for items across classes.

  10. Not a small improvement, but the ability to view the inventory if all your characters from outside a game would be welcome. This was possible back during the AH, and it would be convenient when hunting for stuff on my mules, or who may have a particular lgem equipped.

    • Second that. Being able to see all the gear in the inventory of all characters and maybe even swapping it between them without creating a new game would be huge improvement. I'm not holding my breath but it would make a world of a difference to a chronic pack rat like me 😉
      And it would virtually remove a need to share followers across the characters – you could just rearm them on the fly.

  11. Show what the cooldown of skills are after CDR is taken into account in brackets when you hover the mouse over skill tooltis

  12. I want to gamble/craft for follower items. Any item usable for and with the current followers main stat. I hate having to jump between characters and store and shift items and log in and out of games and shift items and shift items again…

  13. Definitely A big NO to Number 4,that's a stupid idea

  14. Let Treasure Goblins drop a few blood shards when you're in Rifts/Grifts. 🙂

    • That's a useful idea. Recent vote post about gambling I said there should be other ways to earn shards instead of just rifts. Goblin dropping some would be one way.

  15. Potions stack to 1000? How have I missed it? I just sold 80 pots, 'cause I noticed having stack of 100…

  16. No to #4 , sorry but I build certain followers with certain items and with 12 lvl 70's , I would have to swap and change gear for certain builds , nope .

  17. I would like a warning that you're leaving a reward unclaimed when leaving a game. I don't know how many times I've done a rift just before leaving for work, and I quit the game forgetting to claim the reward at the end.

  18. All stackable items should be auto-pickup.

  19. The legendary gems are sorted differently than you said, the order is:
    Order in inventory (top down)
    Order in stash (top down)

    So you can put them in any order you want (except the equipped ones).

  20. On OP:
    #1: Yes
    #2: I don’t care. Make it an option, why not, can’t be that difficult to make
    #3: I don’t care, but yeah, why not
    #4: Disagree. Feels like cheating
    #5: I have enough tabs for now, I don’t know if I’ll have enough when season ends

    My suggestions:
    – HF ammu improvement: reuse crafted ones somehow (maybe when you have four or five of them you can craft them in a new one. Or have five of them and craft them to reroll an extra stat). From another B-net post: make Keywardens spawn in regular rifts
    – B-net armory: show same stats as the ingame UI / check the stored items in my chest / show seasonal heroes / when I click on an item it shows me my stats so I don’t have to hover over them
    – Make Hexing Pants usefull: how about force move and Hexing Pants, does that work? I read some things about that pants and the conclusion seems that it’s not working for any build or no one is wearing them because they’re not sure if it works
    – Ammu too expensive from Kadala (100 shards)
    – Whymshire portals from treasure goblins: any use for them? I’d rather not have them in Grift either. They look awfull.

    Agree with above:
    – Merchant items are practically useless
    – Kadala: trash items option, yeah, why not
    – Put a counter of how much sentries/hydras you have deployed, yeah, why not
    – Microtransaction for extra tabs: no for me. What will be the next microtransaction we ‘ll have to pay for..
    – Leaving a reward unclaimed when leaving a game warning

    From another post on B-net (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/14610681418):
    – Make the Cesspools something special (for fun improvement)
    – Make resplendid chest always drop a leg (for fun improvement)
    – All craft materials have now been moved to the bloodshard and gold display window and will now be picked up automatically when running over them (same for trial keys?)

  21. When you are playing softcore, why do you have more than one of each gem? Why waste your keystones and time leveling the same gem twice. Just take it off after a run its 50,000 gold (and gold means nothing now days). In hardcore I can understand the need for two.

    I’m not trolling, I’m just asking.

  22. My biggest problem with this game right now is Whymshire.
    1) the map in rifts and Grifts is hated.
    2) the rainbow goblin that takes you there is skipped
    3) The bears and cupcakes have no place in the game

    If you made rainbow goblins take you to a cow rift where you kill the cow king and get a achivement I could understand.

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