DiabloWikiBashiok added a few replies to an ongoing class-specific weapons thread, and posted some great news about Diablo 3’s overall progress. 

    First, here’s what he added on class specific weapons. (See the start of this thread from two days ago.)

    I think it’s jumping to an extreme conclusion to say that a few weapon restrictions will ruin build and experimentation variety (ok being fair I know you’re not quite claiming “ruin” but…). If it ruins build experimentation and variety then we’ll fix it. But I think it is accurate to say that weapon restrictions will encourage trading, but more accurately to the reasons we present – build a sense of immersion with who these heroes are and the character that shows through every aspect of the way they’re presented and behave.

    I’m not sure barbs running around dual wielding wands is emergent gameplay we want to stomach. Or that makes anyone playing think “That’s awesome! This game is awesome!” no, you’re going to see a 9-foot tall behemoth running around shooting magic out of little sticks. That’s not what a barbarian should be doing, build potential or not.

    You say it will lower the amount of possibilities of outfitting a character, and that’s obviously true, but we don’t feel that the possibilities lost are so vast and substantial as to hurt character customization. If it does, we’ll fix it.

    We’re not going to put out a game that has poor character customization because we don’t like the idea of wizards running around dual wielding axes. If that makes character build potential severely limited, that’s fine, we were wrong and we’ll fix it. I don’t think we’ll be wrong though.

    …That’s cool. Well selectively quoting the parts of my posts that allow you to continue your point is wearing a little thin, so, I’m done here.

    Bashiok replied several more times, but just to say why he wasn’t going to keep rewording the same argument over and over again. Check the original thread if you want to wade through that; I don’t recommend it, since there was zero D3 info imparted.

    Elsewhere, Bashiok replied with some confusion to an awful comparison shot of two outdated Diablo 3 skill tree interfaces. I included that below the fold, since it’s fairly worthless. What was not worthless was his digression into good news about Diablo 3’s overall progress.

    …I was in a horrible mood all day but just got out of one of the fairly regular milestone-esque “here’s what the team has accomplished the past few weeks”. And it blew me away. Sometimes there’s a new monster or something that’s awesome, but this time it was just the realization of how things are getting checked off at a constant pace. They are churning away like mad men (and women). Got to see some of the runed skill effects for the first time, and it’s going to be an awesome system.

    Here’s the part of Bashiok’s reply about the bad comparison shot.

    We still have the stained glass at the top of every UI window. Or at least most. The ones that shuffle in from the sides at least. Inventory, character sheet, skills, etc.

    That screenshot is crazy though. The picture on the right looks so foreign to me. I feel like the image on the left is more recent than the one on the right…

    Actually, the left side of the comparison shot is more recent, though both are quite outdated. The left one is from early 2009. The right one is a photo of a monitor from Blizzcon 2008. The interface looked much different at last year’s Blizzcon, with each tree just three skills wide.  I don’t know why the more recent shot (on the left) is so dark and dull looking, though.  A better comparison is the shot I’ve added below on the right; it’s a photo of a monitor from last year’s Blizzcon, and though it’s also outdated by now, it’s many months more recent than the 2 in that comparison image. (See our Interface gallery for much more recent, HQ images.)


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