Diablo 3 May Killscore Ladder Results

The start of a new month means the end of the May’s Killscore ladder on Diablo3ladders.com. We have removed any players that would have obviously cheated to crank up their Killscore so the final results are as follows:

PosNameSoftcore KillsHardcore KillsElite KillsKill Score

Congrats to Bagi for taking the top spot this month! Don’t forget, if you want to be included in the monthly ladders then all you need to do is add your BattleTag to the website.

Interesting side note; you guys are getting more and more Hardcore. If you look at May’s top 20, 16 of them played all or mostly Hardcore. In April it was 11/20 HC. March it was 5/20 HC. February it was 6/20. You get the idea. A slight increase last month and then a big jump up in May. Seems like v1.08 brought people back to playing, and more of you guys are getting into Hardcore for more of a thrill and a more functional economy?

It’ll be interesting to see how the trend continues into the future, and you can be part of that. If you haven’t signed up to be part of the ladder, do it and see how your kill score stacks up. Once you create your account (you can use your same forum ID) and link your battletag everything is automated, and you can sort characters by everything; class, DPS, EHP, Attributes, most used skills, etc. It’s fun to compare your characters to others, and it’s even strategic; I’ve gotten good ideas for gear and builds by looking at what higher ranked characters are using,

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    6 thoughts on “Diablo 3 May Killscore Ladder Results

    1. Played this month HC, got a wd from 0 to para 40 but he died to a DC, lvld 3 other to 60 but died instantly to act1 mp1, lesson for me, dont go mp1 without good gear. What i love on HC is you can build your wealth through farming, what i hate, 1 lag for 2 sec and you are death if you play a higher mp

      • Yeah, the functional economy is so much more fun. All weekend ToS were selling for 13-15k, and you could make great profits just farming and selling Tomes.

        It’s very obvious that more people are surviving in Inferno now too, as prices on low and middle-quality legendaries are dropping quite a bit. Stuff I sold or bought for 4m or 5m two months ago when I started in HC now sells for 1m or less. Cheaper to gear up to do some minimal farming, but harder to build up your bankroll. Probably huge sticker shock for anyone just coming over from SC though, where everything is 100k, unless it’s top quality in which case it’s 1.5b.

    2. I’m glad to see more folks dipping into HC, but we’re hitting the time of year when it becomes far too dangerous for me to play HC. I live in Florida, where two factors pretty much eliminate HC as an option from June through September: 1. Once the temperature climbs above 90 EVERYONE runs their AC constantly, which means there are consistently brief little power outages almost every day; 2. We tend to get thunderstorms/heat lightening that comes out of nowhere with absolutely no warning. The DCs are just far too frequent and random to chance it. I tried last summer… and was pretty much perpetually aggravated. I can’t take it again, so it’s time to take a break and go back to SC.

      And before anyone suggests it: An UPS does not solve the problem. The cable (i.e. my ISP) is affected just as often as the power. The ugly truth is that “the grid” here just sucks. I cannot possibly be the only person who has this problem, but I’ve never seen anyone else mention it.

      • In Miami here. Random power/cable/internet anomalies fester during the summer: put an end to my D2 hardcore escapades many moons ago.

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