Diablo 3 Market Weekly Roundup

Diablo 3 Market Weekly Roundup

Another week has come and gone, and what a busy week it has been. Most notably the Beta has finally opened up to the public and the (placeholder) end-game items have been showcased. The Market site has been busy as usual:

  • An interesting Article on how the Auction House will function with Random Items, and how it will cause a “Fog of Trading” effect. Followed up by a very interesting discussion on the subject on the Market Forums.
  • An excellent and detailed submission for our weekly Madoff (Manipulation) Mondayfeature from Slabshaft, in which he suggests strategies for cornering the Diablo 3 Market by buying up Elite items.
  • Some news about the recently revealed items on the Official website, namely about Blizzard spamming it with Placeholder warnings.
  • We asked an Expert about how Duping works and if it will happen in Diablo 3. Very informative and reveals how items are stored by the server DB.
  • And finally an article about the Item system potentially being in trouble, and the recent responses from Blizzard regarding Item stats and if the item stats will be changing for the better

Remember to check out the Market Forums regularly. The quality of the information in the threads as well as the knowledgeable users whom post there are amazing.

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    3 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Market Weekly Roundup

    1. Regarding that expert on duping and his comments (I dont have an account on that site, so I’ll post it here):

      So now we don’t have to worry about duping, all we have to worry about is our items miraculously disappearing because someone found a way to reassign ownership of an existing item?

    2. The dupe interview with the ‘expert’ was quite comical. Storing items as their own objects does NOT prevent duping, it just limits the possibilities. Most games these days store items as their own object, but that isn’t why duping doesn’t play a large (public) role. Newer games simply do a better job of deleting duped items. Dupe methods have had a large impact on the economy of nearly all recent games, it’s just not as obvious as it was in Diablo 2.

      Trust me, I’m a certified genius and an undisputed legend.

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