It was a busy week on the Diablo 3 Markets and Economy site. We introduced our new forums, which I am happy to report has had some very interesting threads and discussions thanks to the very well-informed users that have been posting on it.

    Highlights of the week:

  • We kicked off our new weekly Madoff Monday feature in which users are encouraged to submit their ideas for Manipulating/taking advantage of the Diablo 3 Auction Houses.
  • We published a quick preview of the kind of stats we will offer when the game is released.
  • A new Article about relationship between Gold and Real Money.
  • A quick post about the item system not having enough DiabloWikiAffixes.
  • Predictions on the inflation level / value of gold in the first 3 years of the game.
  • A great article by Neinball about determining values for items.
  • An article about Item Inflation and Item oversupply.
  • Another excellent article by Neinball about Item Variation and Potential for Profit.
  • If you haven’t already checked out our new Market site and Markets Forum I recommend you do! We will be covering all things related to Diablo 3’s Economy, including regular news and articles. Of course, the site will contain far more content when the game is released and we launch our live-prices coupled with detailed statistics and analysis pages.

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