Within the last 24 plus hours a large banwave has landed. Reasons range from using various bot programs and T-Hud software.

    Many players reported that they were banned on the forums as well as on reddit. This hit seasonal and even non seasonal. Banwave confirmation came from Kauza earlier last night.


    Kauza: We’re not doing any sort of official announcement, but I can confirm what’s obvious as this point: account actions did take place.

    One quick reminder: let’s all avoid linking out to any cheating programs or communities or calling out individual players.

    Some streamers mentioned and others even celebrated the ban waves.

    Rhykker posted about this in a video as well at length about when the warden update from Feb 10th flagged TurboHud and other bots.

    With the season near the end here’s hope that this cleans up the bots for a little while. A victory to the legit players. What do you guys think of this recent wave? Was it enough or should there be more done?

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