Diablo 3 March Ban Waves

Within the last 24 plus hours a large banwave has landed. Reasons range from using various bot programs and T-Hud software.

Many players reported that they were banned on the forums as well as on reddit. This hit seasonal and even non seasonal. Banwave confirmation came from Kauza earlier last night.


Kauza: We’re not doing any sort of official announcement, but I can confirm what’s obvious as this point: account actions did take place.

One quick reminder: let’s all avoid linking out to any cheating programs or communities or calling out individual players.

Some streamers mentioned and others even celebrated the ban waves.

Rhykker posted about this in a video as well at length about when the warden update from Feb 10th flagged TurboHud and other bots.

With the season near the end here’s hope that this cleans up the bots for a little while. A victory to the legit players. What do you guys think of this recent wave? Was it enough or should there be more done?


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  1. Well, keeping a ‘whack-a-mole’-game between banning botters and them buying the game anew up and running, is in the financial interest of Blizzard. But they could perhaps develop a streaming licence model and bring streaming sites to only allow streams of players with an active license, which becomes invalid due to botting and is only reinstated under/after careful consideration of Blizzards support team. Thus the botting streamers may buy a new game to play the game, but their source of income has been dried out. (-> For general players it’s just dumb to bot. For streamers it’s a calculation between income and costs.)

  2. Comment? Comment?!? Hello?!? Where are you?!

  3. Hell, It’s about time.

  4. Personally it was about time. Maybe next season botting will be less prevalent.

  5. About $#@%&*@ Time!

    Here’s hoping they keep the pressure up. Wonder how many “superstars” took the fall?

  6. I wonder if in the future, you could hook your nervous system up to a computer while you slept, and a computer would “program” your muscle memory for you, so that you could take 1000 three point shots or golf swings or whatever, w/o having to do it manually. Then maybe seven foot centers could finally hit their stinking free throws.

  7. I just wonder if linux is still bannable ’cause of ‘third’ – and yet these ‘players’ keeps going on…if i would ban these CHETERS i’d perma-ban their accounts.

  8. I hope this is just beginning.

  9. Is there a way to identify if someone got banned? I mean, three people I know were botting and I don’t know if they were banned or not. I would like to know if there is a way to find out wihout asking them. lol

    • check leaderboards for missing names/party members, especially 4 man groups. Still have an issue with all the others who didn’t bot, but were in many games with known botters anmd reached very high Para lvls and gem lvls.. That’s not right either.

  10. I`ve seen Quin69 using bot-Abby to play Diablo – this is the most disgusting way to bot! I hope he get banned as well.

  11. do shit , get hit , simple
    ban all those fucking idiot cheaters and botters , the more the better

  12. Best thing they can do is reduce the viability of extremely high paragons by limiting ‘priority stat’ allocation.

    This has been suggested ad nauseam on forums and would serve to narrow the gap between cheaters and non-cheaters whilst preserving the infinite scaling of lvling.

    None of this is rocket science and requires MUCH less effort versus a truly functional ‘Warden’ department.

    • By “limiting ‘priority stat’ allocation,” are you talking about a hard cap? Or something like raising the number of levels needed to the following allocation? Or … ?

      • @Silverfang

        The devil’s in the details isn’t it. I err on the side of drastically reducing the priority stat awarded per paragon (versus say a ‘hard-cap’). Instead of current +5 post P800 infinitely, switch to +4 post P1000, +3 post P1200, +2 post P1300, +1 post P1400, and +0.5 post 1500 perhaps scaling infinitely thereafter. That’s what I ‘err’ towards, not necessarily pitching this exact formula itself. I don’t have the data Blizz do to perform a proper data analysis, yet there are many ways to narrow the ‘gap’ as it currently exists.

  13. a new Wave of banning in season 5 well the superstarts are still on the leaderboards dudes who made GR 110ect ect and reach Plevel 27.. in less than 250 hours???? And players who get banned in Oct. 2015 in normal now get banned again even they still has been banned since Oct. And not have get a new account??? Blizzard way to ban get more and more strange and according to the rules you are not allow to use third parts software or let others play or use your account and on Bnet Channels you see business sell you items make levelling for you ect ect Anyone can explain this and just by the way I also want cheateres out

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