Diablo 3 Major Team Playtest Went “Really Good”

A fan turned to the Battle.net forums to ask Bashiok a follow up to one of his recent @Diablo tweets. In the tweet, posted earlier this week, Bashiok said there was a major Diablo 3 playtest that day that he didn’t have time to participate in. Here’s the quote:

There’s a major team playtest today and I have chosen not to participate. Do you hate me or WHAT?

you’re a bit mad yes, but are you just wanting to wait for the finished thing or is it not as good as we hope so you’re avoiding it?—@MarcWaller

@MarcWaller Just busy with other things. [/BLUE]

Today’s follow up got Bashiok to tell us how the playtest went:

How did the playtest go Bashiok? Good / Decent / Needs improvement?

Bashiok: I actually did find time to jump in for an hour or so (so I didn’t get much done). It’s going really good, things are coming together and it’s just a lot of fun to watch as bits are changed and/or added. Still a lot left to go obviously, but they’re jamming on it. And it’s a lot of fun to play, which is always good.

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