Diablo 3 Machinima Tool

If you follow World of Warcraft then you’ll know there has been some fantastic Machinima movies created over the years using the WoW game engine. So what about Diablo 3? malu05a posted a video on Youtube which demonstrates Diablo 3 being ported into the WoW Machinima tool. While Diablo 3 doesn’t support the array of views that WoW supports being an isometric game, this video shows the potential of Diablo 3 for Machinima.

Diablo 3 doesnt have much to offer machinima authors, with the limited view and only 2 camera positions, and I don’t guess that this is something that is going to change.

So I thought I would help the poor artists a bit and port the World of Warcraft Machinima tool over to Diablo 3. I still have to get around the weird camera rotation system they use and some of their optimization stuff but other than that all the WMT features is in there, even the environment settings.

There are obviously some limitation to what you can do inside the Diablo 3 engine since its tailored for a psudo-ISO-topdownish view but this video does give a good sense of what to come.

Thanks Mads Lund for the tip.

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31 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Machinima Tool

    • The different angles of the views, higher over head and over areas you can’t see usually (finally, a view into the depths of the meteor crater!) make this interesting to view. Imagine how much cooler it’ll be when they get monsters in, so it’s not just gorgeous open areas and characters.

      • I was hoping I wasn’t the only one who noticed that.
        It looked like the whole goes down only one level, and had a ball at the bottom from that one shot.  Makes a sens since the devs set up camera angles where we shouldn’t have been able to see that…

        • The funny thing with the meteor crater is that you can almost see to the bottom of it… on every level in the Cathedral. I mean it’s narrowing, and the glowing blue is getting more intense. And then on the next level down you see it again. But you never get to the bottom of it, at least on the beta levels. I think we will in the full game, since the beta levels are kind of a mismatch from different parts of Act One, not in their logical sequence.

          And there’s this screenshot from a recent press kit, which looks like it’s at the bottom of the pit… showing what? Cain? This area is not in the beta.


          • Now that you mention it… It had occurred to me previously that the meteor crater gets larger the deeper you go… the top level where you jump down from is smaller than the level you land in, and that in turn is smaller than the level where you next see it (where you rescue Cain from the skeleton king)… and that area from your screen shot (the bottom?) looks bigger still… I wonder if that’s intentional or what…

  1. “You know you’re a Diablo nerd when you feel deeply touched by something as silly as this”


  2. In my opinion the best thing to come out of the emulation project.

    I hope when Blizzard starts hunting the server emulators that they leave the machinima tools as a fan service.

  3. Wow!  This is such a gorgeous game.  The atmosphere really makes the Too Colorful complainers look silly.  Of course they probably credit themselves for forcing Blizzard to go darker with its art direction…
    Still jaw dropping gorgeous and this is only half of act 1!

  4. Back before i quit WoW, there were some Vids made with tools like this that I TRULY enjoyed… looking forward to seeing some D3 vids in the future…

  5. Truly amazing, i been using machinema tool for years now,can’t wait to get it moving now that i’ve moved on to D3

  6. Holy Diablo MMO, Batman!
    It’s gorgeous! I love isometric camera in Diablo but the level of environment details screams for free camera angles.

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