As you might have noticed from the Diablo 3 Media Coverage Archive, the majority of interviews have been with DiabloWikiJay Wilson. Game Banshee has instead had a discussion with DiabloWikiLeonard Boyarsky, the master of lore for Diablo 3. Naturally, the questions are angled towards lore, quests and related subjects. We get to know how he went from Fallout to Diablo, what he does at Blizzard, information about the game design choices, a little bit about Blizzard North, RPG elements & dialogues and a summary of (known) events in Sanctuary since Diablo II: Lord of Destruction ended. Some quotes:

    There’s a strong sense of closure at the end of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. There may be a few openings, like the destruction of the Worldstone, but how are you transitioning from such a climactic conclusion to a whole new adventure?

    Leonard:I don’t really feel that the end of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction had as much closure as it might have seemed at the time, if you look at the storylines that have been going on since the first Diablo game. There are still quite a few unanswered questions in terms of the characters and events in the world of Sanctuary. What happened to Tyrael? What’s happening on Sanctuary now that there’s no Worldstone? What have the angels and demons been up to in the 20 years since Lord of Destruction? I could go on and on…

    Someone on the official D3 forum asked about lore by books that would be found in game according to this quote:

    A central feature of this philosophy is making as few quests as possible mandatory, but having a wide variety of interesting side quests and random quests to play through if you want to. We are also doing a lot with scripted sequences and books that you can read in the game, but once again, you can completely avoid these things if they don’t interest you.

    Bashiok: I’d say that was already a hint , but no I can’t really go in to it any more than that. It’s something we’ll touch on at BlizzCon though.

    This is indeed true, and we are certainly looking forward to BlizzCon and further Diablo III info. Chances are that we might see a reveal of Battle.net 2.0 as well! Jay did hint something along those lines in the Crispy Gamer interview. Remember that you can find all pictures, video interviews, regular interviews, previews and important Blizzard quotes in the DiabloWiki DiabloWikiMedia Coverage archive of Diablo 3.

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