A major strategy concern, circa S1.

    A major strategy concern, circa S1.

    Blizzard released another of their Lightning Talk remakes taken from the BlizzCon sessions last year which almost slipped through the our news net. In case you missed this, Travis Day talks about the Ring of Royal Grandeur and how its use influenced their decision to create more powerful rings.

    To summarize the main points of the chat:

  • The devs initially meant the DiabloWikiRing of Royal Grandeur as a convenience for players who couldn’t find the last piece of their six piece set. Bliz didn’t expect players to use the RoRG to enable multiple 3, 4, and 6 piece sets at once, but they thought it was a pretty cool gearing solution.
  • They heard our endless complaints about the RoRG being too good/mandatory, and the tipping point was Seasons. Travis describes spending a whole weekend farming over 100 bags from Act 1 without ever getting a RoRG and thinking this wasn’t really how they wanted players to start off every Season.
  • Their first fix was to greatly increase the drop rate for bounty bags, scaling up on higher difficulties.
  • They also aimed to diversify the ring options, and the video shows the Halo of Arlyse, the Convention of Elements, and then Focus/Restraint, which they knew was super powerful, but also ruled out using a RoRG.
  • Their final stage solution was to introduce Kanai’s Cube, which lets players get the RoRG property without wearing the ring at all.
  • In other news, Blizzard posted a lengthy blog post up on the official site called “Engineering Diablo 3’s Damage Numbers” which is definitely worth a read if you want to understand why they added the new truncated numbers feature in 2.4.0 and choices for colour highlighting damage numbers in the game.

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