Diablo 3 Legendary Items Upgrades: No ETA Just Yet

Vaneras returned to the scene of his anticipation-building crime and threw some cool (but not cold) water on the llama orgy of excitement his predictions of upgrades to the Diablo 3 Legendary items created.

I do feel I need to clarify something though, before people build up crazy expectations; we will not necessarily get to see a lot of new legendaries added to the game, we simply cannot promise that at this point in time – as described in the Developer Journal update, we are looking into a “Less is More” model, where you will see fewer drops overall, but a much larger percentage of those drops will be interesting.

It is still too soon to say if the game changing legendaries will be all new ones, all reworked ones, or a mix of the two. When we do have this information, then we will of course let you know, but for now the only information we have on the future of itemisation is what have been posted in the Developer Journal update and of course the “Ask the Devs” answers on the topic of itemisation.

There’s no word yet on when the itemization changes will roll out, or how sweeping they will be, and none of the updates have given us any specifics thus far. The devs can roll out some new and/or improved legendaries in a patch, but any major reworking of the items system would seem to need to come with an expansion pack, since that would inevitably cause massive devaluation to all existing items. The changes are not coming up any time real soon, at least.

Grimiku: I’m really looking forward to the monster density changes in DiabloWikipatch 1.0.8 as well, but we don’t have any updates for the patch schedule yet. We should have some information to share about it soon, though, and are currently planning to do a DiabloWikiPTR.

The item changes mentioned in the Itemization blog are not going to be in patch 1.0.8, and we don’t have any additional information regarding when they’ll be implemented. We know people are eager to know more about when they can expect those changes, though, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as we have more details.

I doubt I need to remind you guys of this, but as the joke goes, it’s hard to lose money betting on something from Blizzard taking longer than expected. If you refer to the DiabloWikiPatches article in the wiki, you can see details on every Diablo 3 patch thus far released, and the dates they went live. There have been 4 patches since release with major content changes.

  • DiabloWikiPatch 1.0.3 – 19 June — Numerous major skill and balance changes.
  • DiabloWikiPatch 1.0.4 – 21 August– A huge content patch with dozens of skill changes, Inferno nerfs, the Paragon system, and much more.
  • DiabloWikiPatch 1.0.5 – 16 October — Many game and skill changes, a major nerf to Inferno, and the new Monster Power and Infernal Machine game systems.
  • DiabloWikiPatch 1.0.7 – 15 January. New ilvl 63 crafting recipes, the PvP brawling system, and made numerous skill buffs, chiefly for the Monk and Wizard.
  • That’s 4 content patches in 10 months since the game’s release, and v1.08 is still a TBD amount of time in the future, without even a PTR start date. Given that history, it’s crazy (though tempting) to think we might see v1.09 before July-August at the earliest.
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41 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Legendary Items Upgrades: No ETA Just Yet

  1. “we simply cannot promise that at this point in time ”

    “It is still too soon to say”

    “we don’t have any updates for the patch schedule yet”

    “we don’t have any additional information “

    • Goddamn right.

      All about patronizing, damage control PR bullshit.

      This is why the PS version of the game is getting so much flak. All the changes that we need still hangs in the balance while a port of the game, that was obviously worked on for a long time, was introduced. It gives the impression that production team’s focus and strength are divided and that they are not 100% on giving us the fixes. If D3 turned out to be even better than D2, I am pretty sure that the PS version will be welcomed in open arms.

    • Delay delay delay…it’s not like anyone is paying a sub fee afterall, Blizz already took their 11 million sales to the bank and is blatantly laughing at any shit-eater still playing this p2w garbage.

  2. Before they work on game changing aspects, they might consider working on the game itself before. Just a thought.

  3. LOL just when you think the news couldn’t be worse. What a giant steaming pile these blue posts have become. This translates into..

    No seriously DON’T get your hopes up because it’s going to take us centuries to even decide how we want to disappoint you with our new half ass legendary items.

    Have you been saving money for expansion?

    • Cut Blizzard some slack, please. They’re still deciding whether to decide or not. It’s no easy and it may be time-consuming.

      • These developers remind me of the Ents those gigantic slow talking tree people in Lord of the Rings. Especially when they had that meeting that seemed to take the entire movie and then finally one of them comes over to the Hobbits and says. “Weeeee have decided……… that you are NOT…….. Orcs.” and the other clueless Ents behind him all nod their heads like they actually accomplished something.

  4. This speaks to the importance of getting it right the first time. Even if it’s a broken mess, millions of people get wrapped up in it, and you can’t change it for the better w/o ruffling too many feathers. WoW is trying to fix PvP gear (again) mid-expansion, and they’ve kicked the proverbial hornets’ nest. Any fix, even the good ones, are going to upset a lot of people. Which is why they have to save the biggest changes for expansions; people go into expansions expecting big, game redefining changes. They’re essentially new games, which was definitely true for Lord of Destruction.

  5. Just pathetic! I keep wanting Diablo 3 to be the game it was supposed to be but at this rate I just don’t see it happening. By the time they finish patching the game it will be time for the expansion to release (ETA 4 years). People can’t give Blizzard a pass, many other developers implement complete overhauls of a game in less time!

  6. I really thought that we’re going to have an 1.0.8 preview and/or a PTR by the end of march.
    Seems like I wasn’t right at all. The sudden appearance of Travis Day and a lot of blue posts in a short time were really good signs, but sadly they didn’t sustain this behavior. Also the fact that they couldn’t just give us all the answers in one topic last week, providing only 6 not so exciting answers is kinda disappointing. And the round 2 of the answers isn’t here yet..

  7. Too soon to tell if the legendaries will be new ones, reworked ones or a mix?? Doesn’t the RMAH generate enough revenue to buy a drawing board?

  8. You know what would be funny, if Travis Day turns out to be Bobby Kotick. How do you feel now motherf#cker.

  9. It is blizzard’s fault for hyping up their game systems. People get excited about them they somehow back off and say \woah don’t get too excited there we haven’t really dedicated ourselves to executing it\ This has always been blizzard’s mode of operation. From 2008 they show so many systems to get excited about but then releases a game with the bare minimum. They grab you by saying how great PvP arenas will be then change their mind and give you brawling. Now recently they say how their new concepts for items will be game changing and totally awesome. But a week later they are saying that it is all talk for now… Who knows when it will be implemented?

    Seriously why do have to build all this excitement just to kill it. They really like toying with their fan base. Just state something that you will actually implement in a timely manner or don’t say it at all sheesh!

  10. I’m still on board for D3 and despite many faults I generally Enjoy the game. All of these PR shinanigans will make me think twice about purchasing future Blizzard products though.

    • I’m kinda with you. I don’t regret buying D3, but seeing it flounder in the face of greatness is depressing. I quit playing WoW after they… promised and failed to deliver the path of the titans system in cataclysm. SC2 was okay, but they promised and failed to deliver a robust map maker, so I skipped HOTS for now. D3 I bought because … well because it’s Diablo.

      But now that the consistent promise-and-fail cycle is set up, I’ve been spending more time on indie-developed games than anything else. I wonder what this means for the industry in general.

  11. Sigh, it’s just so sad.

    You know, every time I log in to the game I get depressed. Depressed because there was so much potential for this game to follow in the footsteps of a game that defined A DECADE. I’m sure we all had high hopes it would, even after the massacre that occurred to the game mechanics and systems by the WoW strike team a couple months before release.

    What were they doing between 2008 and 2012 that completely destroyed the amazing game we saw at the game announcement.

    The sad part is, I keep logging in. Only to get depressed instead of satisfied after a play session.

    That feeling isn’t going to change any time soon it seems.

    Sorry for the rant/venting. Normally I have something constructive to say on this board. Not today … Not today.

  12. Some friends and I were discussing things about Blizzard’s stuff. We haven’t come to a conclusion yet, but we’re talking about how maybe the company is just becoming a shameless self-parody of itself. We haven’t reached a decision about it yet, though, so keep your eyes peeled for some vague something-we-don’t-know-what-it-is sometime in the future!

    Seriously, though. Maybe.

  13. Its simple…Blizzard has become the pentagon of gaming companies. With “Hurry up and wait….” The new company slogan.

  14. In other news, the ETA for those new Path of Exile uniques is in: there’s going to be around four them. Due next Wednesday. And very nearly EVERY Wednesday to come after that.

    There’s literally nothing easier to implement than a unique. Slap some affixes onto a thing and push the damn button. Diablo 2 could have been a living game supported forever, but it was not. To expect anything more here is wishful thinking – it’s a standalone product. The expansions will come out, there will be less than an infinity of them, and that’ll be that.


    • I may not be able to install and play their game for unknown reasons but THIS is why I respect the PoE guys way more. They announce an interesting plan to improve gameplay or a fix of existing mechanics and then they execute in a timely manner. No PR circle jerks. No smoke & mirror BS posting on the forums. No hurt feelings from drama filled staff members.

      The PoE guys are all heart and 100% effort. I love those guys for that and I wish them well. I wish Blizzard could be shamed into putting forth the effort that these guys do but I know there’s no chance of them even caring about how vast the difference has been between the two camps.

      • PoE wouldn’t install for me either. The game itself could be the best thing since bioshock meets halflife meets insert-award-winning-title, but D3 installed and ran first try.

    • >>”There’s literally nothing easier to implement than a unique.”

      Yes, if you have a ton of interesting underlaying game mechanics already. If you just have Damage, Crit, and Resists, you’re in for a bad time.

      • It does vex me that it’s physically impossible for them to say… create rings that allow you to summon Black Jade and Red Vex. Sure, the Gauntlet-style “chance to summon on hit” poop is possible, but that’s hardly preemptive and really misses the point.

  15. I am sure all you haters have heard this before, but if you don’t enjoy the game, don’t play it, don’t follow it, and move on with your life.

    • If all you haters did not enjoy the 2nd coming of christ, stop trying to be saved and stop following him and move on with your life. 😛

        • Nice dry humor there with the ‘fictional character’ comment. You do understand that Diablo 3 and all it’s subsidiaries are fictional works themselves??
          But that is faaar beyond my point. My point is that strong faith and love for a something or someone does not die easily (if ever), even if there is grave disappointment or grief. People’s love and adoration are in play, here – and being played. It is NEVER as easy as STFU and GTFO. I think it is silly to post those kinds of comments.

    • Amen!

      I really think it’s kinda sad to hang around this site if you dislike the game that much… It’s as if some people don’t have other things to do besides playing a game they don’t like (how’s that even possible?).

      Constructive criticism is fine, but blatant whining is just a wast of time. Luckily it’s confined to front page comments, the forums are still good 🙂

      PS @Pay2win comment: play hardcore, no RMAH there.

      • I’m just gonna start calling people simpletons, because that’s how they seem to piece together their logic – without an ounce of foresight and variability. I don’t play this game anymore. I check in on this site about once a week, if even. This game does not concern me for most of my life. However, I choose to post every once in a while to voice discontent and get called a no-life who needs to move on. Bravo on your spot-on observations.

        • Exactly, I would have replied the same but I figured the dude was a troll or a complete idiot. Haven’t played D3 since the start of this year but I check around every now and then to see updates and to also voice my disaproval for the games current state – I don’t have to move on you little b**** if you want to call this hating then call it that but simpletons like you are just trolling. D3 was supposed to be one of the greatest games – the successor to D2/LoD if you can’t imagine the let down people felt when their hopes were so high then you are a sub human incapable of emotional and intellectual capacity

          • Hmmm troll, idiot AND sub human incapable of emotional and intellectual capacity, wow!

            I consider myself to be none of the above but to each their own, guess I hit someones nerve. I’ll continue playing the game and will leave the comments section to the better human beings 😉

    • While this game is a pile of crap, and I quit/don’t play, I still follow because… I don’t want it to be a pile of crap. However, at some point this will change. With each passing day my desire to check its status dwindles.

      • This is exactly what is happening to me, in every way, i spend less and less time checking this site, now i might post once a week at most, and I check it when im bored waiting for friends to come on skype once and a while if I have nothing else to keep me busy, I feel like alot of people are on the sidelines for this game, but loved it so much. I personally am not planning on getting the expandsion even if I find its an improvement to the game, the only way I would really buy the expandsion is if they pretty much rework the entire game and its sytems, because as it stands now, PoE is much more fun, and they actually provide content updates weekly, whereas blizzard just says “Wait for it…” repeatedly over some legendary items, christ theres been like 12 new legendarys in poe, 4 each week, every week, they add new spells/skills, they give you new and interesting things to work with, mechanics that are engaging to figure out and make builds for, diablo 3 is… well the 1 build, and doing anything else means you have to farm on lower MP levels, or your public party bitchs you out for trying something other than the most efficient build, and its not like you can tell them their wrong, respecing takes like 10 seconds, and pop, your a more effective character, who wouldn’t do that?

  16. Everything seems to be going as expected. My bots will be at paragon 100 by the time the patch rolls out with their capped MF! Can’t wait to bot all those new legendaries and sell them for the crazies that are willing to shell out 50+ bucks per new leg.

  17. 1.1 the Console Patch
    Every item found will be of equal quality as those that can be found in the console version of the game.
    Thus everybody should be excited because everything you kept for selling will be super-useless.
    We´re looking into increasing the goldfindcap so you can keep up with the repcosts and be able to craft some items every now and then.

  18. My tinfoil hat says their rmah sales went to zero after they said new items were on the horizon. Since the itemization review is multiple months out, they are reeling back a bit.

    My guess is the new items will not replace what people have now, but be alternate sets for certain builds. So interesting sidegrade items at best.

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