Look at all the Souls...

    Look at all the Souls…

    A fan brought up the perennial complaint, got a Blue reply, and then it went deeper. Diablo 3 Legendary Items All Stink?

    Legendaries – 95% garbage design

    Please Blizz, make all useless Legendaries have a useful stat….afterall, they are legendary.
    Tyvalir: We’ve actually been adding special powers to Legendary items that previously didn’t have one, but since we’ve done it gradually, it’s not always immediately obvious.

    For instance, Depth Diggers, Leoric’s Crown and Sash of Knives all had new Legendary powers added to them in patch 2.1.0. The same will happen for Wyrmwood and The Band of Untold Secrets (renamed Halo of Arlyse) starting in Season 2.

    I’s been a while since it was last brought up, so I can see how it’s nice to have a reminder now and then. Great discussion, PowerCosmic!

    I would say that amulets are the one item slot that I’m always eager to identify, regardless of knowing which legendary power it will be.
    Tyvalir: I used to feel the same way. Since the recent patch, though, I’m far more likely to get excited about other item types, including Legendary or Set items I already have (since they could be Ancient items). I’ve heard similar comments from community members.

    It’s worth noting that one of our long term goals is to make more items competitive with those considered “best in slot.” For rings, that means creating better alternatives to Unity, Ring of Royal Grandeur and Stone of Jordan. For sets, that means better alternatives to existing 6 piece Sets (some of which you’ll see in a future patch).

    Ideally, this should mean you’ll get more excited about many different item types, as we gradually introduce more desirable Legendary item powers over time.

    and btw.: what about all our ideas from the Legendary Workshop from Blizzcon?! I’m sure something useful is in there as well.
    Tyvalir: Ah, great question! John Yang and Julian Love actually discussed some of the Legendary item power ideas submitted for the workshop during our follow-up livestream. Aside from he power picked by the team at BlizzCon, there were several others that John and Julian mentioned wanting to add to the game.

    While I don’t have any specifics to share right now, if we were to move forward with any of those Legendary Workshop ideas (or different powers based on said ideas), the earliest players might see them added to the game would be in patch 2.2.0.

    I hope this isn’t a trend where every single existing legendary gets a power and then is made seasonal only
    Tyvalir: Actually, the majority of items on which we’ve added a new Legendary power (specifically when the item didn’t already have one) have been made available to non-Seasonal characters as soon as they were patched in. For example, Depth Diggers, Kimbo’s Gold, Sash of Knives and Leoric’s Crown all fit into this category.

    While some Legendary items that are updated in this way will be introduced through Seasons first (as is the case with Wyrmwood in Season 2, for instance), we don’t currently have plans to make all such items Seasonal.

    This issue comes up constantly, and for an obvious reason — it’s true. Most of the legendary items in the game do lack legendary affixes, useful or otherwise, and those without orange bonuses are generally junk, to well-geared characters.

    In a weird way the ever-increasing legendary drop rates makes this feeling worse. Back in D3v lots of players had rares in multiple slots, either because they rolled better than legs or because legs were so scarce (or both). Now that legs drop constantly, fans get no thrill from any old *CLANG* and want them to be useful items, and with good rolls, too. But of course that’s a Catch 22, since if more useful items drop, we gear up faster, which makes additional upgrades that much less likely.

    I don’t think *every* legendary has to have a special power, since 1) there aren’t that many special powers to create and balance, and 2) there has to be some not-great gear to make the better gear stand out. And 3) the devs are clearly using the legs to extend the play experience, by adding another dozen or so each patch/season.

    So is there a solution? If you could wave a magic wand and put a useful legendary affix on every useless orange item, (pretend there’s enough dev time to create and test them all, plus good ideas for 100+ new legendary affixes) is that what you’d do? But wouldn’t that be too much too soon and kill longevity? Is there value to adding just a couple/few new legs for each class, creating more of a focus on each one, rather than having 50 at once, thus making the 48 or 49 of the junk, with only the 1 or 2 that are BiS holding value? Or am I just Stockholm Syndroming here, and looking too hard for the silver lining in the very slow development pace of good new legendary items?

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