Strap one on.

    Strap one on.

    The last PTR patch added a Monk-specific legendary affix to the Vigilante Belt, granting two additional Mystic Allies when one is cast. A nifty change, but as a fan points out, the Vigilante Belt (armory) is the only legendary belt in the game with the ability to roll cooldown reduction (on the PTR), which makes it useful to other classes, especially the Crusader. Other classes could still have used it, but with the Monk-specific bonus the item would almost always have rolled smart drop with dex, which is less than ideal. (Especially for Crusaders.)

    Fear not horse men, for Blizzard has heard your pleas, and the Diablo 3 Legendary Item Vigilante Belt Becomes Law-Abiding:

    Now that Vigilante Belt is a monk legendaries it will only drop as non-smart-loot for other classes. But Vigilante Belt is also the only belt that was able to roll Cooldown Reduction. Please make another belt able to roll CDR so classes besides monks can still find a CDR belt!
    Grimiku: Funny you should mention it, because we’re going to make some changes relevant to this. We decided to revert the Vigilante Belt to it’s previous form, so it’ll be good for everyone again, and the Legendary power to summon two Mystic Allies has now been moved to DiabloWikiThe Crudest Boots.

    DiabloWikiMystic Ally does not become available before LV 22, but the boots can currently become available at LV 8. Will you still be allowing the boots to drop at LV 8-21 without an affix and with the affix at LV 22+, or will it be another item whose minimum level at which it drops gets raised due to the affix?
    Grimiku: Good question! The boots won’t start dropping until level 22.

    So if you’re level 8-21, no Crudest Boots for you. Fear not, since during the approximately 17 minutes most characters spend in the level 8-21 range, you can still hope to find DiabloWikiLut Socks for all your temporary orange footwear needs! (Or DiabloWikiIllusory Boots or DiabloWikiBoots of Disregard, but only from A2 and A3 bags, respectively.

    Seriously though… would anyone really care about a legendary affix on boots that didn’t work for a few levels? I guess it would be less than perfectly harmonious, but it’s not like any of the existing legendary affixes really make a difference in the deeply strategic and min/max obsessed gameplay you encounter from level 8-21 anyway.

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