Diablo 3 Legendary Item Torment Farming Advice from Blizzard

Diablo 3 Legendary Item Torment Farming Advice from Blizzard

A constant topic of conversation in clan chat is what and where and how best to find Legendary items. Opinions differ as to the best place and especially the best difficulty, and a Blue offered some info when fans sought Diablo 3 Legendary Item Torment farming advice from Blizzard.

If I just want to farm legendaries should I play normal? I’ve been aiming for plvl 100 (I don’t have that much free time) but once I hit it I’d like to hunt legendaries. Are the drops in normal mode the same quality? Does killing more monsters equate to more drops?
Grimiku: Quality of Items

  • An item’s quality is unaffected by difficulty. For example, a level 60 Nailbiter found in Normal has the exact same potential as a level 60 Nailbiter found in Torment VI.The Drop Chance of a Legendary Item
  • Normal through Master receive bonuses to experience and gold, but no bonus to the drop chance for a Legendary item.
  • There is a bonus to the drop chance for a Legendary item starting at Torment I difficulty, and this bonus increases with difficulty. For example, Torment VI has a greater bonus to the chance a Legendary item drops than Torment I does.
  • There are certain Legendary items that only drop in Torment I – VI.
Torment 6 tooltip during the Reaper beta.
Torment 6 tooltip during the Reaper beta.

I’m not sure why, but Blizzard reps have repeatedly declined to state exactly how much each level of Torment increases your legendary item drop chances. The in-game tooltips don’t list the value either, though they did (some of the time) during the Reaper of Souls Beta test. The screen to the right was taken during the Beta, and you can see “250% increased legendary drop rate” listed among the bonuses.That said, the tooltip listed the same bonus for Torment 1 up through Torment 6, so it’s quite possible the info was wrong. The gold and exp increase was listed as 0% for all difficulty levels during much of the beta, and Blizzard confirmed it was bugged and the display would be fixed. And it was, but the Torment 1-6 legendary drop rate text went away at the end of the Beta and it’s not yet returned in Diablo 3 version 2.

It would be nice if they’d tell us the actual figures, though. If not now, then for RoS. Even if they don’t, you want to play on Torment 1 (or higher) if you can hack it in RoS. It doesn’t matter in D3v2, but the Torment-only legs and sets in Reaper of Souls is what many players are putting as their top item finding goal for the future.

Click through for more Blue on why Torment isn’t required in D3 (but will be in ROS) and an issue with the guaranteed legendary from the forever tricky Reset Quests option.

I remember in pre 2.0 you pretty much had to be on Inferno to have a chance at the good legendary drops. Is it worth it to blitz thru the Master difficulty in hopes of good legendary/set drops or does one have to play on torment 1 or 2 to get the good legendaries?
Grimiku: It’s up to you to decide if you want to rush towards a particular difficulty, but I can let you know that items found in higher difficulties aren’t inherently better than those found in lower difficulty settings. For example, a level 60 Azurewrath found in Normal will roll at the same level as a level 60 Azurewrath found in Torment VI. I should also point out that there are some Legendary items that are only found in Torment+ difficulties, but that doesn’t start happening until level 70.

Issues with Reset Quests for the guaranteed legendary drop (now from Diablo) continue. It sounds like it’s still human error causing the problem, as players miss talking to some NPC, or perhaps not properly resetting the quests in the first place.

So, after the new patch I go ahead and kill Diablo for my legendary, all fine. Then I reset my quests, did the whole thing again(all acts and quests), killed Diablo, but this time, it didn’t drop, no gold, no gems, no mats, no gold, only 4 yellow drops. So I killed him again without resetting anything because you know, it could be just a glitch or something, but yea, nothing.

Did this happen to more people? Or am I the lucky one?
Tsarnis: Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that we are currently looking into this on our end. We haven’t yet been able to reproduce this either internally or on live servers and after many attempts, but we are taking your reports seriously and doing our best to get this figured out. If you can come up with a set of specific steps that cause this to occur every time (or nearly every time) please do feel free to post them here and help us out.

One thing I’ve personally seen occur with my friends is that sometimes when doing group quest reset runs, one or more players will forget to press the reset button after completing all of the quests in the game. In other situations one or more players will assume that just because the group leader presses the reset button, that resets the quests for everyone in the group. Either of these situations will result in a player not getting a guaranteed legendary from Diablo.

I mention this just to stress that unless you yourself have pushed the reset button prior to starting your current playthrough, your quests are not reset and you will not get another first kill legendary drop. I am not saying for sure that this is what is occurring in all of the reports in this thread, but I have personally observed these types of “false positives” before, so I figured it was worth mentioning.

Thanks for the reports everyone, and keep them coming!

I’m sure the Bliz tech guys will be glad when Tuesday arrives and people stop bothering with Reset Quests. That said, as much trouble as players have figuring out if they’ve done all the quests, and which one they missed if not, there could clearly be some better techs and tools in-game to help with this issue. Related to this article

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19 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Legendary Item Torment Farming Advice from Blizzard

    • Aren’t you being a little generous? Heck from organ farming I’d say it goes backwards the higher torment you go.

    • I find it very strange that people don’t see the difference between Torment levels. In SC I slowly moved from T1 to T3 with my group of friends and the change is noticeable. Then again, we always play in party, which makes it easy to stay ahead of the enemy scaling.

      As for organs, I just got a full set in a single T1 run. I couldn’t believe my luck. Now I’m ready to level a Crusader. 🙂

  1. The comment about certain legendaries only dropping on T1-T4 makes me wonder if they mean that all Torment levels have those special drops or if T1 has some, T2 has more, etc.

      • This is the issue. Blizzard has been unspecific about this/vague. Theyr’e not saying that all new legendaries are available at every level of Torment.

        “I should also point out that there are some Legendary items that are only found in Torment+ difficulties, but that doesn’t start happening until level 70.”

        So, the question remains, will all new legendary items be available to find in each of the Torment levels?

        • To be more specific: will there be some Legendary Items available in Torment 6 that aren’t available to drop in Torment 1?

          This questions need to be put to them. Or we’re going to have to kind of chart where The Best items are dropping. Who has time for that?> TELL US BLIZ!

          • From what I saw of the RoS beta, all of the special items are just specific to Torment difficulty. The higher levels of Torment have no additional items locked into them, they just provide you a better chance of actually getting items, as well as the monstrous gold and XP buffs. All Torment-specific legendaries can be found as easily in Torment I as in Torment VI. However, I have heard that two specific legendaries are locked to specific play-styles. The Ring of Royal Grandeur can only come from completing bounties (not sure how this works, but I imagine it means can only come from Horadric Caches), and the amulet that revives you from death and then breaks can only be found in Hardcore. I’m not sure if those are true, since I just read them on the forum yesterday, but other than them, all Torment-specific legendaires only require that you play on a Torment difficulty level. The actual level remains unimportant.

            That said, I would actually like there to be legendaries that can only drop on Torment VI. Being able to farm Torment VI is the new ultimate goal of the game, the same as farming MP 10 was the goal of D3 pre-2.0. I think that Blizzard could design legendary designs that would be too powerful for normal characters that were only droppable on Torment VI, to provide some extra power and fun to high-level players. For example, there could be a class-specific legendary for each class that halved the cooldown for that class’s ultimate skill (WotB for Barb, Akarat’s Champion for Crusader, Fetish Army for WD, Vengeance for DH, Epiphany for Monk, and Archon Form for Wizard). These would add some powerful new play options for high level characters. However, because they would be locked to only high level players, it would prevent those builds from being too OP compared to the regular skillset. After all, to get them you had to be able to farm Torment VI in the first place, so giving you an OP legendary wouldn’t immediately out-power your other setup. All of them can be account-bound from the get-go, so that you couldn’t power your weak friend’s character with an OP item.

          • They’ve were asked that specifically during the beta and said T1+ was all you needed to have a chance at the torment-only legs. Higher Torments boost the drop rates as well, but there are not any items that only drop on T3 and above, for instance. (Though many fans have suggested that there should be.)

          • Like Flux said, this was made very clear in the past: *all* Torment exclusive items will drop on all Torment levels. Unfortunately I can’t find the Blue post at the moment.

            However, for those interested, here’s the complete list of these exclusive items: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9582428450

            The list may not be long, but these items are quite clearly the best for a few specific builds and I’m sure some people will want them just to unlock their look for Transmog.

  2. I brought this up in the HC forums as well. I believe there should be multiple levels of difficulty and rewards. Not faceroll to godly gear.

    Yes, I do believe things should be exclusive or very difficult to get. Why? Because Equipement Potency EquivalencE Number is what drives people, its what makes things exciting and interesting especially when performing repetitive actions.


  3. “For example, Torment VI has a greater bonus to the chance…than Torment I”
    That is your classical bait and switch statement, otherwise they would say the exact percentage.

    The best thing is to stick with difficulty where you can basically one-shot mobs and elites don’t take longer than 30 second to beat. Anything else and your farming in inefective.

  4. I would say that the reasoning behind keeping the T-Leg levels a secret is as reasonable as it is obnoxious.

    My guess is that they are no longer showing the levels so that they can tweak them constantly and on-the-fly without ignorant and hair-trigger players hooting and falling all over themselves.

    If they want to keep the difficulties balanced, needs must they have some leeway to tune according to new data.

    I can appreciate that. But damn, if it isn’t infuriating.

  5. I’ve mostly been doing the Reset Quest on Torment I-IV and I honestly haven’t noticed a difference playing on higher level torment at all. Breaking everything, killing everything, etc. for two hours or so without getting a legendary drop. Legs dropped a lot more often when for me when the patch was first released. It reminded me of how the console is and how awful I felt that after a short while I was already geared up pretty good. So from my greed I want ’em to drop frequently but as a gamer that wants to play the game for a long time I definitely don’t! I’m sure a lot of things will be balanced, fixed and generally feel helluva lot more fun when the expansion drops. A legendary in its own right.

    • I never noticed any more dropping doing T1 or T2 during the beta, and I don’t notice any change from Hard-Master vs. T1 now, and my DH can speedfarm T1 almost the same as Master, so it’s not like I’m going 50% slower and thus offsetting any boosted drop rate with slower killing speed.

  6. I still think they need to add more unique affixes that are game changing and interesting for various builds to items. Right now there isn’t that much for DH chars for example on the available bows + quivers. Here’s hoping they will reveal some surprises with RoS or event additional items but I’d take affixes over more items as lots don’t have any good mods separating them from the rares apart from affix ranges lower on rares.

    We need some affixes that combine with others to form synergies which creates goals to acquire these items and drive longevity of each class. Bigger numbers bring you so far but get tiresome quickly.

    • While I can agree that there is a lack of useful legendary affixes on quivers in general, I think there is a huge potential for synergy for all classes, and for all types of builds.

      Some builds more than others of course.

      Just looking at a sentry based DH:

      Bombadier’s Rucksack (quiver) – 2 extra sentries.

      Marauders Visage (set) – Sentries cast your equipped Hatred spenders/ Companion calls all companion types to your side.

      Tasker and theo – Makes all pets (including sentrys) have 50% increased attack speed. (So all your 6 companions and potential 8 sentries will attack 50% faster)

      Cant remember the rings name – reduces the required amount of items to complete set by 1. (Required to have if you want both tasker and theo and Marauders set)

      Now lets assume you use ball lightning as your spender. This will make sentries use it for attack. Then add these items

      Wyrdward (ring) – Lightning damage has a 13–17% chance to Stun for 1.5 seconds.

      Dovu Energy Trap – Increases duration of Stun effects by 20–25%.

      Kridershot – Elemental arrow gererates 4 hatred. (Never run out of hatred)

      So now you have 8 sentries that shoots Ball Lightning with 50% increased attack speed and stuns everything on the battlefield for 1.9 seconds. 6 pets to tank and deal damage for you and a generator that not only free to cast but also generates hatred. Add some CD reduction to be able to spam sentries more frequently and your done.

      We use all items slots except belt to be able to do this. This is only one of many synergies among the legendary affixes, and it will probably take several months, if not more to acquire all items needed.

  7. I guess for me the sugar high has worn off a bit and I’ve started to focus more on farming paragon levels. This weekend I might try to play with a group and make a final push for a lvl60 hellfire ring, since attempting it alone appears to be a waste of time. Finding so many legendaries and set pieces is awesome, but after the initial round of gear upgrades I found after Loot 2.0 began, I’m now at the point where meaningful upgrades take time to find again and more of those legendaries are getting salvaged. Since all this gear will be less valuable when my characters start moving up to lvl70, it makes more sense now to just load up on +exp and take advantage of the bonus while it lasts. Wish I had a hellfire ring for that, but oh well.

  8. TBH I think they nerfed legendaries to prob 10% chance versus what we’ve seen in the beta and ptr, this way we still think it’s a high/good chance of legendaries dropping when in actuality it’s complete shit. Just another way to get people to play longer.

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