Following up our presentation of all the Diablo 3 character skill changes and additions from the datamined pre-alpha version of Reaper of Souls, here’s an organized list of all the passive legendary item bonuses. The bonuses are sorted by item type and bonus type, for easier comprehension than the unsorted data dump you might have seen previously. These bonuses are mostly on rings, and it’s likely that most of them will appear on the same (new) legendary ring, the way the Stone of Jordan and Mara’s Kaleidoscope can each spawn in about 60 different flavors now.

    Bear in mind that like the other datamined info, this is from a pre-alpha version of Reaper of Souls. Many of the modifiers will certainly change between now and release, and many more will be added to the list. (There’s only one Crusader skill bonus now vs. more than a dozen for some of the other characters, for example..)

    We do not know which item(s) these modifiers are on, and it’s not always clear if they are class-specific, or only work for one class. (Or if the item the property is tied to is a class-specific item.) Some of the non-ring modifiers are probably inherent properties always found on a given item, while others may be semi-random, or there might be several assigned to the same item of which only one will spawn each time.


  • After earning a massacre bonus, summon forth 5-10 skeletal guardians for 45 seconds.
  • Periodically charm a nearby enemy. While charmed, the enemy takes 35% more damage.

  • Helms

  • Casts a Poison Nova when you hit an enemy.
  • Increase your highest primary attribute by 10% but reduce the others by 5%. (A typical high level softcore character has something like 3000 to mainstat, 300 each to the off stats, and 1100 vitality. So this modifier would add +300 mainstat, -15 to each offstat, and -55 vitality, for a total gain of 205 stat. (Fixed math.) Not a huge bonus, really, though total stats will be larger in RoS, but it would do wonders for your DPS, at the cost of HPs and supporting stats.)
  • Click through for new/upcoming item bonuses for Weapons, Belts, Boots, and nearly 100 ring bonuses, all sorted by type and class and often annotated.


    It’s not known if these procs are for just one class or for all. Axes are generally a Barbarian item, but it’s not a Mighty Weapon, and the second is a dagger, not a Ceremonial Knife.

  • Unique Axe: After killing 20 enemies you explode out in anger, dealing 400% weapon damage as Fire to all nearby enemies.
  • Unique Dagger: Chance on hit to poison your enemy if they have a higher health percent than you, causing them to take 20% increased damage for 5 seconds.

  • Belt

    This one sounds like a really powerful proc. Playing in a fast farming game in Inferno, characters seldom go more than 15 seconds between health orbs. (Witch Doctors only get 10 seconds on the Gruesome Feast stack, and fast players can keep that active more than half the time.) Pickup radius will help with this one, of course.

  • Picking up a Health Globe increases your maximum Life by 5% for 15 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.

  • Shoulders

  • When receiving fatal damage, there is a chance that you are instead restored to 25% of maximum Life and cause nearby enemies away to flee in fear.
  • This sounds like it would be awesome for HC, but I play HC and it doesn’t excite me. I’d use the item if it had good stats, but 1) most HC chars have other death cheating passives from skills, and 2) “a chance” isn’t good enough. You need to know if it’s going to work or not to play with the added confidence of a death cheating talent. There are other item procs that are 100% functional, and that’s what you’d prefer when it could be the difference between now and forever.


  • Chance on being hit to deal 1000% of your Thorns damage to nearby enemies.
  • Awaiting the glorious day Wyatt keeps referencing when Thorns becomes viable. I just hope the item with this property is called “Game of Thorns.”


  • Burn the ground you walk on, dealing 100% weapon damage each second.
    (This sounds like Fire Walkers, but none of the other current item procs appear in the RoS datamining, so perhaps this is a new bonus on a different pair of boots? But why, when it’s essentially the same as Fire Walkers?)

  • Deal 20% additional damage after remaining stationary for 3 seconds.
    (This sort of “stand still and gain a bonus” is coming to some new class skills. The most similar is the new Wizard new passive Unwavering Will that provides +20% Armor, +20% Resistances, and +10% damage if you stand still for 2 seconds. Wonder if this item proc would stack with that one?

  • Gloves

    Leoric's GauntletsThese are the PlayStation 3 pre-order promo item, the Leoric’s Gauntlets. There’s no reason to expect to see this item for the PC, in RoS or anywhere else.

  • Chance to summon a minion of Leoric when attacking. {I suppose “Minion of Leoric” sounds cooler than “skeleton.”)

  • Rings

    All the remaining item properties in this article are rings. There are a ton of them, 88 by my count, which is far more than all the other (currently known) procs added together. Likely many/most of these ring properties are found on the same ring, which will spawn with some unknown stats + one randomly-chosen passive skill bonus. We don’t yet know what kind of other affixes the item will boast, but as much as the devs keep saying they want to make Legendary items really desirable, I’d bet on the overall properties being better than you see now on SoJs, which are useful (or not) based entirely on their skill bonuses.

    For easier comprehension, the ring bonuses are sorted by the type of property, with class-specific bonuses grouped at the last. Many of these classifications are just our best guess for now; it’s possible that some of the ones that sound like general purpose bonuses are class-specific.

    Rings: Offensive Bonuses

  • Health Globes picked up release an explosion for 100% weapon damage to enemies within 40 yards.
    (This would be a great way to finally notice/realize just how often you pick up health globes. Whenever I play my DH I’m amazed at the dozens of globes littering the battlefield; I never see them with melee chars since I’m drinking 90% of them down as soon as they appear.)

  • Gain a soul stack on kill. After reaching 10 stacks, you release a poison explosion for 500% weapon damage in a 30 yard radius.
    (This sounds amazingly fun. It would be almost a constant blasting, as quickly as you can kill 10 enemies on most levels.)

  • Pets deal 100% more damage.
  • Increase attack speed of your pets by 100%.
  • Your Chill effects have a 50% chance to Freeze instead of Slow.
  • Double the duration of Fire elemental effects.
  • Double the number of enemies that Lightning elemental effects jump to.
  • Double the damage of Poison elemental effects.
  • Double the chance for Arcane elemental effects to charm the enemy.
  • Chance on hit to create a chaos field at the enemy’s location for 5 seconds, causing enemies inside to be Confused.
  • Stun enemies for 1 second the first time you hit them.
  • Gain increased damage after stunning an enemy.
  • Chance on Critical Hit to increase attack speed and movement speed.
  • Damage increased by 15% to targets that are slowed or stunned.
  • Chance on hit to deal 12% of the target’s current health as Holy damage.
  • Chance on kill to increase damage dealt by 4% for 5 sec., stacking up to 5 times.
    (I really enjoy stacking bonus procs. I want this already. As always the “chance” is the key point. 1%? 50%?)

  • Chance on hit to pull in and Slow nearby enemies.
  • Chance on hit to blast your enemy with Lightning and slow its attack speed and movement speed! This effect jumps to additional enemies.
    (Sounds like one of the effects granted by Nephalem Globes in the console.)

    Rings: Defensive Bonuses

  • Emanate a Slow Time bubble around you.
    (Possibly Wizard-only? If not it’s a great bonus for any melee class, since it slows all enemies and really slows incoming projectiles.)

  • Enemies you kill have a 100% chance to drop a health globe.
    (This would have to come with a short duration, would it not?)

  • Chance on being hit to Confuse the enemy for 2 seconds.
  • Prevent 100% of Arcane damage taken and heal yourself for the amount prevented.
  • Prevent 100% of Cold damage taken and heal yourself for the amount prevented.
  • Prevent 100% of Fire damage taken and heal yourself for the amount prevented.
  • Prevent 100% of Holy damage taken and heal yourself for the amount prevented.
  • Prevent 100% of Lightning damage taken and heal yourself for the amount prevented.
  • Prevent 100% of Poison damage taken and heal yourself for the amount prevented.
  • Reduces duration of control impairing effects by 75%.
  • Gain immunity to Freeze and Immobilize effects.
    (Barbs don’t need it since they get that for free with perma-WotB… oh wait.)

  • X% chance for health globes to also grant a powerup.
    (This sounds like a version of the Nephalem Globes that are so wildly popular with Diablo 3 console players.)

  • Enemy missiles sometimes pass through you harmlessly.
  • Heal for 10% of your missing Life when you kill an Undead enemy.
  • Double the healing amount of Holy elemental effects.
    (Holy elemental effects heal? Other players? Your character? Need more context to evaluate this change.)

    Rings: Miscellaneous Bonuses

  • Transform into something angelic or demonic. (Something?)
  • You turn into a treasure goblin or pony.
    (To what effect? Can you still fight? If you turn into a Gobby do you start dropping gold and items from your inventory? Do other characters see the transformation and feel the urge the beat the candy out of you?)

  • You absorb an attribute from the pack you are fighting.
    (That sounds very cool. Which DiabloWikiElite Affix would be best? Extra Health? Can you get Arcane and start dropping your own needles? Could you get DiabloWikiVortex or DiabloWikiTeleport? )

  • Chance on hit to summon a herd of murderous cows. (Mooooooo.)
  • Chance on attack to shoot out a spectral creature dealing damage and knockback.
  • You may move unhindered through enemies.
    (This was named previously as a WD effect, as a sort of perma-Spirit Walk. Sounds like it’s for anyone now, and it just avoids collisions.)

  • Shrine effects last until death.
    (I’ve long thought that shrine bonuses would be cool affixes. Double duration of all DiabloWikishrines, or a DiabloWikiFleeting Shrine effect ever time you hit any kind of shrine. All bonuses until death sounds gigantic, though. I assume it would reset each new game, but even so you’d want to do nearly full act clears with this item on, since once you got all six (or more in Ros?) in effect, or even just Fleeting and DiabloWikiFrenzied, your killing speed would increase dramatically.

  • Enable all runes for a specific skill.
    (This one has triggered some debate as to what the tooltip means. There are two theories: #1) It means you could choose to put more than one rune effect of the same skill on your hotbar at once. So you could use two or three different types of Whirlwind, for example. #2) It would enable all (or at least more than one) rune effect at the same time. That sounds like amazing chaotic fun, but wildly OP and technically unworkable. What about skills where the resource cost is so high that casting all 5 at once would cost 2 or 3x your entire pool? And imagine how OP it would be with projectiles; you’re sending out 5 of them at once? A Wizard is casting 5 different flavors of Hydras on top of each other in the same spot? I think it’s clearly option #1, but no examples of “skills with 2 great rune effects I want to use both” leap to mind. If you’ve thought of some, please list it in comments since I’m curious.

  • Treasure Bonuses

  • Each time you pick up gold, increase your Gold and Health Pickup radius by 1 yard for 10 seconds, stacking up to 30 times.
  • Summon a treasure goblin who picks up normal-quality items for you. After picking up 40 items, he drops a rare item with a chance for a legendary.
    (Keep in mind that this is Loot 2.0 where “white” items don’t drop that often. Imagine it in the current game? You’d have 5 legendaries per level. Also, this bonus was seen on the new version of the Puzzle Ring, as previewed at the Gamescom 2013 RoS presentation. It’s possible that some of these other ring procs might spawn on that item as well.)
  • Puzzle ring comparison: Gamescom 2013.

    Puzzle ring comparison: Gamescom 2013.

    Rings: Shield Bonuses

    Likely added since the Crusader is designed to work best with a shield, but Hardcore Monks and Barbarians will appreciate them also. (Assuming they’re not Crusader-only bonuses.) It would be nice if there was some sign of a successful block added to the game. Diablo 2 had the whole shield block animation and that was an actual strategic element with fast block affixes and such. D3 did away with that, but there’s no visual or sound cue when you’re blocking; perhaps a little word could appear on it the way you see *block block block* when firing arrows at Skeletal Shieldmen?

  • Gain 15% increased damage for 3 seconds after blocking an attack.
  • When you block an attack, gain 100% chance to also block the next 2 attacks.
  • You take 50% damage from blocked attacks.
    (This is a deceptively huge bonus, akin to doubling your blocking percentage, in a game where even a 5 or 10% bonus to blocking chance makes a huge difference in shield quality and price.)

  • Rings: Follower Bonuses

  • Equip on Follower: Gain access to all skills.
    (So your follower could use all 8 of their skills, rather than just 4 of them? That’s a nice bonus, but not exactly game-changing. After all, 2 or 3 of their tiers are just lame attack skills that don’t matter much one way or the other, and they’ve all only got one big buff that you really want. It’s not like Lyndon has CC and/or CD on the same tier, where getting both at once would be an awesome bonus.)

  • Rings: Barbarian Bonuses

  • DiabloWikiCall of the Ancients last until they die.
    (Or until Tyrael blows up Mt. Arreat. Whichever comes first.)

  • Reduce the cooldown of DiabloWikiEarthquake every time it kills an enemy.
  • When you melee attack, you also DiabloWikicleave enemies up to 20 yards in front of you for 100% weapon damage.
  • Reduce the cost of DiabloWikiSeismic Slam to 15 Fury.
  • Cause an DiabloWikiEarthquake when you land after using DiabloWikiLeap.
    Earthquake is a very damaging and powerful skill with a lengthy cooldown, so getting free uses of it all the time would be quite a powerful bonus.)

  • Increase the duration of DiabloWikiIgnore Pain to 60 seconds.
    (Ignore Pain lasts 5 seconds normally with a 30s cooldown, so this would apparently turn the skill into an Aura, allowing for 100% uptime.)

  • Rings: Demon Hunter Bonuses

  • Leave a clone of yourself behind after using DiabloWikiVault.
    (Presumably monsters would attack the clone? Does it have hit points? Whichever, it’s a flashback to the Amazon’s DiabloWikiDecoy skill, and that makes me happy.)

  • DiabloWikiElemental Arrow now generates 3 Hatred.
    (This skill now costs 10 Hatred, but turning it into a generator would do more than just add 13 Hatred per use. It would let a DH pair Elemental Arrow with another Hatred spender like Rapid Fire and let her keep up Hatred without any use of the less-damaging Hatred generator skills. As such this would actually be more powerful than a property that granted a big bonus to Hatred generation rate.)

  • DiabloWikiVault now costs 8 Hatred instead of Discipline.
  • Enemies you hit become DiabloWikiMarked for Death.
    (Duplicating the proc bonus of Calamity with any weapon?)

  • Companion – DiabloWikiWolf Companion now summons 3 wolves.
  • Automatically cast DiabloWikiSmoke Screen when you fall below 30% Life. This effect may occur once every 30 seconds.
    (An approximation of the death cheating passive I keep pushing for this class to possess. Yet I am not entertained.)

  • Automatically drop DiabloWikiCaltrops when you are hit. This effect may only occur once every 6 seconds.
    (Would this just drop the default, no-rune form of the skill? What if you had Caltrops on your hotbar; would it use the rune effect you had selected?)

  • DiabloWikiStrafe no longer costs Hatred.
    (Strafe is massively buffed in RoS and the main limit on using it now is the high Hatred cost. DHs must use one or two passives for more Hatred and usually Bat Companion as well, so this item would make a big difference on the entire build.)

  • Rings: Crusader Bonuses

    Obviously Crusader bonuses are still a work in progress, with only one implemented thus far.

  • DiabloWikiFalling Sword can be used again within 4 seconds before the cooldown is triggered.

  • Rings: Monk Bonuses

  • DiabloWikiLashing Tail Kick releases a Fireball for 300% weapon damage as Fire.
  • Double the range of DiabloWikiDeadly Reach.
  • DiabloWikiBlinding Flash now generates 50 Spirit.
    (There’s a cooldown on the skill, so Monk’s couldn’t just spam this for infinite Spirit.)

  • DiabloWikiTempest Rush no longer costs Spirit to channel.
    (Building a Monk with enough Spirit/sec to maintain TR most/all of the time requires multiple spirit regen items and at least two passives, so this would make a huge difference.)

  • Increase the radius of DiabloWikiBreath of Heaven to 50 yards.
  • Gain the base effect of all four DiabloWikiMantras at all times.
    (This would be amazing, effectively giving the Monk 9 active skills and providing permanent large offensive and defensive bonuses at the same time.)

  • When DiabloWikiDashing Strike hits an enemy more than 25 yards away, its DiabloWikiSpirit cost is refunded.
    (The new and improved version of Dashing Strike costs 50 spirit, so this is quite a resource boost.)

  • Increase DiabloWikiExploding Palm‘s on-death explosion damage to 100% of the enemy’s maximum Life.
    (This skill used to do 30% and was raised to 50% in a patch. This new 100% sounds tempting, but with all of the Monk’s AoE everything in range of the explosion is usually down 50% hps by the time the marked target blows up anyway. An effect that doubled the radius of the explosion would actually be a lot more powerful.)

  • Spirit Generators generate 50% additional Spirit.
  • DiabloWikiMystic Ally mirrors your attacks.
    (Mystic Ally is currently a drunk, so this would help. But the main limit on the power of that magical minion is the low damage, not the AI, so this wouldn’t be too big a bonus.)

  • Chance on hit to gain an effect that removes the Spirit cost of your abilities for 3 sec.

  • Rings: Witch Doctor Bonuses

  • Enhances your DiabloWikiPoison Darts.
  • DiabloWikiCorpse Spiders release a web on impact that Slows enemies by 50% for 3 seconds.
  • DiabloWikiZombie Dogs stuns enemies around them for 1 second when summoned.
  • Zombie Dogs take 10% of any damage dealt to you.
    (This is the same bonus provided by the Life Link rune effect, so presumably a WD could get that bonus while using another rune effect.)

  • DiabloWikiSpirit Walk lasts until you attack or until an enemy is within 30 yards of you.
    (Since most WDs cast Spirit Walk to escape from dangerous situations when swarmed by enemies, this is of dubious benefit. Perhaps as a boost to traveling between groups, since the WD moves faster in spirit form…)

  • Summon a Fetish Army after you kill 20 Elites.
  • Reduce the cooldown of DiabloWikiFetish Army and DiabloWikiBig Bad Voodoo by 1 second each time your fetishes deal damage.
    (Fetish Army lasts 20 seconds with 120 second cooldown and they hit quite quickly, so it seems like you’d be able to keep it up almost 100% of the time with this item property in effect.)

  • Chance on kill to siphon the spirit out of the slain enemy. When the spirit is pulled to you, it heals you for 10% of your maximum Life and Mana.

    Rings: Wizard Bonuses

  • DiabloWikiTeleport gains the effect of the DiabloWikiWormhole rune.
    (Wormhole allows multiple teleports within 1 second.)

  • DiabloWikiMagic Missile fires 2 extra missiles.
  • Double the number of enemies your DiabloWikiElectrocute jumps to.
  • You may have one extra DiabloWikiHydra active at a time.
    (The “build-changing” debate property itself.)

  • Emit Lightning Nova around you for 150% weapon damage every second while your Arcane Power is less than 20% of maximum.
  • Lots of cool bonuses, and there must be many dozens more to come, to even out the classes a bit. Excite!

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